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Release: Playground Politics with Tear Up

Watford's TEAR UP really do their name justice, they tear shit up wherever the fuck they go! Pubs and clubs, no one is safe when this band of hooligans comes bursting in with their no holds barred, rough and loud, classic British Oi! Oi! music. Showing strong resemblances with other REBELLION RECORDS favorites like B-SQUADRON and TOP DOG, we proudly present the band's debut album “ PLAYGROUND POLITICS ” on vinyl!
Originally self-released by the band in 2017 (CD only), “ PLAYGROUND POLITICS ” features 12 tracks which have a laugh and have a say, accompanied by a sound that takes you straight back to the 80's. No-nonsense and straightforward assaults follow each other up in a rapid pace and the result? A dozen of classic-sounding British Oi! anthems – including The Business' “The Real Enemy” (speaking of classic anthems...) – for skins, punks, hooligans and nutters worldwide! Now let's fuckin' ‘ave it!



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