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Release: Ritam Nereda Nikog Nema

Some people call them the Serbia's Bohse Onkelz. Ritam Nereda started as an Oi! band and released their debut album "Nikog Nema" on German label Dim Records back in 1991.

After all these years the band has released quite a few records, one of them celebrating their 30th anniversary. Evil Records got in contact with the band this summer and agreed to a deal to re-issue for the first time their debut album "Nikog Nema" with completely new artwork and including a fanzine with an interview with Boban, the singer of the band.

The interview appears in english and in spanish, the fanzine will also include the lyrics and a translation into english for all non serbian to know what the band was singing about.

The release is expected for January 2018 on Evil Records and the first 25 copies come with a free photo of the band. If anyone reading this has band stuff such as old fanzine interviews, cuttings, pictures, etc... please contact Evil Records evilrecords93@gmail.com you can soon reserve the record at www.evilrecords.org

http://www.evilrecords.org | evilrecords93@gmail.com


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