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Guitarist: SuperYob


Superyob are looking for a guitarist- you know us and what we do, if you want to do it too, get in touch! Based in London . Gigs / festivals and recording waiting, passport needed. Contact Superyob / facebook

Location: South
Contact: Frankie Flame  email   website   

Bass Guitarist:


Bassist needed for new diy/anarcho/crust band Exeter Devon ........ influences Subhumans , Omega tribe , Zounds , Antisect ....... PM for more details .

Location: Devon
Contact: Calllie  email   website   

Bass Guitarist: VATO ( Vincent and the onepotts)


VATO ( Vincent and the onepotts) need a second bass player !. Due to Ours other commitments (and living in Cornwall ) we need someone that can practice every week in Birmingham and / or Coventry and do gigs Kev can’t ( there may be a lot for you too !) .You need to play to a high standard and do the punky rock n roll thang . We are just about to start gigging again after a two year break and have a second album to promote .

Location: Midlands
Contact: Tony  email     

Drummer + Guitarist: new band


New up and coming oi! Band require a drummer and additional guitarist. Influences 4 - skins, combat 84, angry agenda, pressure 28

Location: London
Contact: Gavin  email     

Guitarist: Apocalypse Babies


Apocalypse Babys are looking for a lead guitarist, nowt fancy but must be competent; in our set we cover SLF, Subs, Sparrer that kind of thing. Own transport and decent gear essential, the band has a new album and gigs waiting. We’re based in Alfreton, East Mids.

Contact: Asterix  email     

Drummer: Super Yob


Superyob regretfully announces that Micky drummer's final show with us will be in Finland on December 16th, because he has health problems and needs to have an operation after that date. We wish mick a successful operation and recovery and all the very best wishes for whatever he does in the future. We have shows and recordings lined up for 2018 and they will go ahead, so we are looking for a drummer now, anyone interested in taking over the drums in Superyob -contact us here with a message.

Location: London
Contact: Frankie Flame  email   website   

Guitarist: Last Resort


Last Resort already have several shows lined up through the rest of this year and in to next year, so we are currently looking to get a replacement guitarist as soon as possible. Anyone interested in filling these boots should contact us at thelastresort@europe.com

Location: South England
Contact: Last Resort  email     

Guitarist: The Xtraverts


Looking for a lead guitarist for gigs & recording - punk /rock & roll. within a 30 mile radius of London song writing essential to add to old numbers.

Location: London
Contact: Nigel  email   website   

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