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07/11/2000 (Interview by Mark)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

We started in 94. we all come from the same town and went t school together. We all go into punk around the same time and wer friends so we started the band. Current line up is me- Mark on drumms and I also sing lead vocals. On the songs I sing on Paul plays drumms. Paul pays guitar drumms and sings in the band. Tripp plays bass and sings and scott plays lead guitar. Our line up has always been me, Scott and Tripp. Paul left for about 9 months a few years ago. When he left our freind Chainsaw playd with us but Paul rejoined and we went back to the original line up.


We have out.....
1 first ep Too Young To Know.
2 Protect And Serve ep
3 Raise Your Finger ep
4 lower class album
5 So This Is Freedom album
6 Totally Unseen album and a bunch of comps and split eps.

Describe your sound and what are the main themes in the lyrics?

Well we have 3 songwriters and 3 vocalists so we have a few different styles. Our sound and style ranges from Conflict to Clash and Filth to Exploited. Some main themes to lyrics lets see we got a lot of political songs like so this is freedom, goodbye America then we have songs with personal issues like dead and gone then we got songs about war, hanging out with friends and a bunch of other shit. We try to cover all realms of punk. We don't like to be labelled a street punk band, a hard-core punk band, or a political punk band wer simply a punk band

Have you ever toured abroad? if so how was it?

We toured Japan for a month last summer. It was fuckin great. We had some great shows infact our last Tokyo gig is one of my favourite shows we ever did. The crowd was incredible some people cried cuz it was our last show. The people in Japan are so respectful and nice to hang out with. I wish the American scene was more like Japan. We hope to go back.

Do you have any covers in your set?

Yes a ton we do Halloween-Misfits, Suspect Device-SLF, Alternitive-Exploited, Give Us A Future-OWS, Violent Society and a bunch more we usualy pick 2 cover songs per set.

Would you count bands like Green Day and Offspring as punk?

Id say by now both bands are way to out of touch with the scene to be punk esp Offspring their last few albums don't sound anything like punk, its just fuckin garbage. Green Day at least still sound fairly the same. So I guess they're still a punk band but they're in a different league. To me theirs two main punk scenes the mainstream scene with bands like Green Day, Social Distortion, Rancid, Anti Flag, Dropkick Murphys, ect. Then theirs underground punk with bands like Unseen, Casualties, Restarts, Tom And Boot Boys Defiance etc.

What is each members favorite song?

Well I got a few 'All Murder All Guts All Fun' by Samhain. 'The List' by Filth, and 'Beat The Bastards' by Exploited. A lot of punks in America don't like new exploited but I fuckin love it. I think the massacre is just as good as any early exploited album. I didn't talk to the other guys so I don't have songs for ya but I know Scots favourite band is Discharge, Tripps is Black Flag, and Paul's is the Clash.

What is the punk oi scene like in your area

It's good theirs not much violence at shows. And the crowds are usualy big I think Boston is one of the best places to play or live for punks.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000-2001.

Well after our european tour in nov we are goin on a 2 week us tour of the west coast. Then we are gonna try to write a new album and realease it for the summer.

Any final comments?

We will be touring europe from nov 20 to the 28 please check us out..

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