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UK Subs film

Does anybody have any info about the short UK Subs film that supported "Scum" at the cinema, is it available anywhere ?

Asked by Ian

The UK Subs film is Titled punk can take it and it supported breaking glass. I dont think it was released on video though.
Punk can take it has been released on DVD in the States, go to and you'll get all the details.

Answered by Cayn - Bitten Twice / Stephen Grundy


I wanted to know, does anyone know the band Agrogazm (from Camden Town) or where to get in touch with them? I would like to send Mark a new recording of my band because i bought one of his CD's this past summer and i liked it

Asked by

This band is a local band from London. It was their first gig, but didn't seem like it. The lead singer Mark a mate of mine, really put everything into it. He seemed like a pro on the mic. The sound they have is a really hardcore, screaming loud and thrash guitar. I would like to see them again coz I was so pissed at the time they were playing and don't remember much of how they sounded. They are worth seeing if you get the chnace to see them anyway.

The gig went great. There was about 7-8 bands playing and agrogazm were on first. The small venue we were in was packed with punks which just made the whole gig a lot better

Answered by Ian

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