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All 212 Unanswered Questions

Fuck A Mod badge

Would you happen to know where I can get a "Fuck a mod" pin badge at all?

Asked by Fred

Anarcho-punk questions

I'm a masters student at the University of Sussex, and was hoping you might be able to forward this questionnaire to anybody that you feel might be able to respond -anybody who can answer the questions really.

My research is centred around the anarcho-punk reaction to the Falklands War but there is a broader look at how the music was perceieved, so anybody involved is important.

Get in touch.

Asked by J.Simpson@sussex.ac.uk

Shops for Skins in Stoke area

I am a Canadian living at keele university, I was wondering if you knew anywhere bars or stores that cater to skins in the Stoke area.

Asked by Fred

Streets complimation

Has anyone got a copy of the STREETS COMPILATION LP, the one on BEGGARS BANQUET . A CD copy will do, please help thanks very much.

Asked by martyn

Contact for Nick Palmer

Don´t you have contact)E-MAIL ADRESS for NICK PALMER"Max Von Reinhard"singer bands of Doctor and the crippens,Baby judas,Krill???

Asked by Mick

lyrics to 'Incendiary Device'

Err... lyrics to 'Incendiary Device' by Johnny Moped... there's a couple of words I've never worked out

Asked by Simon No Mates

Somewhere to live

i`m linde a punkrock girl from germany and i moved to england last november. at the moment i`m living in barnsley, but i would like to live in leeds, because barnsley is to small.. so i need urgent a job and a room where i can live in leeds! i don`t know anybody in england, thats the reason why it`s very difficult being here. it would be very nice from you to help me!

Asked by Linde

Lost friend in Barnsley

I have lost a freind in the barnsley area called Andrew, he is into the punk/skinhead scene and would like to no whether i could post something regarding him on your site. Or if you no of any other sites to try i would be gratefull

Asked by Susan

Needed: fans of punk and Oi! who wore the clothing and lived the life during 1979-1985 to interview

I am also looking for fans of punk and Oi! who wore the clothing and lived the life during 1979-1985 to interview, not necessarily just the bands but the people who went to the gigs. Particularly woman, I’m looking for the stories from Londoners about how their look attracted unwanted attention or discrimination and to discover what it was like for females in a punk or Oi! community

Asked by Paul

Sex Pistols pictures

Has anyone got, or can guide me to some good Sex Pistols pictures from the Phoenix Festival in 1996.

Asked by Ian

Cockney Rejects- On The Street Again

What are the lyrics to Cockney Rejects- On The Street Again?

Asked by Simon No Mates

Icons Of Filth, The Fiend & Uproar

I'm searching for the ICONS OF FILTH & THE FIEND split bootleg L.P. and UPROAR's Rebel Youth + Nothing Can Stop You E.P.'s and And The Lord Said Let There Be...Uproar L.P. Any help seeking the aforementioned records will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Will

trade cdrs with every issue ever released of the 80's punk magazine PUNK LIVES.

I'm looking to trade cdrs with every issue ever released of the 80's punk magazine PUNK LIVES.
The disc I have contains very clear,scanned images of every page from all 11 issues that were released and is a cracking piece of nostalgia for anyone into early punk.
These discs are best viewed on a computer and can also be printed off, if you choose.
I normally sell these for £5 each, but if anyone wants to trade me stuff, please get in touch with your lists.
If anyone just wants to buy a copy of the disc, thats fine as well.
I can send a random page from the magazine if anyone is unsure about the quality,but I have sold a good few on ebay recently and received excellent comments from all buyers.
Anyway, if you are interested, get in touch with me by email,

Asked by Gary

punk scene in Barcelona

I'm moving to Barcelona next June and would like to find out a bit about the punk scene there. The link to Masnoutiembla website doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any info on the scene there?

Asked by mabbie_poker@hotmail.com

Contact for Captain Zip

in 1977-78-79 I was very much around the 'punk' scenes of both Dublin and London.At some stage ,I recall it was 1978,I remember Captain Zip filming myself and a group of friends on a number of occasions.Recently Ive tried to contact him but to no avail.Perhaps you have an e-mail address where I can contact him and if so would you please forward it to me

Asked by Irish T0m

Punks needed for film


We are currently working on a feature film that i thought you might find of interest.

The film is called DoomsDay staring Bob Hoskins and is about the world coming to an end. We are currently looking for men and women to take part in filming, the look we are going for is punks, people with tattoos all over them, piercing etc

We are going for the tribal look bit like the Mad Max films, water world etc

Filming date is next Wednesday 7th in Surrey (Greater London)
Payment is: min £100

Asked by Wayne

contact Mick Megee of the 80's uk punk Mayhem

I’m trying to find the singer Mick Megee of the 80's uk punk Mayhem cus i'm getting mayhems demo from 81 i was told by someone who use to know him said he lost his copy of there demo in a fire and i would like give him a copy if anyone can get me in contact with him email me at gabe.juska@gmail.com

Asked by gabe.juska@gmail.com

Jobs involving Punk Rock?

You know of any jobs involving Punk Rock? I'm an old punk circa 1977!

Asked by Dave Towse

Any one know out about a group called 'Obnoxious Tartus'

Any one know out about a group called 'obnoxious tartus' who had a song called the same. I think they recorded it in consett. Heard it on the radio at the time. Radio Newcastle used ta play up n comin bands. Great record as well.

Asked by Mal

Drummers in the Guttersnipes

This may seem a silly thing to ask and I don't know if you can help me, but I would like to know all the names of past drummers in The Guttersnipes band. That is the drummers other than the ones mentioned on the/your website that I found. I have attached a pic that is an insert to one of their albums, and the drummer here looks like someone I know and I would like to know for sure if it is him. I know his name but he may have used another name of course, so I felt that knowing ALL the past drummers would possibly be better than me actually stating a name to you. If you can help me; find out for me or point me in the right direction then that would be great. Thanks in advance.

Asked by Caz

Live footage at Smugglers Tavern Stockport

Regarding Blitz on the tv programme The Tube, it was also shown with clips of live footage at Smugglers Tavern Stockport I think. Where is this footage, someone must have filmed the whole gig?

Asked by peter.yale@openreach.co.uk

looking for 3cd Set Called Punks Skins Oi

im looking for A 3cd Set Called Punks Skins Oi 64 tracks its by the Anleic upstarts

Asked by Dean

"Fuckgeez" and "Potential Threat?"

Are there any albums on CD by band called "Fuckgeez" and "Potential Threat?"

Asked by Michael

Footage from pebble mill at one

does anyone, particularly in the north east of england have any footage from pebble mill at one, of big toot receiving an acceptance award from the gateshead music collective festival ?? i think its as long ago as 85-86?

Asked by Deb

copy of the performance by a reggae band called Jab Jab

Found reference to the 'Revolver' TV prog on your Q&A pages where Tim said he had a copy of the series - as much as I like punk (Hi to Red Alert in Sunderland), I'm actually after a copy of the performance by a reggae band called Jab Jab. If anyone has a copy of it on vid/DVD I'd love to buy a copy.

Asked by Deb Augustine

Torpedoes at the roxy video

does any one know how to access the torpedoes at the roxy video 1982 ish.Have found it twice and now its driving me insane trying to find it again.Its on a link somewhere from this is london site but cant find it,please help

Asked by Lorna

lyrics of i´m a punk by doug mulray

i can´t find them anywhereeeeee in the net could u guys help me? i live in fuckin brasil HASUAHSAUSH im sure i wont find it here as well. thanx anyways

Asked by Piggy

Punk CD covers?

Now that Punk United is no more!! Does anyone know of a site that's as good as (or better?) for Downloading Punk CD covers?

Asked by Zipzbay@aol.com

Joe cool and the killers live tape

hi im looking for anything by joe cool and the killers live tapes cds records i think they only had 1 single out in 7

Asked by Dean

Who is the band in the 1980s film "meantime"

in the 1980s film "meantime" phil daniels plays a record in his bedroom of a punk band with a female vocalist & im dying to know who the band is, any ideas?

Asked by Paul

lyrics of i´m a punk by doug mulray

lyrics of i´m a punk by doug mulray. i can´t find them anywhereeeeee in the net could u guys help me? I

Asked by Piggy

Punks wanted for commercial

I am trying to cast for a punk album advert and need to cast people this week. I am looking for two boys (with mohicans) and one girl (with short hair, possibly shaved sides).

Asked by Karyna

In A Rut lyrics

we are doing a cover of in a Rut but cant work out a few of the words, can you help please?

Asked by Andi Schurer

Need to contact eddie snide, aka stuart osbourne who ran a fanzine called grinding halt

johnny here from the 100 punks project. this summer i'm exhibitng and exhibition on punk rock in reading berks, and am trying to track down a few of the old crew. i'm looking for a guy called eddie snide, aka stuart osbourne who ran a fanzine called grinding halt. i know he's been on this site, but ther is no contact for him.

Asked by Johnny

Doc Martin sizes

Were genuine dr martens boots ever produced in half sizes?

Asked by DBowles1@aol.com

For Sale: 25% of the adverts catalogue mechanical rights and is accepting offers

Laurie Driver the original drummer of the adverts is now selling his 25% of the adverts catalogue mechanical rights and is accepting offers. any one who wishes to own a piece of punk history please email lauriedriver@walla.com

Asked by Laurie Driver

Info on Teenage Brats

Anyone have any info on Teenage Brats poss^ from Cirencester Glos. Was told thay played a Stonehenge fest^ in 1970s. Poss menbers were Steve Hall, Terry Brown, Dave Jones? anyone wilth photos of punks from Cirencester in 80s?

Asked by john@fastnloudzine.orangehome.co.uk

lyrics to "I just wanna be myself" by The Drones

Can anyone give me the complete lyrics to "I just wanna be myself" by The Drones. I know the lyrics are on the single but I don't have it!

Asked by simon@phonocaster.com

Punks wanted for photographing

I am looking for Subjects who define punk! I am an up and coming photography, who wants to document punk in all it forms, if you define punk, let me know. If you’re in an up coming band, or just a person who is a part of punk culture. You can contact me via email alexelerian@yahoo.co.uk PHONE;07904065841

Asked by Alexander

Seditionaries clothing

Does anyone know if the swindler is still selling Seditionaries clothing? The last few times I’ve tried the site it’s been down! Also Killer-Rocks-On has ceased trading… and in my opinion they provided the best Seditionaries range. Does anyone know of any other good places that sell a full range of Seditionaries goods besides: towerblock and culturecounterculture?

Asked by Michael Savage

lyrics to the "Potential threat"?

anyone know where I can lyrics to the "Potential threat"? any help appreciated! please e-mail me: stresspunx@box.vsi.ru or write in my icq: 371-922-313

Asked by stresspunx@box.vsi.ru

Potential Threat t-shirts

I long ago search for the t-shirts Potential Threat. I met them on photography, but did not see in the life. where their possible buy in internet? In the same way interest the t-shirts of the groups Destructors and Court Martial. If someone be aware of this some information, please report me! e-mail me: stresspunx@box.vsi.ru or write in my icq: 371-922-313

Asked by stresspunx@box.vsi.ru

looking for pauline beck (pooh).

looking for pauline beck (pooh).she sung backing vocals for conflicts house that jack built. was friends with crass.your both part of 100 punks photo gallery.

Asked by Bonzi

looking for punk jo smith from hemel hempstead

looking for punk jo smith from hemel hempstead last seen 1982.

Asked by Bonzi

Two-Tone fans needed by Maverick Television

Do you remember 2-tone? Were you in your late teens or early 20’s when 2-tone hit Coventry and the rest of the UK? Has 2-tone music had a profound effect on your life? If the answer is yes then we want to hear from you…

Maverick Television are looking for people who are passionate about 2-tone to help with a research project for a new BBC drama. We are keen to speak to people who were in Coventry around 1979 and have memories of what life was really like then.

Anyone interested in telling their story should contact Colleen on: 0207 874 6682

Asked by Colleen

Information about James Smith

i'm seeking any information about James Smith - who used to hang around the Croydon Punk Shop Shake Some Action Records, as well as being the singer/guitarist for a band called Dogeared. i really need to track him down so if anyone has any clues then please get in contact. many thanks

Asked by Ned Mendez

80's Cramp gig in Belfast

I'm convinced the Cramps played Belfast in the early 80's according to there gig history on there site they didn't, i've put this question on a few other sites but got no answer anybody here know?

Asked by Mccrackenj2@aol.com

Demos by Small Furry Creatures

I'm looking for any demo or live tapes by Scottish punk band the Small Furry Creatures from the 1980's.

Asked by Scott

Any Glasgow gig on 29 October?

since the gig has been cancelled is there any gig on on the night 29 in glasgow

Asked by David

white label single


I have a white label single that i'm trying to find out what it is.
it's from the 80's. one side is female fronted and the other side is an odd DIY thing. both sides have 2 tracks on. The female fronted - sort of anarcho sounding one has a chorus with the lyrics

"Dreams of Tomorrow
are a neccessary evil
they build up your hopes
and break them down again

the catalouge number is d200

would love to find out what it is

Asked by Sean

seeking duplicates or originals of gig tickets/flyers/advertising posters for the following gigs

any help in seeking duplicates or originals of gig tickets/flyers/advertising posters for the following gigs would be greatly appreciated





Asked by Gary

Punk Fanzines circa 1980-1985

I would like to exchange copies of fanzines with anyone who has copies of any fanzines from the above period. I can send you my list and then either exchange them as scan copies or printed copies depending on your preference. If anyone is interested please send your lists.

Asked by mark.phillips50@tesco.net

Trying to get hold of Marcus from Midnight and the Lemonboys .

Trying to get hold of Marcus from Midnight and the Lemonboys . Use to hang with them in Brighton now live in LA married with 2 babies!! If you have his email address please tell him to drop me a line.

Asked by Amanda Barbour now Amanda Hromadka

Wanted: union jack bondage trousers

anyone know where i can get hold of a pair of the union jack bondage trousers? either new or second hand

Asked by jason.briggs4@ntlworld.com

looking for original punks/skins from leeds / scarborough / oldham about the scenes there in 77.

I'm looking to talk to some original punks/skins from leeds / scarborough / oldham about the scenes there in 77. I was based over in Liverpool at ERICS at the time, & woul;d love to swap stories.

Asked by mick mada

Info on lp on the band called UK.

i got this lp with the band called UK. its Mickey Fitz, Steve Kent of the Business, its from 1987 and i think its brilliant. does anyone know the story behind the album and why bhavent it been released on cd. is it rare.

Asked by John Denmark

lyrics for "Skin Deep - Football Violence"

i would like to know the lyrics for "Skin Deep - Football Violence" full lyrics or the chorus.

Asked by sothisis_freedom@hotmail.com

Skinheads wanted for film

As part of the documentary we would like to do some filming with some skins from the present day who are fairly faithful to the trends and fashions from the early 80's.

Asked by dean@deanrogers.co.uk

Memories, information, documents, tour posters or pictures about the Grey Topper, Jacksdale

Do you have any memories, information, documents, tour posters or pictures about the Grey Topper, Jacksdale.

Did you see any of the following groups -
The Stranglers, The Vibrators, Adam and the Ants, Girlschool, Simple Minds, UK Subs, Toyah, The Ruts, The Members, The Specials, The Pretenders, Ultravox or any other of the many, many groups that played there.

Are you a member of any of the groups above or were in one that played there.

Contact Tony gordonhill76@hotmail.com

Asked by Tony

Wanted: Hate & War Fanzine ( Approx 1980)

"I am trying to trace the following punk related things if anyone can help out.....
Hate & War Fanzine ( Approx 1980)

Asked by Gary

World At Ransom by Social Disease

I am looking for the 82 demo and the "World At Ransom" tape By old Bristol band SOCIAL DISEASE,the ep is great,and i,m sure the demo and tape would be too,,,I would be willing to trade old demos live recordings,whatever,I have thousands of Demos from all over the world from over the last 25+ years,,some stuff i have is very hard to find,,as i say willing to trade some of it if anyone can copy me these tapes

Asked by Andy

Gigs on in Kiev, Ukraine between 9th & 14th October 2006

Does anyone know if there are any gigs on in Kiev, Ukraine between 9th & 14th October 2006 and if there are any punk pubs or clubs worth going to?

Asked by Ally

Looking for a book called Suomi Punk 1977-1998 by Jarkko Kuivanen

I am looking for a book called Suomi Punk 1977-1998 by Jarkko Kuivanen (Finland). If anyone has any info of where I can find this book, I would very much appreciate it! Thank

Asked by Daniela

Crisis 2CD

Can anyone who can copy the Crisis 2CD get in touch. I've got thousands of CDs so there should be something I can copy for you in exchange. Thanks !

Asked by Martin

Happy Shoplifter t-shirts

Does anyone know if you can still get the Happy Shoplifter t-shirts that DS4A in Bristol used to do ? I lent mine out & never saw it again. Thanks !

Asked by Martin

Sex Pistols gig"Finsbury Park"1996

Sex Pistols gig"Finsbury Park"1996,as we all know if we were there it was filmed,but has it ever been released as an official Sex Pistols live dvd? I have a bootleg video of someone who filmed the gig from up in a tree!!!(not that good)But i would like to get hold of the real thing!Ive downloaded one live song pretty vacant from that gig,which was from the filmed lot,but wheres the rest??

Asked by Andy

Wanted Killing Joke Live Tomorrows World

Wanted Killing Joke Live Tomorrows World

Asked by peter.yale@openreach.co.uk

CD from the band Reverse

I was wondering if you could help me track down a CD from the band Reverse. I have hunted high and low with no joy. Do you know anywhere that may stock it.

Asked by Stu

Help with Stolen Property

Hi there, its Dego from Glasgow here. Some of you might know me from various gigs all over the place and im also editor of Product zine.

I was just wondering if any punk n oi readers were at the Wickerman Festival in South West Scotland this weekend because I had my black back pack stolen on the Friday night. It included a red and black coloured wallet with a few hundred quid in cash in it, my bank cards and i.d. cards and four mobile phones. One of the handsets, a samsung e700 flip phone was my mates and it had photos of his mother on it who passed away recently with cancer. The phone was slightly damaged and held together with black tape. So the robbin bastard who took it would probably be unable to sell it on in this condition. We’re quite eager for it to be returned.

I also had some clothes stolen, a pair of red and black creepers with skulls on the side and a pair of t-uk black and red tartan creepers. Both size ten. There was also a dark blue jacket with GBH printed on the back nicked. There were very few of these items ever made and I only received one because I was working with the band at the time. The backpack itself was customised with punk badges and safety pins and had a Coors beer logo printed on it. Unless the twat who stole them was a punk themself, these would be of very little use to them and like the Samsung handset would just be binned off.

Its a long shot but if anyone has any info which could lead to any of these items return, can they please contact me on- 07952 -022- 835. Or at- dego@apocalypse.fsworld.co.uk. There is a reward available. I,ve been going to gigs all over the world for years now and supporting the punk scene in every way i can so i,d appreciate any help here all of you out there in punkland. Thanks dego. Up the punx".

Asked by Dego

How to do Leopard print on longer hair

Has anyone tried putting leopard print on hair other than really, really short? How does it work out? I know you can spray the pattern on mohican, but how does it look and work when the hair is not stuck up, or really short and you want to use something that lasts longer than spray? Any advice appreciated.

Asked by Rebecca

Punk Guitar Tabs

I wonder if you can help. I play in a punk band. Typically Old School, English Punk. Most of the material I try to lift from the internet in the form of lyrics & chords (called "Tab"). Perfectly legal for private tutorial I believe. Anyhow I'm really struggling to find stuff as Punk is basically an obscure genre. Its taken me weeks to find Gary Gilmour's Eyes, for example. I reckon there must be specialist sites out there, it's just I don't have the Google patience to sniff them out. But your readers may know.

Asked by Tim

Punks needed for commercial with Gwyneth Paltrow - paid!

I am writing to you from a company call Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd. Now we place people in Film/Tv/Music Videos across the whole of the UK.

We are currently working on a commercial staring Gwyneth Paltrow promoting a clothing brand. Now we are looking for people with punk hair (such as hawk/mohican hair to take part). Gwyneth Paltrow There is no acting skills are needed. The shoot will be taking place towards the end of July06, in the London area. Now we know you are based in Leeds but thought you may have friends interested in taking part. Gwyneth Paltrow Each participant will paid around 150 pounds for the day, payment likley to rise depending how many times walk past the camera. Gwyneth Paltrow If you feel you know people who would be interested in taking part please could you get them to contact us ASAP on: tel: 0845 0090344

Asked by Wayne Berko

Trying to locate Dave Rabid Brown - he used to play with ERASE TODAY

We are trying to locate Dave Rabid Brown - he used to play with ERASE TODAY in 1995, and the previous year toured with ONE WAY SYSTEM.
He lived in Warrington and was a top bass guitarist. We have tried all the old contact numbers without any success. We wanna contact him about the ERASE TODAY reunion gig - HITS aftershow thingy on August 12th.
Also we have the SICK56 album launch aftershow on the Friday. If not any chance of a post - last time we saw him was at Wasted / HITS in 1996 - he did some filming for the ERASE TODAY video from what I can remember.

Asked by Andy Higgins

Lyrics for 'Society' by The Ruts needed.

Lyrics for 'Society' by The Ruts needed.

Asked by simon123@fastmail.fm

Bands that live together for TV Program

I’m looking for bands again for a new series for the BBC. I’m specifically looking for bands that live together.

Asked by Steve Sheldon

Unseen Rudimentary Peni pictures desperately needed! For

Good, unseen Rudimentary Peni pictures desperately needed! For inclusion in Ian Glasper's forthcoming (out in October!) book on the UK anarcho punk scene, 'The Day The Country Died'. If anyone reading this has any decent pictures of Peni hidden away in their loft (even if they were taken during the Nineties and not the Eighties), please get in touch with Ian right away: ianglasper@tiscali.co.uk You'll get a proper photo credit and a free copy of the book for your trouble if the picture is used.

Asked by Ian

Memories of The Evil Dead

have a request from Robert aka "sid" the former bass player of the London punk band The Evil Dead, who gigged up and down England beween 1979 and 1981. He has lost THE LOT pics, his record collection all he has to his name is his jacket his mohawk and his pride!

Robert wonders if anyone has any memories to share or maybe even a pic as he says The Evil Dead were pretty popular

Asked by nickhalifax@yahoo.com

Issue of Social Distortion fanzine

Anybody have an issue of Social Distortion fanzine A4 size,it was made in 1982 by myself and a couple of mates,only 1 issue of less than 100 copies were made.Main cover if i remember right was orange with a last resort skinhead style design.This was sold to punks and skins in the livingston area{Scotland}.Wasn`t very good but we tried.Anybody that can help contact me

Asked by Chid

Contact details for the Rag

i'm trying to get in contact with ' THE RAG ' previously known as 'OILY RAG '. Their e-mail dont seem to be working. Can someone from the band contact ENGLISHSKINS@AOL.COM


Photos needed for Punk Exhibition

This being the 30th anniversary of punk, there are many exhibitions going to be held, but not one that is the fans themselves. i am making large prints of photobooth pictures, of punks, skinheads etc from the period 75-84. is it possible for you to put out a shout, for people to send me jpgs of their pictures to be included in this please? these will be shown in july at the charing cross gallery in london, and all participants will get one of their own.

Asked by Jon Lester

Crucified skin t-shirts?

Where can u buy crucified skin t-shirts?

Asked by Ian

Help on the Ruts

The good news is that Dave Ruffy called me today and suggested we meet in a few weeks to discuss the book I plan to write. Preamble over, now the reason for emailing: I've found a reasonable amount of info on the Internet, but not nearly enough. What I need are photocopies of articles about the Ruts that appeared in Sounds, NME etc. So I was wondering if you, or anyone out there can help me.

Asked by Neil Brooks

Two tape release on Holocaust tapes needed

A mate of mine, Will Binks, is searching for thee 2 releases he put out on his tape label "Holocaust tapes" around 1984-85.
The 1st release was a compilation tape called "Eject It ( HT 01) and featured Flux Of Pink Indians / Abductors / Criminal Justice / Stress / Political Asylum / Impact / Blood Robots / Deceased / Self Abuse / Legion Of Parasites / Kulturkampf / Shrapnel / The Diabolists.
The 2nd release was a studio / practice / live tape of Danish hardcore punks Enola Gay(HT 02).
Any help at all in tracking them down would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by c/o Gary

Blitz live on the Tube

Blitz live on the Tube + interview with the argumentacs of the song keep on running by crux pelase help usI run an independant punk label called Calcaza records and later this year I will be releasing the 2nd of our albums, featuring unsigned punk bands from around the U.K. I really need an eyeca

Asked by Peter

Contacts from Danson Youth Club Bexleyheath / Welling

tching design for the front cover of the cd, the title of which will be "U.K PUNK". I will also require the words "Calcaza Records present..." somewhere on cover as well. I am only a small, self financed label and dont have much money as such, but the person who comes up with the best album cover will receive a complimentary cd, be credited on the cd for their artwork and I will also pay them £2

Asked by Rob

Lyrics for Keep On Running by the Crux

5 to get them a few beers for their trouble. Send all entriere looking for the lyrics of the song keep on running by crux pelase help us

Asked by Leglo Zaraze

Help designing album cover artwork

I run an independant punk label called Calcaza records and later this year I will be releasing the 2nd of our albums, featuring unsigned punk bands from around the U.K. I really need an eyecatching design for the front cover of the cd, the title of which will be "U.K PUNK". I will also require the words "Calcaza Records present..." somewhere on cover as well. I am only a small, self financed label and dont have much money as such, but the person who comes up with the best album cover will receive a complimentary cd, be credited on the cd for their artwork and I will also pay them £25 to get them a few beers for their trouble. Send all entries to the address on my website at www.freewwebs.com/calcazarecords ( either on cd or via email. thanks,

Asked by Gary ( Calcaza Records )

People who's work is influenced by punk is needed by ITV

am in preproduction stages for a 30th anniversary look at the influence of punk in north east england—the music doesn’t over concern me-I did extensive interviews with Penetration and Mensi for other productions –im anxious to contact journalists/ designers/artists/photographers from an area between Berwick and York who were/are influenced by what started in 1976—can you help me

Asked by Rebecca - I will pass details on

Band from France called The Dogs

Hello anyone out there have a spare album or cassette copy of a band from France called The Dogs. The album I am really after is called "Walking Shadows", it was released on Melodies Massacre Records in 1977. They were featured on "streets" compilation in 1977, playing a song titled "19". Anything else would be of intrest also.

Asked by Mik

Info on singer of the Pinkies (also in Au pairs)

I'm doing some research into women in punk in the late 1970's. Specifically a friend of mine was in a band called the Pinkies, Au pairs, fast relief. She was lead singer of the Pinkies, and played sax, backing vocals for the au pairs. We are trying to find out info about her time in this crazy punk scene. She recently passed away and no-one really knows anything about it all. Basically they found some records and were quite surprised at how extensive her career was! I wondered if you new how we could find info out.

Asked by Jayne Anderson

Info on The Miracle Babies and also Awol

Desperately searching for information and recordings by two punk bands from Stanford Le Hope, Essex.....THE MIRACLE BABIES, and AWOL. I'm working on putting together a page on these bands for www.southendpunk.com

Neither band released any vinyl but someone MUST have a copy of the AWOL demo tape lying around that I could get a copy of.

Please help !!!.

Asked by Paul, ex Final Curtain Fanzine

Lyrics from Crux

We're an oi! / punk band from Holland and we're seeking for the lyrics from Crux - Brighton Front for more than a year! We want to cover it, so please help us out.

Asked by Marlon

70's Menace footage needed

Does anyone have any video footage on Menace circa 1977/1979

Asked by Noel

Redemention TV looking for hardcore

Ever watched Redemption TV on sky moved to channel 368 . . It features underground hardcore/metal band Stampin Ground have been on and a few others . They are looking for bands to send in a dvd of 1 song . Interested it said phone 09063440656

Asked by ?

I Fought The Law t-shirts?

o you know if there are any T-shirts available of either the Clash or Dead Kennedys 'I fought the law'?

Asked by Ally

Looking for people to interview punks from 77

I'm currently looking for people to interview that were involved in the punk scene when it first started in the UK 1977, as I wish to write about the continuing punk scene as it is now for adults that grew up in a punk culture. I was hoping that maybe you may be or know someone who fits this description through this website that I could meet with just to have an informal chat about their involvement in the punk scene now.
I'd especially like to find a few women punks!

Asked by Lizzie

Punks needed for feature film

I have been asked to source some punks (male and female) circa late 1970s for feature film, to work this Sunday and Monday, February 19 and 20th in London. This would be paid extra work. Please see the pay structure outlined below:

For your information, the payment structure according to the FAA and PACT agreement is as follows:

The PACT agreement works as follows:
-First nine hours: £71.85
-Holiday credit: £6.00
-Travel allowance: £7.00
-Overtime is paid in half-hour instalments of £6.74 after nine hours

Antonia Fowler
Project Manager
Mad Dog Casting Ltd.
Tel: 020 7482 4703

Asked by Antonia

Chords needed for 4-Skins tracks

I'm learning to play guitar and I'm looking for chords of 4 skins' songs expecially the ones of the wonderful "1984". Do u know where can I find them?

Asked by Paolo

Value of Billy Karloff Band lp?

I have a copy of The Billy Karloff Band - "Maniac" lp.....i remember seeing it years ago for sale at an outrageous price...long story short I NEED MONEY should i sell my record on ebay?

Asked by Barnboy666@aol.com

Young punks (16 – 18) wanted for Channel 4 program

Need some excitement & direction?

Channel 4 are looking for Punks to take part in a new television series this spring.

Do you know what you want for the future but don’t know how to get there?
Got big plans but no motivation to make them happen?
Do you lack confidence or social skills?
Is your image holding you back?
Don’t want to compromise the real you for the sake of success?

If you, or anyone you know, can answer yes to any of the above we can give you the life skills to make the most of yourself and unleash the real you.

If you are aged 16 – 18 please e-mail your details to teenagers@mavericktv.co.uk or call Steve on
0121 224 8366

MAVERICK television

Asked by Maverick Television

Book contribution

Working Class Hero's
This book is due out in the Spring and contains basic Q&A interviews with Punks from all over the country, Featuring some half famous ex band members and grade d celebs it is something which has not been on the shelves before and a great insight to the early days that shocked the general public in the UK! Anyone fancy contributing please e mail me.

Asked by andy@scally1878.fsnet.co.uk

Searching for any contacts for the band Dominant Patri

Apparently this lot were a Luton area band, played regularly with Karma Sutra and others from the Anarcho punk scene. Am trying to find a contact for the band re including something of theirs on either the fourth or fifth cd in the Anarcho punk cd series I'm putting together for Overground Records (www.overgroundrecords.co.uk) Anybody any suggestions ideas?

Asked by Sean McGhee

Skinhead photos wanted

Im looking for old skinhead photos of bands and people.

Asked by Martin

Photos of the band called Vengeance

Can you help in getting some photos of the band called Vengeance??? A DVD release is coming out and I need photos for the booklet.

Asked by Martin

What was the guitar set up Big John used On Sid Vicious Was Innocent?

A bit obscure this one,what was the guitar set up Big John used On Sid Vicious Was Innocent. I know it was gibson guitar, marshall amp, but did he use a effects pedal?.

Asked by Staz

Info on a phsycobilly band called The Vibes

Does anyone know where i can get info on a phsycobilly band called The Vibes ?

Asked by simon.cook21@btinternet.com

work placment wanted

I'm a german punk rocker and student looking for a work placement or intership in the UK punk underground. I now that this is mostly a D.I.Y. thing but maybe you have any idea where to apply. My subject of English Studies request a period of minimum six month in an English speaking country. I would like to combine this with experience in the D.I.Y. scene in the UK. Secondly I'm thinkin' about the idea to prepare my closing essay for my subject of Cultural Studies with the topic D.I.Y. I already asked some mates in the UK but they could'nt help me out. Maybe you have any idea?

Asked by Mike

Destination Venus - Rot N Roll

Wanted cd by destination venus titled rot n roll, new or secondhand

Asked by rickrocket@ntlowrld.com

Looking for bands/zine editors to send stuff for review

''Pogo Your Head in'' zine are looking for 2 bands who want to submit around 15 mins of music for a c-30 tape given away free with the zine. it will be completely D.I.Y I am an avid lover of the tape, true D.I.Y, for me thats what Punk is all about. if your interested please get in touch at ClashPunk65@aol.com

Asked by Tony

Would like to contact Pip Nichols of Distractions

Do you know what happened to Pip Nichols bass player for the Distractions? I'd like to contact her

Asked by Julie Howard

What guitar pedalwas used on the intro of The Clash’s White Riot

Can anyone tell me what guitar pedal (sound) was used on the intro of The Clash’s White Riot. It might be a delay pedal but not 100% sure. They used it mainly on live performances.

Asked by Greg

Skinhead Vince from the 80's

Does anyone know what ever happend to vince, or remember him in the 80`s? He used to write for skinhead fanzine aswell as supply photos

Asked by Sheenakaren@aol.com

4-Skins Lyrics - Seems To Me

I wanted to know if someone can provide me the lyrics of "Seems To Me" the ska song of the 4-Skins.

Asked by Marco

Close Shave lyrics wanted

can u guys help me out with the lyrics for oi! kinnock give us back our rose and the tabs for the little scale that goes nu nah nuh nah nuh well i would really apreciate it man thanx

Asked by eternalriot@yahoo.com

Information on Exile in the Kingdom

I need information about the band called Exile in the Kingdom.They did one 7" feedom/total disorder in`84 and were in R.o.i.r. international punk comp.That`s all i know.If you could help me,i`m satisfied!

Asked by R.c.r

Recordings by Open Sore

I'm looking for anyone who may have any recordings by the 1977 UK Punk band OPEN SORE . The only track that is still around is 'Vertigo' off of the 'Farewell to the Roxy' album. Their sets were known to have been recorded by the venue so it's possible that someone out there may have a copy somewhere.

Asked by Brett

Info on Rotten Oranges

Can anyone tell me if there was a band in 1970's called the rotten oranges i think they appeared on top of the pops?

Asked by Helen

Tabs by Guitar Wolf

Does anyone know where i can find some "Guitar Wolf japanese insane punk rock and roll band) tabs.
Their bassist Billy recently died and i would love to cover a song.

Asked by Sean

Rare releases for rock n' roll n' punk DJ

my name is gilles and a local dj from belguim who plays a mix off rock n' roll till punk and looking for demo's off bands who are hard to find in the recordstore.I wanne give these bands another way to reach the crowd.If you can spread the news around it would be great. thanks in advance

Asked by Gilles

Punk pubs or shops in Edinburgh

Next week I will be a few days in Edinburgh. Do you know, if there are any "punk pubs or shops"? It would be nice if you could give me some hints!

Asked by Eva

Who sang about the 12 days of christmas shortened down to one day

Does anyone know who sang the song with the lyrics about the 12 days of christmas shortened down to one day. and they said "on the fourth day of christmas my true love said to me. wake up fucker the christmas trees on fire!" i thought maybe splodge.

Asked by jvcantrell@yahoo.com

Wanted Exploited's "Disorder" lyrics?

i was wondering if anyone knows the Exploited's "Disorder" lyrics?

Asked by discharge123@hotmail.com

The Jerks photos, zine/press articles or other memorabilia needed

Sean from Overground Records here. We're repressing The Jerks 'Jerk Off' CD and are looking to expand the booklet. If anyone has any photos, zine/press articles or other memorabilia they could contribute, could they please email john@overgroundrecords.co.uk We don't need originals, scans will do and you 'll be rewarded with free CDs.

Asked by john@overgroundrecords.co.uk

Meet up with English punk rocker at the Wasted Usa weekend

wanted female punk in usa to meet up with English punk rocker at the Wasted Usa weekend, have a beer and show me your culture

Asked by dothemonk@yahoo.co.uk

Does anyone know where Mickey French is nowadays

Does anyone know where Mickey French is nowadays? and what he's doing? If so best tell him to dig out his old designs because there's a whole new generation out there looking for authentic Punk/Oi!/Skin T-shirts!

Asked by TonyB (LR Skins 84/85)

Guitar tab for Mau Maus -Make Or Break off their last ep

Does anyone know where to get hold of Guitar tab for Mau Maus -Make Or Break off their last ep. Cannot pin lead guitar down . also ultravox - young savage as the riff seems to vary .

Asked by Nick

Photos of The Underdogs

Has anybody got any photos of The Underdogs

Asked by porkymen@btopenworld.com

Bootleg videos of the Warriors live needed

Does anybody out there have any bootleg videos of the Warriors live? (U.K and any other gigs)
We played a lot of gigs between 1998 - 2003. (Saxby, Arthur, James and me) Someone, somewhere must have videoed some of them.
If anyone can help, i'll gladly buy a few different videos, or one tape with several gigs on it.VHS PAL or N.T.S.C formats are fine. I know we played some great and not so great gigs, i'll be nice to have a few mementos.
Any help or information - please email me at drumsmajeed@yahoo.co.uk

Asked by drumsmajeed@yahoo.co.uk

Get in touch with singer of 80's band My Mayhem

I’m looking to contact the singer of the 80's uk punk band My Mayhem cus i'm get a live tape of mayhem and want get him copy since he lost the demo and live tapes in a fire well thats it cheers.

Asked by Gabe

Chron Gen missing songs?

I have the "Best of Chron Gen" and the "Puppets of War: the collection." Is every song from the group in these two albums or are there some missing songs?

Asked by Stephen Nelson

Redundants release?

Is there a Redundants cd (besides the punx unite compilation) and if so where can it be purchased?

Asked by theunseenconflict@yahoo.com

Ari-Up Track

looking for a song by ari-up words are "the world of grown ups its so corrupt, can it be can it be can it be stopped" anyone know the song or where i can get it??

Asked by John

Records Wanted

have recently been seperated from my record collection, and am now dead sick of trawling through ebay trying to recover them all. (had over 500) if any one out there feels like selling off their collection- or knows someone who might- then please email me! i dont want cds, only interested in original pressings, main labels are riot city, no future, fall out, secret etc etc. i dont care what it costs- i just want my tunes back! cheers.

Asked by stacey.jayne@gmail.com

Moet The Poet's track on the Mortarhate "Who? What? Why? Where? When?" album

Not sure it's exactly punk, but I've always been fascinated by Moet The Poet's track on the Mortarhate "Who? What? Why? Where? When?" album. Does anyone know who he was and whether he's still about in any shape or form?

Asked by Russell Thompson

Lyrics needed to I'm On Fire by Chelsea

Lyrics needed to I'm On Fire by Chelsea

Asked by Alan The Red Eyes / Sniffin' Glue

Skinhead photos needed

I am looking for good old photos on skinheads from the late 60’s to the early 90’s, photos on Oi! Bands from the 80’s for an upcoming book. If anyone can help please contact me

Asked by pedidos@runnin-riot.com

Potential Threat t-shirt

Does anyone know where I could get a Potential Threat t-shirt?

Asked by punxbh@yahoo.com

Scan or digital picture of UK Subs´Killing Time

Can anyone please send me a scan or digital picture of UK Subs´KILLING TIME cd or lp cover,or give me a web address from where I can download it,sinceI can´t get the original album anywhere,but have this great sounding mp3 download and the cover is nowhere to be found (with good definition) .I live in Argentina and some records are impossible to get.Thanx in advance

Asked by Zombie Martin

Conflict's demo "Crazy Governments"

Does anyone have the Conflict's demo "Crazy Governments" and can you make me a copy?? I've been looking for this one for years.Thanks

Asked by matthieu.ouellette@sympatico.ca

Artist needed for Special Beat

The Special Beat are getting back together for a few dates this summer and we are now looking to create the new artwork, logo and graphics for the merch... Would you happen to know of a young artists who might like to add this to his resume??

Asked by Jason

Recordings by Catholic Guilt

Does anybody have any recordings of an old Irish band called Catholic Guilt? they were around from about (and this is a guess) 83-85 they did a 17 track tape in 84ish,thats what I’m mainly after, but anything would be greatly appreciated, they were from the town of Mulligar, County Meath, if anyone knows of the whereabouts of any recordings please get in touch, thanx in advance

Asked by Andy

Track down a comp tape that appeared round about 1985-1986

I am looking to track down a comp tape that appeared round about 1985-1986. It featured anarcho punk bands and the intro was the music from the Channel 4 News. I think it may have been a benefit for The Miners Strike but am not 100% certain - it also may have originated from the Yorkshire area. Can anyone help me with the name of the tape - or better still can anyone get me a copy…..PLEASE!!!!!

Asked by Rob

Who saw The Partisans in Hailsham 1982

While staying in the UK as a student in 1982, I went to a Partisans gig in a small town called Hailsham in the near of Bexhill.
The father of an English mate took us by car (we were 12!). It was amazing, my first punk gig and I even got a autograph by Louise, wich of course I lost shortly after the holiday!!!!! I think it was in some kind of church!??
Can anyone remember that gig? Has been there?? Took photos???? The other bands were Carnage from Bexhill and Chaotic Dischord, I think!
Please help an (not so) old punk to get happy!!

Asked by Tim

Please get back in touch if you are wanting to play Duke Of Cumberland, Gateshead

John @ The Duke Of Cumberland here in Felling - Gateshead, Could you please put a message on your site for any bands I have booked in the coming months for Saturdays or Sundays to get in touch, As I had a good response from the advert you posted, & Have had a major PC & lost all data.

Asked by John

Blokes into punk in the 70s needed for a TV program

Granada Factual is currently making a 90 min programme for Sky One on fashion in the 70’s. I’m trying to track down male punks that were around during the 70’s. Would you be able to pass my number on to any that you know?
We are interested in having them talk about their look on our show,
Many thanks for your help

Asked by Frances Davies

Merch by Sniffin' Glue, X-Rippers or New York Scum Haters

Are there any buyable releases by Sniffin' Glue, X-Rippers or New York Scum Haters (Ramones tribute)???

Asked by alisonrscott@tesco.net

Contents of the ¨Man Made Filth¨ CD

Can any body enlighten me on the contents of the ¨Man Made Filth¨ CD ? I know the titles to the 3 lp´s and the 12¨,and this one is none of those.Maybe is a ¨best of¨ comp.Only info I can get online is,quote ¨recorded in the 80´s ¨,so I know it´s no reunion album.Would really like to know before buying.

Asked by Martin Zombie

Lyrics for punk band Redundants – ‘Ode To Joy’

I want Lyrics punk band Redundants – ‘Ode To Joy’. Please send lyrics to me.

Asked by Na_Punx

I need to get in touch with members of these bands for reissues

Alex from Pure Punk Records here from Italy. With my label I would like to do some vinyl reissue of old (and lesser known) UK Punk and Oi! bands. I have some old demotapes of a few of the bands listed below and I need to get in touch with members of these bands. Thanks in advance! My e-mail is: purepunk@box.it

2 Fingered Approach
4 Minute Warning
Acid Attack
Animal Farm
Clockwork Criminals
Clockwork Soldiers
Clockwork Destruction
Condemned Youth
Conditional Discharge
Criminal Damage
Criminal Justice
Dead Heros
Five O
London PX
Organized Chaos
Social Disease
Soldier Dolls
Solvent Abuse
Toxik Ephex
Toxic Waste
Violent Uprising
Wild Youth
X Cretas

Asked by Alex

Whereabouts of Mark from Crowpeople, Doncaster

Does anybody out their no the whereabouts of mark from Crowpeople, Doncaster anarcho band from the mid 80s.I need to contact him quite important.

Asked by kerry-327@hotmail.co.uk

Need to get in touch with Jo Smith + Anoushka Askew

Searching for Anoushka Askew she used to live in Cambridge Street, Victoria London.And followed (manufactured romance) Foriegn Flags.had boyfriend Jez, and was Last seen around 1989. please reply only if you know of this person thanks.

Asked by Bonzi

Velvet underpants-where are you?

Velvet underpants-where are you? I used to know matt zoid & a couple o the others in the band but lost touch. It would be good to hear from any of them. if they’re out there It would be good to go busking again...also let me know about the cd’s

Asked by Tap

4-Skins lyrics needed to Saturday / On the streets

Does anyone know the lyrics to "Saturday" and "On the streets" by The 4-Skins (with Roi)?

Asked by Kaz

Lyrics needed to lyrics to 'Willie Whitelaw's Willie' by Attila the Stockbroker

I'm trying to find the full lyrics to 'Willie Whitelaw's Willie' by Attila the Stockbroker. Also, does anyone know other anti-Thatcher / anti-Conservative songs, as I am doing a bit of work on this topic.

Asked by nickhillman@hotmail.com

Lyrics for One Of The Boys -by The Ejected

Does anybody know the lyrics to One Of The Boys -by The Ejected and

Asked by punkandproud_77@yahoo.com

Lyrics for the Discocks?

Does anyone have lyrics for the Discocks?? i cant find them no where .. !!? can u give me an answer?

Asked by poxy_oi@yahoo.com

Authentic punk gear needed for a film

We are screenwriter/directors looking for an authentic punk or punks willing to lend some of their gear to us for a live staged trailer of scenes from our newest feature-length screenplay in exchange for some recognition in our event and film. The film "Flinch" is set in New York, present day, in the punk scene.

We are in need of tonnes of accessories from studded belts to chains, wristbands, badges, etc. Also looking to source a leather jacket and plaid trousers and skirt and anything else you might have!

Our event will take place on 13th and 14th March 2005 at the Diorama Arts Centre in Central London, but rehearsals are well underway already and we’re getting actors into costume ASAP. We’re working on a low/no budget for this event with intensions to take the film into pre-production as a result of the event in March. The reading will be attended by agents and producers in the film industry and is a good opportunity for exposure. If you can help us, to get a copy of the synopsis, or for any further information, please ring Natalie Braxton on 07817 308423 or email scs216@nyu.edu

Asked by scs216@nyu.edu

Information needed on Societys Problems

I just listned to an old compilation hardcore tape called "STRESS" ( on the Boston Tea Party label in Denmark) One of the bands on it is called Societys Problems , they deliever one hell of contribution with unfortunaly only 3 songs : Too Many Hitlers, Agony of War, Fight For The Falklands.... The tape gives an address : 10 Evenwood, Tanhouse, Skelmersdale Lancs, England... ***** I simply love this band , do you know if they have anything more on cassette or vinyl , or have they evolved into other bands , cause I cannot find anything on the internet .....

Asked by Walter

Chaos UK lyrics for "Burning Britain" and "Little Bastard"

Hello, could you help me find the lyrics to any/all of the songs on the Chaos UK 7" "Burning Britain" as well as to their song "Little Bastard"?

Asked by tumblesis19@yahoo.com

Information on Day Player

i was wondering what happenied to day player as i knew all members of band and heard they lost the basist and wondered if u could give me info if they have gigs anytime soon.

Asked by Guy Dickinson

Discocks lyrics wanted

Does anybody have any lyrics by the Japanese band Discocks?

Asked by dalkoz@gmail.com

Punk places in Amsterdam?

I'm off 2 Amsterdam in a few weeks & was wondering if you knew of any pubs or clubs where oi ,punk or ska can be enjoyed (sat 5th & sun 6th)? ive tried 2 search 4 a website about such thing,but with no luck !

Asked by Paul

London punk pub

I came in london 12 years ago. I'm back during a week, where can I drink a beer and listen punk or oï music. Does such a pub still exist?

Asked by Jeansé

Are Skitzo still going?

I want to know if Skitzo are still going? I used to do backing vocals to a couple of there songs on stage. Any help please.

Asked by Chris

London Recording Studio required

We are looking to do some recording in a Recording Studio, do you know of any decent ones in/around London, if you do it would be a great help.

Asked by Will Deviant

Exploited's Crashed out

Exploited's Crashed out

Asked by deyan88@EUnet.yu

Lyrics for "Bread or Blood" by the 4-Skins

Lyrics for "Bread or Blood" by the 4-Skins would be greatly appreciated. Also, any good website for oi/punk lyrics would be excellent.

Asked by Rod

Nick, Knack, Paddy, Whack - Hit Parade

Where can I get hold of a copy of the album "Nick, Knack, Paddy, Whack" by Hit Parade?

Asked by Jeff

Exploited - Blown To Bits lyrics

I cant find the lyrics of blown to bits :-( and me and my band we want to sing it, so we need the text :-D do you have the lyrics or do you know where i can get it??

Asked by derlasse@web.de

Anarchy bands contact details needed for book

After the success of BURNING BRITAIN, Ian Glasper is now hard at work on the follow-up volume, scheduled for early 2006 and focussing on the anarcho punk genre. Extensive new interviews have already been carried out with the likes of Crass, Flux, The Mob, Subhumans, Exit-stance, Liberty, Reality, Hagar The Womb, Lost Cherrees, Riot/Clone, Contempt, No Choice, The Disrupters, etc etc. with all the other 'big names' of the genre set to also appear... but Ian is still looking to contact the following bands:

Admit You’re Shit
Anarka And Poppy
APF Brigade
Hit Parade
Know The Drill
Legalized Slaughter
Morbid Humour
No One’s Property
Sixteen Guns
State Hate
Symbol Of Freedom
Tears Of Destruction
War Toys

so, if anyone reading this has any leads as to how Ian might contact any of the above, please get in touch via this site...

Asked by Ian Glasper

S.A.G break lyrics to Operation Ivys ‘Plea For Peace’

Does anyone know the S.A.G break lyrics to operation ivys ‘plea for peace’? Every site has all the lyrics apart from the end lyrics, then it just says S.A.G break.

Asked by mike@smeadows.plus.com

Skin Deep lyrics

I would appreciate lyrics to the song "Boots on his feet" by Skin Deep

Asked by wimpeez@yahoo.com

Info on the Aids

I am trying to find an old school punk band the Aids Have you heard of them? we are trying to get some demos and possibly gigs together out here in California.

Asked by Laura

Civilised Society - "You Were Warned" CD

Has anyone got Civilised Society? "You Were Warned" CD to sell?

Asked by Rich

Copy of Nomeansno's ‘Leave The Seaside’ 7" flexi

does anyone know where I can lay my hands on a copy of NOMEANSNO's leave the seaside 7" flexi, it was given out free with the fear and loathing fanzine around 1993 or 1996. any help in tracking this down would be great. not interested in the fanzine so much but would be a bonus to get both

Asked by Mel

Punk band who were on 'Are You Being Served'?

In one of the latest episodes of the comedy "Are You Being Served " you could hear a punk song (you could hear it for about 5 seconds). Sounded like the more fast and aggressive streetpunk or hardcore punk, female Vocals ( it wasn’t Vice Squad or Action Pact but more like The Plasmatics). Can you find out which band that was?

Asked by Wim

Leather Jacket Wanted

I’m looking for leather jackets in style of the 80's English punks. They’re a lot nicer and fit better then the American ones. I can't find them anywhere besides a full Breach 77, which they are quite pricey and only, carries to size 46 (I need 48). Any ideas where I can find one? I’m willing to order from the UK or else ware if they will ship to the US.

Asked by Chris

Anti Nowhere League's 'So What' video

Has anybody got a copy / info on the film of the Anti Nowhere League's SO WHAT tour [+Chelsea&icantfugginrememberwhoelse] that Andy Copeland filmed [for a laugh while he was the Police drummer].....I saw it once... he [AC] turned up at the Marquee, set up a projector and showed it as the support act to Chelsea ?

Asked by Alex

Wanted: Skinhead scene reports

Ferdinand N. Lindayen of Le Beat from the Philippines here trying to contact you and ask for Skinheads Scene Reports in your place... By the way, S.H.A.R.P. here speaking..... Editor of Earth's Final Warning Fanzine as well as dealing with distro...

Asked by Ferdinand N. Lindayen

Where can I get this Cock Sparrer T-shirt?

ive been looking for this shirt everywhere!
Asked by DaMseL17@aol.com

Bound For Glory by Highliners wanted

Could you help me find this cd Bound For Glory by Highliners

Asked by msandford@blueyonder.co.uk

Plastic Gangsters single wanted

I’m looking for the ultra rare Promo 7” single by the 4Skins from the time they were calling themselves “The Plastic Gangsters”. Title: Plastic Gangster, Secret Records SHH144. Any idea where to buy it?

Asked by JR

Rotten On Judge Judy

Does anyone have a copy of John Lydon on the tv program Judge Judy?

Asked by Ste

Lyrics to "What the Hell" by External Menace

I was wondering if anyone knows the lyrics to "What the Hell" by External Menace.

Asked by Alyssa

Lyrics to "Jimmy Boyle" by the Exploited

Do you know anybody who can tell me the lyrics to "Jimmy Boyle" by the Exploited, other than Walter Buchan himself?

Asked by Bonchez

Lyrics to Cockney Rejects "I Wana Be A Star" & "Blockbuster"

Does anyone know the actual lyrics to Cockney Rejects "I Wana Be A Star" & "Blockbuster"??? The knew greatest hit cds has all lyrics except these.

Asked by peter.yale@bt.com

"Waiting for a Friend" by the 4-skins?

Could someone please post the lyrics to "Waiting for a Friend" by the 4-skins?
PS: If anyone needs any other 4-skins lyrics, this site: http://wnbs.hatesit.com/oi/4skins/index.htm has the most extensive collection that I have found. Oddly, it has all the songs on "Fistful..." except for the one I am looking for.

Asked by jthompson24@austin.rr.com

HITS video 2001 wanted

Is there and does anyone have a copy of HITS video 2001 ?

Asked by Bruno

"Blown to Bits" - Exploited lyrics

Have somebody the text to "Blown to Bits" (Exploited)?

Asked by harald@ulun.se

Sensa Yuma pictures, old fliers, old reviews wanted

Does anyone have pictures, old fliers, old reviews etc of Sensa Yuma for the new official website. Of course anything we use will be credited to whoever suppies it.

Asked by Sean

The Straps videos & flyers

My names Dave & was the guitarist in The Straps. I`m looking for any live video/film (also old flyers/tickets/posters/gig ads/reviews etc ) of The Straps which is needed for an old school punk bands DVD due out Aug/Sept time. I know this could be a tough one seeing we split up 22 years ago but i remember being filmed on quite a few occasions between 78 to 82

Asked by Dave (Straps)

Videos Wanted

I am after English dogs videos / dvd. The 1 I wanted was live @ the Breedon Bar Birmingham from the bow 2 none tour. I really want 1 as I sang a couple of songs with the dogs well nicked the mike off wakey. Also n e 4 skins or werent dvd/videos. I am looking 2 download a combat 84 track its kickin off from a site but I am unable 2 get it

Asked by Stu

Bands on live Vortex album

I wonder what happened to the bands that appear on the compilation Vortex live? Any of them made any albums?

Asked by Johan

What happened to DogEared?

There used to be this band and zine called DogEared circa 1997 in London. These guys James and Ned were in the band. Have you ever heard of them or the zine? If so what happened to them?

Asked by tdhilt@yahoo.com

Babylon Burning ringtone wanted

can you tell me where I might find 'babylon is burning' by the ruts ringtone. Unfortunately I have a polyphonic phone but Will still sound better than all the rest of the crap tones.

Asked by Evilind

Lyrics for Outside View by Eater

Does anyone have the lyrics for Outside View by Eater?

Asked by Billy

Are the Highliners to tour in 2004?

Are there are any plans for the Highliners to tour this year in the uk?

Asked by Terry

Barcelona January 2004

Does anybody know of any punk, oi, hardcore or metal happenings in Barcelona during January?

Asked by Thomas Eiene

English Dogs and Destructors photos needed

Gizz Butt (of English Dogs fame) is looking for old photos of the band 1984-1987. If you can help, please contact him via the forum at http://www.themoreisee.co.uk/

Asked by Gizz Butt

Punk clothing made by Jim Magee

Looking for a website for punk clothing made by Jim Magee - hand made stuff, think he has market stall some where in London.

Asked by position_imposibl@msn.com

The Violators Gangland

do you know the lyrics to The Violators Gangland

Asked by Peter Yale

Need to contact Dunk from Rot Records

Can you help us find a face from the past. We are pretty desperate to get a hold of Dunk from Rot Records ( I know he is out there somewhere ).

Asked by Keith (Picture Frame Seduction)

Ruts lyrics needed

I´m searching for lyrics for Ruts songs, especially "You´re just a...", "Savage Circle", Criminal Mind", "Backbiter", Out Of Order" and "Human Punk" but I´m interested in as many lyrics as possible. It seems impossible to fins any lyrics by Ruts on the internet and it´s a shame, Ruts fuckin´ rule.

Asked by Måe

Info on The Misfit

I want to know if you have any information about The Misfit


PUNK a way of life video

where could i get the VHS video "PUNK a way of life" for around $10.

Asked by Ca5ualties@aol.com

2nd Attempt: Lyrics for External Menace's "Someday"

Does anyone know the lyrics to Someday by External Menace

Asked by Ca5ualties@aol.com

Lyrics for External Menace's "Someday"

I was wondering if you could get ahold of the lyrics for External Menace's "Someday".

Asked by Travis

Exploited's U.K. 82 lyrics

Does anybody know the lyrics to U.K. 82 by Exploited?

Asked by Mick

Exploited Flyer

I've been after an Exploited Flyer where they played in Rayliegh, Essex in March of 1983.

Asked by Johnny Anderson

Early Dishcharge videos

I am looking for videos of Discharge concerts of the years 1981, 1982 and 1983. Please do let me know how i can get these.

Asked by OPAIN@wanadoo.fr

'Dougie' t-shirt

I am trying to track down a 'Dougie' t-shirt from late 70s/early 80s, showing a (cartoon Ithink) skinhead pissing against a wall/lampost.

Asked by Darren

Capitalist Casualties info

I'm going to be starting a page for the Capitalist Casualties, so if you have anything at all pertaining to them I'd love to see that as well.

Asked by Jake


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