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Vicious Rumours

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

JC...Originally formed in 1979, I joined in 81, Dan in 83. Loads of changes over the years, we have written a more or less complete history on our web site which will be up and running in the next week or so. Currently we are John Mundy vocs, John Coupe bass, Dan Shoobert drums and Darren Cherry (from Sanctum) guitar.


Son Of Oi! Ahoy Cd9
This Is Your Loife

The Oi! Of Sex Ahoy Cd 23
Vicious Rumours & Take The Blame

The Best Of Oi! Records Ahoy Cd 38
Anytime Day Or Night

100% British Oi! Ahoy Dcd 83
Anytime Day Or Night

This Is Oi! Ahoy Cd6
Nobodies Fool& Hangover

Oi! The Resurrection Link Lp 1
Pull You Through

Oi! The Main Event (Live At The Astoria) Link Lp 041
Moose On The Loose, This Is Your Life
The Sound Of Oi! Link Lp 011
Surfin In Newquay

Oi! Glorious Oi! Link Lp 023
One Thing On Our Minds (Pervert Mix)

Oi! The Video Part 2 Visionary Je294
This Is Your Life

Anytime Day Or Night Ahoy Cd 20
Anytime Day Or Night,Long Time No See,3 Stripes On Your Arm, Runaway, Chopper Rip, Soul Patrol, What's A Nice Girl Like You, What's The Pair On That, This Is Your Life, Bonus Tracks: Nobodies Fool, Hangover The Sickest Men In Town Ahoy Cd 26
Wipit, Too Close For Comfort, Someday ,Bob On The Job, Never Been In Love, Pull You Through, Time To Run, One Thing On Our Minds, Lap It Up, Moose On The Loose, All The Things We Used To Do, Splad Rap Splid Rib(Pony Machine), Bonus Tracks: This Is Your Loife, Vicious Rumours, Take The Blame, Pull You Through (Version) Surfin In Newquay, One Thing On Our Minds(Pervert Mix)

Were/are you really as sex mad (oo-errr) as a lot of your lyrics suggest? And was 'Moose On The Loose' written about a personal experience?

JC...course we are/were, although nowadays I have just as much fun with a bottle of Jack Daniels and some AC/DC. - Moose, well ,it could have been written about all the old pigs Dan used to pull!!! and some of 'em were real dogs.

DAN....yes we were all sex mad, personally, John C was a bad influence and introduced me to porn at an early age, he still knows all the best porn sites on the net!!!!!!! Moose was loosely based on personal experiences...too many snakebites gives you a false perception of beauty, but as Sean Baker used to say "the ugly ones need loving too".

JOHN M...yes,yes,yes!!!! We were sex mad, we were mad because none of us were getting any sex - you may find that hard to believe, considering we are all such strikingly handsome fellows,,, But hey! What ya gonna do? As for Moose..in the later years of the Rumours, on occasion, we would meet the odd one or two female audience members....unfortunately, they would be the ones who came on their own, and if it wasn't for us being extremely drunk and desperate, they probably would have left on their own....of course this was usually John Coupe or Danny as I was a lot more selective (plus they normally gave me the blank) so to answer your question....yes, Moose was written about many personal experiences.

What is the best gig Vicious Rumours have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

JC....I would say either Coventry, where I believe we would have blown The business away, if there hadn't been the riot or maybe stoke on New Years Eve 86 I think, with Section 5 and our old mates Condemned oap/84, mind you, that one was fucking cold.

DAN...The best gig was Coventry, we were mustard that night-we just had a good vibe and all played really well, pity about the riot at the end.

JM......In my opinion, when we played at Coventry, we had a great amount of local support and of course our loyal 'rowdies'...the sound was great and we were really tight. The Business (who were very good friends of ours) were headlining, they didn't get to play, so it was our gig. Love to Mick Fitz, Mick, Steve W and Mark Brennan...who helped us always and with whom we shared many laughs - usually at their expense.

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

JC...I dunno , I always get depressed on my birthday, I seem to have had quite a few now...er 21?

DAN...16 would be a good age, just after JC met me at school for my first Rumours gig with today's experience we would have been international sex symbols/rock gods.

JM.....Many times I think about this, and it always changes...right now Rebecca I'm happy being 34,as I have so much to be grateful for...my wife, me mates, work, the weather kicks ass, nice motor (I couldn't even drive back in England), nice pad,10 mins from the beach, and of course the chance to play with the Rumours again.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

JC...I'll kiss your zones erogenous, there's plenty to explore, I've got to lick your little puss, an' nail you to the floor.......The Stranglers: Bring on the Nubiles

DAN....One of my own lyrics from 'Hangover' - No more beer for me I'm gonna stick to tea….reminds me of many a Sunday morning suffering after overdosing on snakebite & black!!!!

JM....There are so many that spring to mind, so I'll go with the first two
Hang 'em hang 'em hang 'em high we'll watch those fucking bastard's die. - Combat 84: Rapist
(my feelings towards them exactly)
And tell me who the fuck are you: who are you: The Who :1975 and they got away with saying fuck in a song(plus everybody says I look like Daltrey)

What is your favourite compilation album Vicious Rumours have appeared on?

JC… This Is Oi! or The Best Of Vicious Rumours!!!

DAN...None of them because they contain other bands.

JM...The first one we appeared on, we recorded This Is Your Life, it was such an exiting time for me but when we recorded Pull You Through, we had such a laugh. Dan and me were always up to our shenanigans

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

JC...Bad Man: Cockney Rejects, Down In The Sewer: The Stranglers I can't decide which I prefer both have special memories for me.

DAN....Down In The Sewer By The Stranglers....8 minutes of pure heaven.

JM...Fire Woman: The Cult

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

JC.....We are doing Feb 26th in Belgium (with Condemned), and there might be one the night before in Germany, HITS in Morecambe July 22 other dates are still being worked out ,we are kind of restricted with John being in the States, but we'll try to do as many as possible. Recording wise we'll have to see. John's written a couple of new songs but we haven't heard them yet ,we would all like to do some of the old songs again, some of them came out really weak, compared to how they could have been. We shall see.

DAN...Just looking forward to making more music, gigging as much as possible and hanging out with the best 2 mates I could ever have.

JM...My plans...to continue acting, write a new album, be nice to my wife and friends, and my little dog Minnie, who's a yorkie...oh yeah, to stop thieving .

Any final comments?

JC...I'd like to say that it's great to be doing all this old shit again and I hope that we can put a smile on peoples faces like back in the 80's and I hope that anyone who never see us first time round, can just take us for what we are, and have a laugh. I'd also like to thank you Becky for showing interest I like the site so keep it up!!!!!!!!! and remember you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

DAN ...You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.

JM....Thank you so much for your interest, great questions Rebecca. I want to thank all the people who have and still support us ,it means so much to me and my appreciation to you always if anyone gets the chance to see us thanx, can't wait to see ya. My love always to Beth, Steve'a'Rino, Ricky, Lynn and lLi'l Chloey Collins Algy and Chris, Graham 'true brit' Allvey, John and Nelly, Danny and the family and last but not least me mum and grandadxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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