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PunkOiUK: Punk & Oi In The UK - The Ressurection!

Wahayyyyy Punk & Oi In The UK is on it's way back!
(a sentance I never thought I would utter - not even a month ago)

What the ....
After a nine year break (when I went off and had monsters/babies) on a spur of the moment decision I decided to ressurect Punk & Oi In The UK! Why, you ask? Well there is no master plan, other than all of a sudden it seems right to do it again. Simple (I wish).

What do I get?
A brand new site would be of course fantastic, but at the moment I am not sure how this will happen (I have lost a lot of webskills and there is a huge time issue), so to start with it will have to be a make do approach I am afraid. But on the postive there is now around 1,000 gigs listed again and news, interviews and reviews planned to return at the end of September 2017.

Bands, Record Lables & Promoters we need you!
If any bands want to interview or reviewing, please get in touch. Ditto with gigs and news items.

Local to Leeds?
If anyone lives local to Leeds and wants to be involved in reviewing, please give me a shout?

For now at least, the shop will go (I will just try and sell off stock from 9 years ago).

So that is how it is ........ all said and done....... LET'S DO IT!



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Please email News Items , making sure all details are correct to the best of your knowledge.

If your news is more of a classified item, please check the Pay'N'Display page for further details.

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