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PUNK & OI IN THE UK - Bands looking for Gigs
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60 Bands looking for Gigs

Straw Dogs

looking for gigs from october on , after a year out straw dogs are back ,up from the embers of the flame a new line up emerges , we are looking to here from any venues or promoters to put us on we carry our own backline also booking for new band "the scottish dead kennedys" dk tribute the first ever

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Hammer  email     07875 003086


After a lengthy lay off (all for good reasons, including relationship issues, physical injuries etc etc) Scottish melodic HC drunkards Shatterhand have got their arses back together and are looking for gigs from May 2008 onwards. We've been working on some new tunes, and have retained the same DIY ethics without compromise. anyone out there wanting to put us on should contact the band through, email or contact Brian on 07860 195189. You can listen to samples of our tunes at the band's website -

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Brian  email   website   07860 195189

Post Eighty Four + Drop Dead Darlin

We are booking a U.K. tour for June ’08 and are hoping you could help us fill some of the following dates. We are a three piece punk/grunge band called POST 84, along the lines of Mudhoney/ Fugazi/Big Black, gigging with DROP DEAD DARLIN, a four piece punk rock outfit similar to Daisy Chainsaw. We would only require petrol money, but anything extra would be much appreciated (money, food, booze!). We’ll play anything from clubs to house parties! Between the two bands we have previously gigged with 2 Sick Monkeys, The Big, Foreign Legion, Long Beach Short Bus and Conflict, and are set to support the Strawberry Blondes in July.

Dates needed:




JUNE 12TH – The Railway, Ipswitch

JUNE 13TH – Banbury, Midlands



Any venues/promoters/bands that need a demo just get in touch either through myspace or email me at and I will get a pack sent straight to you.

We will do all our own advertising, we will send you an A2 tour poster and A5 flyers, and will also be able to provide a full P.A. and backline.

So if you can help give us a shout and it should be a good night!

Location / Date: UK - June 08
Contact:  email     

Issues Of Morality

edinburgh based hardcore punk band ISSUES OF MORALITY are seeking gigs. formed from the ashes of SWELLBELLYS , daz is back with a new project. check them out at there are only rough live recordings up just now but the plan is to start recording early april. we are looking for gigs uk wide. we are willing to play for fuel cash and a place to crash. email us at
cheers daz

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Daz  email   website   

Last Resort

know it's short notice now but we'd like to get some gigs either side of that (28th, 1st & 2nd). If you know of anywhere that would want to put us on could you please let me know.

Location / Date: UK: Feb / March 08
Contact: JJ  email     

The Corps

Alex here from The Corps. We're starting on plans to come to Europe in August (roughly at this stage). We want to play mainly in England and Germany as that's where it seems the album has been best received. We've got some help in Germany a couple other places, but are putting feelers out for any assistance in England.

Location / Date: England & Germany August 08
Contact: Alex  email     

The Hazard / the Pogo

Hey, we (The Hazard) ( are touring the UK with U.S. Street Punk Band The Pogo ( this Summer.

Can you help us sort our some venues/gigs???

A rough idea of where we wanna play is:
LEEDS 29th July
DERBY 1st August
LEICESTER 2nd August
LONDON 3rd August
LIVERPOOL 5th August

Thanks a lot,

Location / Date: UK - Summer 2008
Contact:  email   website   

The Undead

I'm considering a U.K. tour for late summer 2008 - if I find enough interest from venues. Since I've had such poor luck with agencies in the past, I'm foregoing that route and looking to handle the booking myself. If you know any venues/promoters, I'd appreciate it if you could get the word to them and have them contact me here if they're interested.

Location / Date: UK - summer 2008
Contact: Bobby  email   website   

Cubensis + No Flag

Two of the top h/c bands from France

Cubensis + No Flag

Come to the uk on the 14th march to support Discharge.
They are looking for further gigs in the uk and are prepared to play for travelling money only, with possible food and accomodation, though not essential as it is their first time on these shores.

Check this review of cubensis
Dates available in march 08
10th available
11th available
12th available
13th possible
14th folkestone (with discharge)
15th possible
16th possible
17th-23rd available

If you have a punk/metal/h/c show within these us!
Many thanks

Location / Date: UK - March 2008
Contact:  email     

Porco Bravo

We're Porco Bravo and we're looking for gigs outside Spain, since there are pretty cheap flights to London starting up from here, we'd like to hop in one and do a couple of shows in or around London. Any time anybody's able to get us 2 paid gigs (just to cover the expenses and a place to crash would be great!) on a Friday and the following Saturday...

You can hear songs and see videos here:

We can return the favor with a couple of gigs around Bilbao paying good cash! We have a fan base here in Bilbao, just gigged with the Tommys and made them have one of the best shows in their tour!

Location / Date: London area
Contact: Pablo  email   website   +34695722861

Stupidbrick / Broken Nose

Ed Jackson here, guitarist for south wales skate punkers stupidbrick. For more info on the band an a quick taster please visit an drop us a line.

WE are currently looking to arrange a tour with close friends BROKEN NOSE (local ska core heroes) listen @

the dates were looking to fill are from fri 21st march – 29th 08. If you think you could offer us a date around this time, know anyone who can or would like to know more please get in touch.

Cheers, and hope to hear something back!!!!!.

Location / Date: UK - March 08
Contact: Ed Jackson  email   website   

The Sealed Cupboard Society

We are The Sealed Cupboard Society and based in Central Scotland ( West Lothian ). We recently supported The Negatives @ the Joker Bar in Bellshill and would like more support slots. Our music is classic Punk with lyrics to match.
We would love to be invited to play @ Punk Festivals and all offers will seriously considered.

Check us out at



You will find plenty mp3's and videos to give you a taste of a The Sealed Cupboard Society

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Scott  email   website   

Zoo On The Stage

we are Zoo On The Stage (ZOTS), a punk-rock band from Slovenia. We would like to promote our music and demo CD and we are searching for gigs outside our country. If you are interested and can help us, please contact us at You can listen to our songs and download our demo CD at

Location / Date: Europe & UK
Contact: Jure  email   website   

Absolut Pantz

We're a punk ska band in south spain going by the name of Absolut Pantz. we gonna be touring uk in summer 2008 and want to get our details on your site coz it looks good. also, we interested in any punk bands that might want to come our direction to have a bit of fun in the sun. we closely involved with the dragonfest (Orgiva, spring equinox) and we also put on a Punk's Picnic (Oct) here and a Cannabis Cup (Nov). Anyone fancying playing in the outback of Andalucia should give us a call.

Various details include:
Us -
Dragonfest -
Punks Picnic and Cannabis cup see myspace/absolutpantz
Contact phone nos. Jess 0034659204531
Shiner 0034635104613

Location / Date: UK 2008
Contact: Jess  email   website   0034659204531


my name is dario and I play guitar in a melodic hc/punk band called in-sane... Our music is a 10 years work of 3 members and it sounds like melodic hardcore punk in the veins of propagandhi and strike anywhere mixed with the melodies of hot water music and the emotional edge of as friends rust. I am organizing our tour in late sept/early oct and I know I am really
late with this but unfortunately some of our shows in UK have been canelled so I am looking for people who could help me out with this situation. The thing is that we already booked and paid for the ferry tickets and we are forced to stay on the island from 29th sep till 5th oct... we really don't ask for much: vegan meal before the show and some money for the road.. we are willing to play anykind of show!! we would appriciate if you could help in any way!
So here's the tour plan:

20.9.2007 A Graz@MusicHouse
21.9.2007 D Berlin@TommyHouse
22.9.2007 NL Steenwijk@De Buze
23.9.2007 NL Dordrecht@Anarres
26.9.2007 NL Utrecht@ACU
27.9.2007 NL Nijmegen@Onderboerk
28.9.2007 NL Eidhoven@Aloys
29.9.2007 UK Leeds@CellerShow
30.9.2007 UK NEED HELP!!!
1.10.2007 UK Stoke on Trent@The Glabe
2.10.2007 UK Camden, London@Belushi's
3.10.2007 UK NEED HELP!!!
4.10.2007 UK NEED HELP!!!
5.10.2007 UK NEED HELP!!!
6.10.2007 BE Ghent@FrontLine

I hope that you will understand the situation we are in and hopefuly you will write back!
Thanks for reading this! LOVEmusic! Dario

Location / Date: UK Sept/Oct 2007
Contact: Dario  email     

GBH + The Queers

THE QUEERS and GBH are planning a joint tour for Feb 08. If any promoters want any info about shows, please direct them towards me.

Location / Date: UK Feb 2008
Contact: Baz  email     


Snide, are an English Punk band, based in Spain.
Our style is similar to The Ramones, Rancid, Offspring, Bad Religion along with a huge dollop of 1980´s punk/oi!
we are looking to play some dates in January and February 2008 throughout the South East of England and London.
We would like to play in the following towns and we are looking for help in booking a suitble venue, however, we would not rule out an alternate venue if you know of a better one.
Ipswich or Colchester
Gravesend or Chatham/Medway area
Margate or Canterbury
As we are doing this on the cheap, we would not be bringiing too much kit with us, (just guitars), so we would require venues that could supply equipment or for a band to play with us and we share the gear.
Some payment would be required for petrol and food while we´re in the UK.

We have the facility to offer gigs here in Spain if anyone wants an exchange gig deal.
If you are a band/venue/agent or just some geeza that can help, please contact.
Listen to what were like on or e-mail on
Cheers Nobby

Location / Date: UK - Jan / Feb 2008
Contact: Nobby  email   website   


Loud angry and stinkin gimp punk band THE CASTRATES NEED LOADS OF GIGS ROUND OXFORD With songs about DIY sex changes, discoordinated self plastic surgery, necrophilia etc etc The castrates would be great at your next wedding or children's party if you've heard or music and are interested give me a shout on

Location / Date: Oxfordshire
Contact: Robby Scum  email   website   

Officer Down

We are OFFICER DOWN we are a punk/hardcore band, We are in the process of organiseing a tour for the start of next year (JAN 2008) I know its a long time away but we are planning ahead!!! anyway if you can put us on at any of the dates below please get in touch JANUARY 2008 TOUR FRI 18th - THE JUNCTION, BRISTOL SAT 19th - THE DUDLEY'S ARMS, RHYL SUN 20th - MON 21st - TUES 22nd - WED 23rd - THURS 24th - THE RAILWAY, IPSWICH FRI 25th - SAT 26th - THE PALLADUIM, BIDEFORD SUN 27th -

Location / Date: UK - Jan 2008
Contact:  email   website   

Rezurex + Zombie Ghost Train

we would like to offer you Rezurex (USA) & Zombie Ghost Train (AUS) for their upcoming tour.
Nine persons are looking for a show and accomodation and catering.
Posters and CD´s are ready to be sent out.
Please come back to us asap if you are interested.
Best regards, Lucky
Available dates:
10th of July - France
11th of July - France
12th of July - UK
13th of July - UK
14th of July - UK
15th of July - Belgium
16th of July - The Netherlands
18th of July - Germany
23rd of July - Germany preferable Hannover
28th of July - Germany
29th of July - Germany

Location / Date: UK & Europe July 07
Contact: Lucky  email     

Bastard Squard + Barnyard Masturbator

Dear readers of Punk/Oi

We are trying to sort a gig out for Weds August 15th in the very north of England or Scotland for Australian hardcore band 'Bastard Squard' & their tour support, female fronted US/UK punkers 'Barnyard Masturbator'. We can't let them come all this way and have a night off!

They have a gig in Glasgow on the 14th and are in Manchester on the 16th so anywhere in between would be ideal though any offers considered.

We can provide equipment and really need to do something this night.

If anyone can help please contact me (lazza) via

Much appreciated.

Also, Barnyard Masturbator release their debut CD 'Chicken in a Basket' (Winston Records on August 8th. It will be available on the tour or from the bands ) website ( for £6 or less.



Location / Date: UK - August 07
Contact: Lazza  email     

Dirty Stop Outs

Dirty Stop Outs are looking for local gigs in the West Midlands area. Dudley/ Stourbridge/ Wolverhampton/ Brum. We are a covers band that play a mix of Indie/ Oasis/Kaisers/ Punk Green day/ Undertones/ Vapours/ Buzzcocks/ looking for only support gigs at the moment. To build up fan base etc, get out playing gigs while we get full set list together. Phone Steve 0784/ 5168330. Ian 0780/ 5933309. Tim 07729/ 121362.

Location / Date: West Midlands
Contact: Steve  email     0784/ 5168330


we are a ska punk band called roughmute,trying to get some gigs.we have all our own songs,but right now we seem to be playing at all the wrong places.if you have the time log on to,we have our first ep on there.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Dave  email   website   

Hey I'm Geordie and I’m in a pop/rock/thrash/hardcore/mid 90's/bubblegum punk band inspired by Screeching Weasel ,Greenday, The Ramones, The Queers, The Beach Boys etc and were wondering if anyone could help us out with gigs around the UK. We plan on touring in August for 2 weeks so any managers, promoters etc out there could help us set up a tour( because it is very difficult) it would be really great.

We have played about 40 gigs in Dundee, Aberdeen, Arbroath etc with bands such as Guns on the Roof, The Hedrons, The Suffrajets, Short Warning among others and are currently finishing our 18 track album which will be released shortly.

We have all of our own equipment. You can hear our songs at or we could send you a demo. All we would ask for is some petrol money and maybe money for food. And can contact us at

Location / Date: UK - August 07
Contact: Geordie  email   website   


Ciao guys!!!
I'm Ricky the singer of Reazione from Rimini, Italy.
We are on Tour/Holiday next August 2007 ('cause we are a real working class band) and we are searching one gig on the day 14 , after the gig at Blackpool and before others gigs in Nancy (F) + Hamburg (D) + Hagen (D)
If there is someone who can help us, it'd be very appreciated.
We can play for only 300 Euro +food+sleep+beers for the night.
Sure it will be: "Birra fino all'alba e Oi! a manetta!!!"
Send us an e-mail for more informations or visit our website:

Location / Date: UK/Europe - 14 Aug 07
Contact: Ricky  email   website   

Officer Down / All City Uproar

We are OFFICER DOWN we are a punk/hardcore band, we are trying to organise a tour for the start of next year (JAN 2008) I know its a long time away but we are planning ahead!!!

anyway if you can put us on at any of the dates below please get in touch

We will be heading out with hardcore band 'ALL CITY UPROAR'


FRI 18th -
SAT 19th -
SUN 20th -
MON 21st -
TUES 22nd -
WED 23rd -
THURS 24th -
FRI 25th -
SAT 26th -
SUN 27th -

you can check out both bands on myspace

officer down -
all city uproar -

Location / Date: UK - Jan 2008
Contact:  email   website   

Usual Supects / Cop On Fire

USUAL SUSPECTS and COP ON FIRE from Belgium will be on tour late july and are looking for help with dates near or within 90 miles from nottingham on the 26th or 27th july, and liverpool/leeds area on 29th. Some music on and . Both bands play punkskadub, often compared to inner terrestrials / or radical dance faction in the case of cof.

Location / Date: UK - July
Contact: Anton  email   website   

The Scuzz

Hey our band is called The Scuzz we are a Hardcore / Punk band from Glasgow. We are looking for a band to support or a venue that'll take us. Our Myspace We have played a couple of gigs before. We will play anywhere as long at least a days notice is givin.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Donn!e  email   website   

Nazi Dogs


Germanys Punkrock-Band The Nazi Dogs are going to rock part of the UK in may.
Unfortunatly there only three gigs confirmed but we are still working on another show in London. Can you help?

Thursday 10th May Ipswich - Ipswich Railway
Friday 11th May Blyth (Northumberland) - The Windmill Inn (+ Grogan, The Maker, Roots System)
Saturday 12th May Birmingham - The Market Tavern

Location / Date: UK - London - May
Contact: Markus  email     

Second In Line

Second In Line - a skate punk band from Berkshire/London are looking for anyone in Germany who can help them arrangr 3-4 shows during July 4th and July 11th 2007 out there. The band play fast melodic skate punk, very much in the style of bands like No Use For A Name, NoFx, Consumed and Snuff. Their adult website is at and their sellout site is at If anyone can help them out, bands, venues, promoters - please drop them a line on Cheers.

Location / Date: Germany
Contact: Mr. T  email   website   

Last Gang In Town

The band are called 'Last Gang In Town' and are a 70's Punk tribute band playing songs by Sex Pistols, Clach, Damned etc etc. We are ready to gig and are looking for suitable venues in and around the North West of England. Is there any help or advice you can offer ..... Check out

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Gary  email   website   

Da Brudders, Curse of the Ramones

Ireland's only tribute band to Da Brudders, Curse of the Ramones are looking for gigs at home and further afield.We have a full 35 song set covering the bands career.We played last years Ramones Convention at The Cavern Club Liverpool going down a storm and when Marky played here we met him and he give us the OK,although he was a bit worried about the name.

Location / Date: UK & Ireland
Contact:  email   website   


Hey. Were a young UK punk band called 5wift. We played at danson festival sat and sunday. We also played a gig at the youth club. We are desperate for a gig cuz there so fun. Theres sum really bad footage of us on our myspace but weve practised alot since then and i swear it sounded a hell of alot better on the night.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: John  email     


We are a HC Punk Band called the diehards from the north yorkshire area. We are looking to tour in july time and are looking for shows. Any shows would be great if you can help us out get in touch with josh. or through our myspace

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Josh  email   website   

Jimmy Hotrod

punk band playing fast melodic punk. we are looking to play as many gigs as we can this year so if there are any gigs on offer please contact us through our myspace page: www.myspace/jimmyhotrodders or e-mail us: any offers would be appreciated so please get in touch!

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Jim  email   website   


Czech punk rock band RICK-SHA looking for a gigs near by Liverpool. We have gigs 4 th and 6 th July in Liverpool, looking for gig in date 3 dr, 5 th and 7th July (Leeds, Manchester etc...) thanks ,

Location / Date: Liverpool area
Contact:  email   website   

Max Panconi R'n'R Trio

I'm Max Panconi a singer and guitar player of the Max Panconi R'n'R Trio, a half of me it's american and the other half it's italian, and I'm actually based in Firenze Italy.
I just realese a new record for the German indie label Rhythtm'n'Bomb Records, and I'm looking for a good agency for traveling Europe, for promote my works.
My band it's a nice trio, guitar, doublebass, and drums ( Stray Cats style ), so really easy to fix in any stage !
We are ready to travel, and working in any country you will need, and of course I will send to you my record, or if you want you will visit my site at:

Location / Date: Europe
Contact: Max Panconi  email   website   ++39 339 6872826

Read Between The Lies

South Wales female fronted punk/ska band Read Between The Lies seek gigs and/or gig swaps around the uk. Will play for the following: Petrol money, Somewhere to stay, Food, Beer, All of the above and basically anything you nice people are willing to give. You can check out some rough tunes from before our new vocalist joined on (you can also contact us through there too)

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Ron  email   website   

Hollywood Suicide

We are Hollywood Suicide a PunknRoll/ Punkabilly band from Kent. We are looking to play around the country in march/april/may to promote our debut release. If you are interested in having us please email back to you can hear tracks at

Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   


We are have new tour to Finland. Please see this dates and may be you can also offer for free dates for us something gig. Thanks for your support.
TOUR to Finland of THE PAUKI 2007
18.04.07. - Tampere "Vastavirta": The Pauki (Russ), FM2000 (Fin), Symptons (Fin).
19.04.07. - ?????
20.04.07. - Pieksamaki "Galaxy": The Pauki (Russ), FM2000 (Fin), The Shelter Dogs (Fin).
21.04.07. - Turku "Rokkibaari": The Pauki (Russ), The Shelter Dogs (Fin), FM2000 (Fin).
22.04.07. - ?????

We are also have a few gig's to Germany, if you also have some offer for us let me know please.
TOUR to Germany of THE PAUKI 2007
17.05.07. - ??? Berlin
18.05.07. - Leipzig "???"
19.05.07. - Drezden "???"
20.05.07. - ???

Location / Date: Finland & Germany
Contact: tankovich sasha  email     +79119055405


Since we got back together 8 years ago we've never played London! If you know anybody who'd be interested in doing a Threats gig in London let us know

Location / Date: London
Contact: The Threats  email     

Paul Carter

Acoustic Punk',PAUL CARTER is looking for gigs in June '07 and onwards.So if anyone wants something a bit different to spice up their Punk Rock gig,please get in touch through myspace.Thanx

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Paul Carter  email   website   

Second In Line

Gigswaps anyone?
Second In Line (melodic hardcore skate punk) from Berkshire are looking for bands to sort out gigswaps with them. We have dates available in Reading and wanna get in contact with some cool bands out there who can swap gigs, anywhere in the country. So drop us a line at and check us out at and

Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   

Tight Fitting Pants

The Tight Fitting Pants is a psychobilly/porn'n'roll band from Cholet in France. The band is composed of Simon (singer + guitar player), Gaetan (guitar player), Ptit Ju (double bassist) and Nanail (drummer).
Since 2002 they gave more than 100 shows in France and in Europe (Germany, Belgium and a tour in Holland with the Cenobites).
They recorded a demo in 2003 and in 2006 their album "Obscene music for obscene people" (released on Crazy Love Records) is available.

The Tight Fitting Pants looks for new gigs in 2007 and hopes to extend their public.Would you eventually be interested to have them for your concerts?

You can listen their music on myspace :
Don' t hesitate to ask for pressbook and demo we will send it to you rapidly.

Thanking you in advance and look forward to hearing from you

Location / Date: Europe + UK
Contact: Aurélie  email   website   

Citizen Dead

Citizen Dead a punk / ska band are looking for gigs anywhere and everywhere, based in Cumbria and will play for petrol money. We play Leftover Crack, No Cash and The clash influenced songs. Listen to us on and email us on there or

Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   


London based punk band, Refuse/All are looking for support slots around the UK. We are trying to sort as many gigs as possible for 2007 to promote our album, "Have a Happy Holiday in Guantanamo Bay". We will play any punk gig anywhere in the UK for a bit of petrol money. We already have several gigs lined up but need to get more sorted. More band info and mp3's are on our websites and If you can help us out at all please contact us at:

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Gary  email   website   

we are looking for gigs in wiltshire area and outside depending on the date and distance. our website is

Location / Date: Wiltshire
Contact:  email   website   


Alright, The Straitjackets.. 4 piece punkabilly band from Liverpool want more gigs, want more people to hear it.. and want more good gigs in Liverpool.. so if ya wanna swat gigs or just put us on.. get in touch..

Location / Date: Merseyside
Contact:  email   website   


hi, ray from swagga here, we r a ska/rap band, & would luv 2 play on the event or any otha events u may be planning, we r a 6 piece outfit wiv full brass section, we hav supported neville staples of the specials & the selecter, check us out on,

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Ray  email   website   

The Blame

Hey, we're a punk band from NYC called THE BLAME. We are playing the REBELLION FESTIVAL in Blackpool Friday August 10th. We will be in Dublin and Belfast on the 3rd and 4th of August, and are looking to fill in the blanks (5th,6th,7th, 8th, and 9th). Any info. or help would be appreciated. Also, any info. on where we can stay would also be helpfull. Thanks!

Location / Date: UK - 5th,6th,7th, 8th, and 9th August 07
Contact:  email   website   


SPOG are a four piece band hailing from the deepest darkest Fens of Lincolnshire. Our sound would be hard to classify - major influence being 80's anarcho punk. Our songs are about those things that have meaning to ourselves and hopefully others. We have an anti - fascist and strong animal rights ethos and are currently looking for gigs in the UK.

We have a demo up on our myspace page - its rough and certainly not polished. Punk to my mind is about about values / beliefs and having something positive to say/do and definitely not a 'fashion'. If you want to hear a down to earth, honest band with something worth saying give us a shout.

Be great if you could help us out.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Jon  email   website   


Hi this is Bert from koncept (a Belgian bulldozerpunkband).
We are setting up a UK-tour in April and still need some help filling out the dates.

Koncept is a bulldozerband, and we play loud fast and heavy. We played the WASTED Amsterdam festival in 2006 and played over 50 shows in all of Europe. New full-album is coming out march 2007. Reviews/sounds/promopackages available on demand.

So we are coming back to the UK and we need help on the following dates:
10th of april 2007: Camden @ the purple turtle bar
11th of april 2007: NEED HELP!!
12th of april 2007: NEED HELP!!
13th of april 2007: NEED HELP!!
14th of april 2007: Bradford @ the exchange

So if someone could help us out it would be great.

Location / Date: UK - April 07
Contact: Bert  email   website   


4 piece skate punk band looking for gigs anywhere in the country. We are based on the M5 so we can easily accommodate London and Bristol areas but are keen to get out there and play gigs all across the country. Demo discs available also downloads available on www.myspace/calltoarmspunkrock . We've been together for over 2 years now and have a huge following in the south west really keen to get a chance to be fully recognised elsewhere.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Garry  email   website   

Frank Butcher & The Slags

6 piece ska punk from just outside north London. Will play gigs anywhere around London.

Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man

we are starting to make plans for our next tour and are looking for gigs/gig swaps for the following dates:
Sat 31 march:
Sun 1 April:
Mon 2 April:
Tues 3 April:
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Sat 7 April: Bolton Soundhouse
Sun 8 April: Manchester Tiger Lounge
As usual we can offer gig swaps on the first Sunday of the month in manchester and on other more convenient Sundays if needed. Let us know what you need as we may be able to do other dates. We hope to hear from some of you very soon!

Location / Date: UK - 2007
Contact: Andy  email   website   


hope you can help? I play in a 3 piece Punkabilly band (two punks and a psychobilly) and we are based in the Southend area in Essex. we have played a few giggs up n' down the country and wish to continue to play more. we have drums, guitar and double bass and play varied stuff such as a bit of psychobilly, the odd cover of the ANL, and a track or two in the SKA style too! we have our own equipment but no p.a. we don't mind travelling (within reason) but just really want to play. i can send you a 3 or 4 track demo dvd if you are interested? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Location / Date: UK
Contact: Graham  email     


Dysfunctional are a 3 piece punk band in the Middlesex area looking for gigs in and around London, willing to travel.

Location / Date: London
Contact: Steve  email   website   

Suburban Lockdown

I’m currently looking for any and all European tour contacts to help set up a 2007 tour for Suburban Lockdown from Florida. Any help would be much appreciated.

Location / Date: Europe
Contact: Chris  email   website   

Stupid Brick

just to let everyone know that STUPIDBRICK, south wales sk8 punkers are releasing their first ever full length album titled ''ONE DAY'' available from 21st december on KBS productions!!!
we are also looking to arrange a tour in jan07 to try and spread the word and are looking to book as many dates as possible!!!
if anyone is interested or thinks they might be able to offer us a show or knows someone who can please dont hesitate to get in touch!!!!!
many thanks hope to here something back!!!
for more band info, tunes and all the latest go to-

Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   


AMBUSH UK, from Blackburn are looking for gigs in the North West.
Location / Date: UK
Contact:  email   website   

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