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Punk & Oi In Tee UK - Bands looking for Labels
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18 Bands looking for Labels

No Hitbacks

We’re No Hitbacks, a punk/new wave band from West Didsbury,Manchester We want a record label to help us produce and put out our as yet untitled album, which will have 10 songs One of those, “Wasted”, is on our myspace page ( , and we have 4 more which have been written and finished and we are just waiting to record them. We are very ambitious, and we enjoy playing. We’d like to think we are a very interesting band live aswell and we like to keep the crowd entertained whilst playing our music, which we feel is a new type of sound which can go a long way. Even if you don’t like our first song, we will be putting up more songs soon, so please don’t make any snap decisions on us! Any emails, contact or feedback will be much appreciated. Cheers

Contact:   email   website   

The Straps

The Straps have finally recorded the long awaited 2nd album at last. 25 years since the last one !
The artwork is ready to go & all we need is a label to press it & distribute it for us.

Any labels interested please contact me asap please

Contact: Dave   email   website   

Ambush Uk

Ambush Uk, a punk rock band from Blackburn, northwest England are looking for a label to release their forthcoming debut album 'Reclaim The Streets' on. The album will have 11 tracks in total. The title track can be heard on the bands myspace page ( ). The band are serious about their music and are hoping to do a tour on the album release and are mobile. Ambush Uk's sound is quite varied with some old skool punky tracks and other more hardcore(ish) tracks. If you like what you hear on the myspace page, email me at and I'll let you listen to more of our tracks. Even if you aren't too keen on the title track, get in touch and I'll let you listen to some of the more old skool tracks, who knows, you might just change your mind about us!

Contact: Sam   email   website   

The 85s

Looking for manager and label

Were The 85s, the best and original punk band of this millenium. Starting in south england about 3 years ago we have made two Cds (a demo and an album) with great enticing song writing and many rememberable gigs (both sound and performance) along the way. We have played with great bands such as - The Specials, Sham 69, GBH, The Exploited and many more. We now need a manager to guide us into the spotlight and make our band known to the right people to become the next big thing in todays music industry, and we'll work our hardest to get where we want. So please have a listen to our album on our website and get in contact when your interested.

Contact: Adam   email   website   

Left for Dead

my names simon and i play in south coast punk band Left for Dead . We have just released our first cd for quite a few years and are looking to get active in the punk scene once more. We have previously released records with bands like the restarts, Zemezluc from Czech and In-fect plus 7" of our own "fuck your authority" on gas records in Germany.We are looking for distributors promoters etc who could help us with getting this cd out to as many people as possible as we truly believe that it is a record that will do well given the right opportunity.

Contact: Simon   email     


We're Breach - a Brighton-based, 5-piece, unsigned, unreasonably good Riot Grrrl/Punk band. We're looking primarily for management at this time, as things are moving quickly and we no longer have time to manage the band as well as all the studio work & demo CD production line stuff that's involved.

We need a committed manager on a straight-forward percentage deal. If you're wanting money up-front from us, don't bother getting in touch - we're not gullible in the least... If, however, you want to be involved with an exciting band that's making an impact on the Brighton scene, get in there quick - we have an album's worth of killer material, without a filler in site and we'll work hard. The better you do for us, the richer you'll get.

Contact: Dave Mania   email   website   


Hello we are Version.3 CD coming out september also looking for real management & a record label punk ska reggae rock

Contact: Siy   email   website   

The Straps

The Straps are looking for record labels that are interested in releasing the first Straps album since 1982. We have the songs in place and have recorded a 4 track demo already.

Contact: Dave   email   website   07980 743898

The Zips

my band the zips are looking for a label to release are album on

Contact: Mike   email   website   


Were a punk ska band called Axessdenied looking for a label to release some material on. Check us out at:
Many planks

Contact: Matt Denied   email   website   

The Otters

The Otters (featuring Mark Astronaut of Semi-legendary anarcho punks The Astronauts) are looking for a label to release forthcoming e.p. Check us out at

Contact: Joe   email   website   

Rejected (Fin)

punkrock band called Rejected from Finland looking for a label to release our debut album.

Contact:   email   website   


Hi, we are Carnevil, a punk/emo band from Scotland and we're looking for sponsors/record labels to get in touch with us!

We currently have 16 songs and 4 half songs (like little bits missing e.g. lyrics for a verse or chorus) We have a professional website: and you can catch us on MeeSpazz at:

Also if anybody is interested you can email our manager at: or call him on: 07704709521

Contact:   email   website   07704709521

Critical Stage

we are an Oi band from the Alysbury/Milton Keynes area. We are looking for gigs and record lables. Check out or and you can dowmload a couple of songs. Please put an add on your site Mail me back or call me on 07880 533433

Contact: Angus Rosier   email   website   07880 533433

Psychic Volts

Hi guys, Victor V. (formerly Victor Vendetta) of Psychic Volts (formerly Psykik Volts) here. We released a single in 1979 called 'Horror Stories No. 5/Totally Useless' which John Peel used to love (bless 'im). It sold around 2000 copies at the time & regularly pops up for around £40 a copy on various websites today. I believe it's also on 'Killed By Death' bootleg compilation (Vol.6). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I own the master tape of this if you're interested in re-releasing it but, even better than that, I've recently recorded new versions of around 8 old Psykik Volts songs. They sound great & I'm looking for a deal to release them. If you'd like to hear them please let me know, as it's been a long wait for our follow-up single to be released (er, like 27 years!). I'm English, but have been living in Perth, Western Australia for the last 3 years. See ya! Vic.

Contact: Victor V   email     

Menacing Skunks

We're the Menacing Skunks, we've been around for a while, we have about 1 1/2 albums worth of stuff and need help getting it recorded and out. So if you can help out with recording. i.e if you have a very cheap studio, or can help with promo or distribution etc get in touch

Contact: Nick   email     


We are The Cunts from Worcester UK we need your help!!

If you need cds or any other shit let me know and ill sort somthing out! downloads... Our newest stuff is on our myspace page

We have a bunch of kick ass new songs that we wanna put on a full length record to be released in early 2006!!! We are looking for help putting it out so if you are interested or know any labels that maybe interested in coming together and helping put this cd out let us know!! We need your help!!

Were Looking for 4-5 labels to all help put this CD out together so the cost is much less for each label!

We already have interest from rich of Punkshit Records!! He is looking for other labels to joint release this cd with him !!!
If your interested mail him about it at or get back to us!!

Contact: Shay   email   website   


Hey we are a three peice brat punk band based in the north west of england, we are 15yrs old and have done over 75 gigs between us, we recentley recorded a demo, if your intrested please email me on, for a demo c.d or mp3s, cheers

Contact: Adam   email     

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