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Punk & Oi In THe UK - Labels looking for Bands
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19 Labels looking for Bands

Trias Object Records

We are an European label which want to spread your Music. Want to get maximum exposure for a small investment? We at Trias Object Records came up with the idea of putting out a series of CD compilations that would help spread the word for bands of different genres of extreme music and get them exposure on a global scalethrough band-to-band networking, radio, magazines, agencies, tours and several other outlets!!!

Contact:  email     


In October i am launching the STEP-1 PSYCHOBILLY label for new as well as the classic PSYCHOBILLY releases. I will be running a cd side for newer bands - any bands interested to get in touch with me

Contact: Tony  email   website   

Yorkshire punk bands needed for comp cd, 15 bands doing 2 songs each to help spred the words that punks not dead in the white rose county. Iíll need a small band profile and wed/email details for the inlay, to keep the cost down each band will only receive a few copies of the cd then its down to the bands to copy them and sell at gigs ect, the cost is only £20 per band , but everyone should make that back easy , near the time of release ill be hoping to get the bands together for a few gigs to help promote the cd, hopefully we'll all make a few new friends and fans along the way

Contact: Scoffa  email     

We have a few rooms available in the centre of Nottingham and are looking for bands to share the rooms.

Low Cost.
PA Facilities.
Backline Available.
Low Cost Spares Available.
Storage Available.
24/7 Access.
No Stairs.
Very Secure.

Good way to team up with bands to share promoter/gig info and to help promote your band.

For More Info:
T: 08712 10 20 40

Contact:  email     08712 10 20 40


Want a Record Deal or a Free Demo Review? Now seeking talent for showcasing to Top Producers, A&R Managers, Publishers and Major Labels. FREE for a limited time! All talent will be considered regardless of geographical location.

Contact:  email   website   

Chaos Records

Chaos Records will open about December 2006 and will be looking to launch with about 7 or 8 bands from throughout the UK under it’s wing. The current situation is to give a deal to anyone good enough so whether your street punk, punk rock, oi, skins, or fucking anything we want you to send shit to us to be considered.

If your interested here’s what you’ve got to do. Send us a package through the post with a demo CD, future band plans, band bio, contact information and photos of your band. That’s all you need to be considered. No catches, that simple. If you’re good enough we’ll tell you straight off and we’ll get in touch with you at a later date when we get the label fully going.

Chaos Records
c/o Greg Mathieson
2 Westhill Croft
Elrick, Skene
Scotland, UK
AB32 6TP

Contact: Greg Mathieson  email     

Calcaza Records

New label Calcaza Records are looking for unsigned punk/indie bands to appear on our next album. Contact details can be found on our website at There will be no costs to pay for any bands included !!

Contact: Gary  email   website   

CultJam Records

CultJam Records will release a compilation of the best in UK / worldwide punk rock in April and require a number of punk bands from all genre's to submit their CD's to the label before the end of February. If your band wants to feature alongside such names as Broken Bones, The Oppressed, The Partisans, Demob, Assert, Picture Frame Seduction, Soldier Dolls, The Destructors Sick56, The Skeptix and DFE to name a few then send your bands recordings to RY Media, PO Box 19, Gloucester, GL3 4YA, UK.

The CD will be released worldwide via Pinnacle and Cadiz distribution in Europe and Sony BMG in Asia. There is no fee to feature on this album which will be called 30 Years of Decay. Hard working punk rock bands wishing to secure releases throughout 2006 and 2007 should also submit their material for consideration with full biogs / website details and information.

Contact: Keith  email   website   

In Yer Face Records

We are a small label currently looking for bands. More info available on our site

Contact: Billy  email   website   

Thunk Records Uk


Thunk Records Uk are currently looking for 18 unsigned bands to feature on a compilation cd (1 track). The idea is to give unsigned bands the chance to be heard in England. The cd will be professionally mastered and properly manufactured (not pc burned) and will contain a 16 page colour booklet/ tray insert. The song can be no longer than 3.5 minutes in total. Each band will be nominated space within the booklet to tell everyone who you are, brief history, website etc, a colour foto and band logo etc.

The Crunch
Each band will have to pay £100.00 up front to appear on this cd* however, each band will receive 40 copies for their own personal use (if they sell for £5.00 you will make back your £100.00 plus £100 for royalties) suggested retail £6.99

We cannot invest thousands of pounds in unheard of bands at this stage, but hope that many will be able to use this release to further their careers, either with us or any other label.

If you are interested or need more info contact
If we exceed our quota for bands we will do 2 separate releases

Q:- 18 bands at £100.00 each = £1,800 production on £1,000 cd's is around £1,200 incl vat and delivery
who gets the other £600?
A:- each band will receive 40 copies, shipping on those cd's will be around £180 (£10 per band). Artwork has to be made ready and the cd will need mastering, *promos will need to be sent out for review and incur postage costs

Q:- 18 bands x 40 copies = 720 cd's who will get the other 280 copies?

A:- the Skeptix and Head Clinic (both from our label will each submit a track) they will each get 40 copies each. 100 copies will be sent out for promo* The remaining 100 copies will be distributed the money from those sales will go to Thunk Records

Q:- how will this help my band?
A:- think of it 20 bands, each will sell all their copies to their friends (obviously they will keep copies for them selves), who will then play it to their friends, no doubt (everyone has at least one friend, i hope) which means at a minimum 2000 people in uk (and some from abroad) will be aware that your band exists. Also it will put each band in contact with more bands around the country which will make gig swapping more available (gig swapping is when you put a gig on and have another band over to play for you and your crowd, in return they put a show on in their home town and you play with them) which makes the punk scene grow, which in reality we all want!!

Q:- what will the cd be called?
A:- whoever suggests the best title!!

Contact:  email     

Calcaza Records

I am looking for any punk/new wave bands who are interested in contributing one, possibly two songs, to a compilation cd I will be bringing out after Christmas 2005.
All recordings must be very good quality or excellent demos.
There will be no cost involved to any band chosen, in order to issue this cd!
Send to:-
Calcaza Records
C/0 24 Bramham Court
Harton Moor
South Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE34 9LP

Contact:  email     

Go-Kart Records

Go-Kart Records are currently looking for bands and artists that are interested in joining Go-Kart’s next big project after the MP300 Raceway Sampler: the “Liberating Music” MP3 CD compilation which will be distributed for free all over Europe. Therefore, we want to invite all bands and labels within the indie/ alternative/ emo, punk/ metal/ hardcore / ska genres to submit their songs.

All relevant info can be found on our website:

We would really appreciate your help on making the “Liberating Music” MP3 CD Sampler a big success.

Contact: Nicole  email   website   

CultJam Records

CultJam Records based in the UK are looking for all genre punk rock bands worldwide for a compilation album which is scheduled for release in May 2006. Send a cd demo with 2 completed songs and a biog / photo to RY Media, Po Box 19, Gloucester, GL3 4YA, UK. Further information on the label at This is a label funded project and no bands are expected to fund this or buy any copies. The album will be distributed through their distributors at Pinaccle UK.

Contact: Keith  email   website   

Face First Records

My name is Ben I run a small punk label based in Las Vegas(Face First Records). We are doing another compilation. The first compilation "Break Your Face" will come out next month. The new compilation Cd is called "Two Minutes In It" and the songs must be 2 minutes or under.

Contact: Ben  email   website   

Bands wanted to feature on Punk DVD. If yer interested send us a an mp3, or just an email and we'll come to your next show and video you... Email to A swift response is appreciated. Closing date for responses 30th July 2005Ö

Contact: Mikey  email     


The promoter and tour organiser Stu Taylor from Manchester is now the British representive of the American lable SOS.
Any and all Uk bands looking for label interest can get in touch via

Contact: Stu Taylor  email   website   

Face First

Im starting a small record label based in Las Vegas Nv. Im doing a compilation cd....if you know any bands that might be interested in being on it please email me back or give them my info...thanks for your time...the deadline for submissions is April 20th all bands keep the rights to thier music.Face first records can use the bands and songs to promote our products ie the cd..thats it .Send a cd with song to be used on it and band name / song name / members name / website / email...ect to:: Face First 449 Bell ave Henderson Nv 89015

Contact: Ben  email   website   

A re-recording of this project that was released for the royal wedding of Andrew and \'Fergie\' is taking place soon to be released in honour of the wedding of Charles and Camilla on 8th April! We are looking for groups or individuals to take part in backing vocals etc. If you want to take part email

Contact: Colin  email     

Delinquent Records

ONE MISSION - To get bands heard. Delinquent records is a strictly Punk, Ska and Hardcore label with the single aim of getting local level bands heard by people who would not normally get the chance to hear them. Every band is given the oppertunity to sell their music and/or merchandise on the site and to submit MP3 versions of their songs for free download. If you are in a band and think you want to be on Delinquent Records please email

Contact: Shay  email   website   

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