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Uproar Interview


Was it a hard decision to bring the band back together, and who is playing with the band these days? How did the reunion come about?

STU:- For me personally, it was more of an idea that our ex manager, Gary Payne, put in our heads that seemed to grow and grow. It seemed weird at first but the more I thought about it, the better it sounded.The line up is one of the strongest we've ever had with STU-vocals,DAVE-guitar,BAZ- bass and GAV-drums.

BAZ:- For me personally, it wasn't a hard decision at all. We've all played in other bands over the years but for me,none of them had the same energy and attitude that Uproar did, so when Gary rang, I jumped at the chance.

DAVE:- We were asked by Gary,who used to manage us and now runs Calcaza Records to play the Carling Academy in Newcastle as a one off gig and as the lads are all still on friendly terms, it seemed like a good idea.
I've worked with Gary recently on one of his gig promotions with my other band Responsa ( www.myspace.com/responsa)and its good to see we still get along well after so many years.

GAV:- It's a decision that took a long time for me personally because its been a while since I drummed and I'm busy with work these days, so finding the time to even practice regularly was always going to be hard, not to mention getting back into shape ! However, when Gary got involved and started pushing the idea of the gig, I found myself actually looking forward to it. I spoke to the others about what we all wanted from this gig and we all agreed that if we were going to do it, we were going to do it properly and go out with a bang, so hopefully all the practicing will pay off and we'll put on a hell of a show on the night.

You say it is a one off gig, is there anything which will alter this decision? Did you all stay involved in music whilst the band split?

STU:- To my knowledge, there are no other plans other than the Carling Academy gig in February. I've not thought beyond a hot bath, a mug of cocoa and my bed.
Since Uproar, I've played a few gigs with a band called No Way Out from Durham.

BAZ:- Yeah, it's only a one off gig. I spend my time playing in a band with a couple of mates and I also roadie for my sons band View From Above as well as repairing guitars

DAVE:- At the moment, this gig is a one off, although we are getting a lot of interest from overseas regarding record deals and tours, so we'll just see how this gig goes first and take it from there.

GAV:- There are some offers on the table so who knows, anything is possible ! I think the deciding factor will be how good the vibe feels at rehearsals and how well the gig goes.After Uproar, I played in a band called the Kildares with Dave and then Ellas Dust, who really were something special.

What will you be doing to prepare for the gig? Who else are you looking foward to catching on the day?

STU:- Rehearse like hell, wash behind our ears etc, just getting the vibe together. I think we're all looking forward to seeing the other bands as well.The Fiend are old mates of ours, so it'll be good to catch up with them again and Bint seem a good set of lads as well.

BAZ:- Just practicing hard and making sure we get things sounding as good as we know we can. Both support bands are good, so it makes for a cracking gig.

DAVE:- I'll be doing the usual pacing of the floor on the night of the gig. Rehearsals are going really well and I just can't wait for it to happen. I'm looking forward to seeing The Fiend and Bint as well as catching up with a lot of good friends who are still heavily into punk rock.

GAV:- I haven't played the drums for about 4 years, so I really need to get my finger out and start whacking the shit out of them to get back up to speed. I think the gig will be just like old times, but with us sounding better than ever.It will be great to see old friends and hopefully a few new ones. The Fiend are good mates anyway and I'm looking forward to seeing new punks Bint getting up there and doing their stuff. After that, I'm away on the drink to get slaughtered- I hope we'll have earned it !!!

How have members views changed from when you first started? What difference do you expect to see in your fans?

STU:- I don't think our views have changed as such,maybe we're a little older and wiser now, but I don't think we've changed too radically.

DAVE :- I still have the same principles and ideology as when Uproar first started.I hope everyone goes crazy down the front to all 3 of the bands. I hate the word fans though...more "like minded friends "

BAZ:- Over the years, my views are constantly changing.The more you learn,the more experience you gain,the more you view things differently.But, my fundamental beliefs haven't changed at all.

GAV:- The only thing that's changed is the fact that there's a lot loss hair in the band these days, so there won't be any fighting over the hairbrush ! This also applies to the punks at most gigs but who cares? As long as the attitude is the same when we get up to play.

Is your music and punk in general as relevant today as when you first started?

STU:- I think some music will always be relevant in society...it always has and it always will be. I don't think you can change the world or anything but you can make people more aware of what's going on and maybe now we understand these things better than we did when we were younger.

BAZ:- I think punk will always be relevant. "punk" is an attitude to life

DAVE:- Music and punk is still as relevant today as it was back in the day.Bands are still going strong, as they were in the late 70's and early 80's. It becomes a way of life, it's what you are...punk fuels what you do and how you express yourself and your opinions.

GAV:- A lot of punk lyrics remain relevant today, whether it's anti war,political or whatever. A lot of these problems never go away, we just become more aware of them as we get older.

What has been the high point and lowest point of the bands history? Would you do anything different?

STU:- I think the high spots were gigging and recording in the studio.We always got off on that and hopefully still will. Low points would probably be getting fucked over by record companies in the past, so if anything was to come of this gig, we'd be a lot more careful about what we signed ! This time we're more in control of our own fate....if we don't wanna do it, fuck it..we won't !!!

BAZ:- Gigs,touring,recording,hanging out...all high points. As for bad points, even they are just memories now.

DAVE:- The highest point was probably our first tour outside of the U.K. Lowest point? having to come back !!! Another low point is being owed royalties and having to watch whilst parasites line their pockets at our expense. The time is right again, for what you sow, you shall reap.

GAV:- We've had too many good points to let the bad ones bother us. We're a lot wiser these days and if anyone tries to take the piss, they'll find a different Uproar to the ones of years gone by.

What band do you hear the Uproar influence in? And are there any particularly good or bad Uproar covers you have heard over the years? Is there any band you would feel particularly honoured if they covered an Uproar song? If so, who?
STU:- I've only ever heard of one band doing one of our songs, Fallen Angel, but I can't remember who they were but it was canny.As for influencing bands, probably any band you hear today has been influenced by us ( ha ha ). Seriously though, it's not something I've really thought about but it would be good if anyone has taken anything from the things we've tried to do and I suppose its a compliment if any band covers one of your songs.

DAVE:- I'd feel chuffed if anyone was influenced by Uproar. I get emails from people all over the world saying they love us and they are glad we are getting back together.I don't know of any bands who've recorded any of our stuff but I've heard of bands who have played some of our songs live, so thats obviously good to hear.It's good to think that we might have inspired someone to play guitar or be in a band in much the same way as I was inspired by the Ramones. I would be honoured if anyone actually recorded one of our songs and if I had to choose a band it would be Rancid, Metallica or mmm...the Ramones would've been a good choice.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know

A) Dave has a 3 inch metal plate holding his jaw together after being kicked unconscious by a pack of hyena chavs 2 yrs ago ( revenge is imminent ! )

B) Stu can only go upstairs, not down ( quite similar to a cow ! )

C) Gav now teaches line dancing to under privileged kids

D) Dave hung out with Dee Dee and Joey in a Leeds hotel on Dee Dee's birthday

E) Gav is currently building a scale model of Vane Tempest Colliery so he can show his kids what it was like down t'pit !

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007-2008.
STU:- Up to now, there are no definite plans to do anything other than the gig, so we'll just see what happens

DAVE:- Punk Mania records have been in touch about re releasing all our singles and there are a few offers of more dates, but we haven't really thought beyond the Academy gig for the minute.
Any final comments?
DAVE:- Yeah, have a plan and then do the opposite !

STU:- Just get yourselves along to the Carling Academy in Newcastle on Saturday 2nd February and have a good time. See you all there !!

BAZ:- Because of the Academys curfew rules for Saturday gigs, the night will start at 6pm and finish at 10pm, so anyone worrying about transport home after the gig should be ok timewise,unless of course they fancy coming on the drink with us !
(Tickets are available now from www.newcastle-academy.co.uk and they are £7.50 each)

adios amigos..Uproar

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