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The Warriors

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The Warriors were formed in 1982. It was really a continuation of the Last Resort, but without the manager Mickey French and a different drummer.


Wicked Women (Unit Skins Lp) 1982
Horror Show (Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot) 1983
The Full Monty (debut album) 1996
Live in Cardiff (4 track Ep) 1996
Live in Cardiff Video 1996
Noizy Bollox (2nd album) 1997
Bad Guys (mini CD) 1998

Made in England (single) 1999

Tracks also on various complilations 'Heros & Willans', 'Trouble on the Terraces', '100% British Oi!'etc. Also, a track is being released on the new Walzwerk Sampler.

Is being in the Warriors any different to being in the Last Resort? And do you do Last Resort songs when you play live?

Yes, it's a lot different. When the Last Resort was around we were still young and nieve, now we're just nieve! No, it's great to have another chance to have out say. We still play quite a few Last Resort songs, 'Working Class Kids', 'Johnny Bardon', 'King of the Jungle', 'Rebels with a Cause', 'Held Hostage', '8 a Week' to name a few.

What is the best gig you have done and who else was on the line-up?

As the Last Resort, the best gig was supporting 'Cock Sparrer' in 1981 at Bushells birthday party at the Bridge House Canning Town. Also on the bill were 4Skins, Business and Splodge. I was singing backing vocals, Roi (lead vocals), Arthur (bass), Charlie (lead) and Andy (drums). As far as the Warriors, the best gig was the final one of out Japenese tour. In Kyoto at the Metro Club. Saxby (vocals), Authur (bass), Dutch (lead), Tarik (drums).

What are the main theams in the lyrics?

The lyrics of our songs are mostly about real life, mis-carriges of justice abd a few funny ones, also double standards that exist today.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Saxby: Cock Sparrer - Runnin Riot
Arthur: The Who - Quadrophenia
Dutch: Anything by the Warriors
Tarik: All types of ska, reggae, punk & oi!

Do you thinks street music will rise again?

Yes, possible a watered down American version via 'Dropkick Murphys', 'Might Mighty Bosstones', 'Rancid' etc. Don't get me wrong, I like these bands and I hope that via the 'charts' etc street music will rise again as 'Sham 69', 'Rejects', 'Upstarts' did in the late 70's, early 80's.

Do you still go and see other punk/oi bands play in your area? If so, what was the last band you saw?

Yes. Dropkick Murphys were excellent. I've also seen the Toasters, Red Flag 77 and Gundog. I am looking forward to 'Holidays in the Sun'. Also, Zero Tolerance who played at my birthday party are gigging again, so I'll try and catch them.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Gigs in Britain: played Northfleet March 27th, play HITS June 6th. Dutch German tour April 1st - 6th and possible American tour in October.

We are going to record some songs for Walzwerk, also a new album, live stuff from Japan, and a live single recorded in Germany possibly. Streetheart Records is our new baby and we are trying to get some money/deals going for future releases. Watch this space..........

Any final comments?

Cheers to Rebecca, and all the zines, bands who support us. Special cheers to Watford Jon, all of Gundog, Chris and Christal, Toast and all the others who keep the faith.

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