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Event UK: Flatfoot 56

Flatfoot 56 play The Salty Dog in Northwich on Friday 1st of December with Roughneck Riot and Warshy! Here's a bit of background to why it's going to be great! ( www.wegottickets.com/thesaltydog )

The first time I saw Flatfoot 56 was at Riot Fest 2006, incidentally my first time playing in the USA. I didn't meet them on this occasion, but I watched them lay their home town to waste from their mid-a fternoon slot, the Congress Theatre was a blur of punk rockers peppered with flat caps and mutton chops, this was Chicago after all!

Fast forward to 2009 and me and the rest of the guys from The Business arrived in New York, by this point Flatfoot were a well-oiled touring machine, fresh off the back of another tour with Far From Finished. They were to be our touring companions for the next few weeks.

New York was always a home from home for The Business, so we had arrived early, if memory serves we'd spent the previous night over at Paul Bearer's bar. So, nursing the first all day hangover of the tour I found myself down on the docks, the first stop of the tour was a Rocks Off Concert Cruise, one of the greatest ideas ever from Jake Szufnarowski's mind, basically put some punk bands on a boat add alcohol and sail to the Statue of Liberty and back.

We had no equipment at this point, it was allegedly sorted so we would be using Flatfoot's gear for the tour, as would become a recurring theme it seemed the band were not aware of this arrangement. Now normally you see a band on stage and they look huge, then you meet them up close and they are all borderline midgets, not the case with Flatfoot 56, The three brothers Tobin, Kyle and Justin all came in at over 6'5. Despite their imposing frames, we soon found out that they were some of the nicest guys we would ever meet, they also had really-great equipment.

The next weeks saw us hit every major city in the mid-west, all the way down to Texas, across swamp country, right down to Miami then all the way back up the East Coast. During this time the band introduced me to Ice Hockey and Root Beer, but despite this they became some of my favourite people, they put up with all the insanity that came with a Business tour, they were always up for every stop on the tour, always played well and always bossed the crowd.

After that tour the band went on to bigger and bigger success, not sure we had much to do with it, but their subsequent album hit the Billboard Charts! It was always great to see the guys whenever we visited Chicago on following tours, I still don't like Root Beer or Ice Hockey, but I really like Flatfoot 56!

Really happy that we can now have them play at The Salty Dog, it's a rare thing that the band comes to the UK and we are a tiny venue, so this can only be great! See you on Friday 1st of December!



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