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Tollshock Interview


Introduce the band to people? ie how did you meet, who is in the band and why form it in the first place?

Hy Rebecca, hy guys! I guess, that we´re having the "exotic-bonus" on our side with this interview. There´s just a very small number of band´s here in Austria. One of those, but very very important, Tollschock, est. 1997. The predominant part of the band-time, we´ve been roaming around with four of us guys, the classic compilation as you see. At the moment the line-up consists of Benni on the drum´s, Lischi, guitar, Reini at the bass, and me, Mitch, on the micro. During the previous nine years, we wrote about 40 songs, which builded up a demo-tape, two full-album´s and contribution´s for a sampler´s. We played live in half of Europe already, the British Empire doesn´t count to the land´s, in which we rocked until now, but that could change... Tollschock defines itself as a part of the resistance against tyrannic circumstances depending politic, economy and society (but for the abolition of the alcohol-tax - important yeah). And for free speech, even when it hurt´s sometimes...! Dull slogan´s are not what we´re using. No phrases. No theatre, nothing unreal - authencity is the important thing for us.

Describe your sound, and what bands have influenced you?

Some define our sound as punk- or streetrock. And somehow they´re not wrong, because yes, we make noise, we are aggressive and we "make speed" in our song´s. We all like crashing thing´s. Fast, rough and genuine - with lyrics containing a message. In the scope of our possibilities, we´re using part´s or phrases of other band´s song´s we like for new, own one´s from time to time. Spontaneous the "Anti-Heroes" or "Marky Ramone & the Speedking´s" come to my mind, to give an example for inspiring band´s. The musical style of the band, as well as the content of the lyrics changed a little bit during the day´s. Because of changing bandmember´s and personal changes as well. I think, Tollschock has grown up with the year´s. The time experienced on the first hand, form´s you indisputable. Us, as band, no special one´s.

Which is most important about the songs, the sound or the message they convey?

The song´s have to make a noise! They have to smash in our, and your ear´s and heart´s. Sometimes it´s difficult for me to express emotion´s in word´s. But they should always be authentic - and next to reality. You won´t find "Endsieg-lyrics" in our repertoire, ha ha.

What releases have you had out so far, and what track are you most proud of and why? How have they been released?

2000: Demo-tape, "Der erste Schock" with our first 8 song´s.
2002: CD, "Outlaw Melodies" with 19 song´s.
2004: CD, "Shutdown the System" with 13 song´s.
2005: 3 contribution´s (1 coverversion from Condemned 84) for the sampler "The Skinhead´s come back".
2006: LP-version of "Shut down the System".

I´m talking for me, because there´s no other bandmember beside me at the moment. My personal favourite´s are to find on the second CD, on which I found the right path for my thought´s, what became reflected in the lyric´s. The musical convert is even better than on the first album. The lyric´s on "Shut down the System" mainly deal with theme´s like globalization, total observation and bullshit like that. I´m not a "just for fun -writer", that´s a part, I leave for other´s, which own this gift. Favourite´s would be "Rocking for the few" - the song is a tribute to some friend´s and people we pay our respect. "You´re not the leader" is also at a premium - it´s about the murdery politic of the U.S.A. - "...you love their army, join their war´s. with gun`s and bomb´s for a better world..."

On our web-site, www.tollschock-vorarlberg.de , you can find listening examples as well as the belonging lyrics. And something more as well.

What are your thoughts to the internet music revolution?

I don´t really know, what you mean with "i-net-music-revolution"?! But I´ll give you some fact´s of my personal brainstorming depending it...internet...anonymity...undoubtedly there are many more or less engaged people using the internet to reach people with their - sometimes - great ideas or preference´s like music, like we are also doing it, ha ha. I don´t want to put them into something bad, but beside the advantages there´s also another side of this medium, which we should never forget. I´m talking about those one´s, which only try to build up their "name". Spreeding rumors, to put them into the foreground at all cost´s. I´m very critical against the internet. Because for me it seems to be a playground for all kind´s of idiot´s, hypocrite´s and it´s also swarming of cops at every corner or link. The individuum becomes too easy to be looked through.

Revolution...this word is used everywhere and everytime. It simply "sound´s" good! There´s fucking much to do. The actual time and their excesses should be offence enough, not to booze beer and to make big plans for an overthrow in any pub only.

How did you all get into oi in the first place?
In the beginning up to the middle of the 90`s the virus influenced us. When I heard my first song´s out of an old fashioned record-player, I was fascinated of the aggression and the statement´s. I felt "something coming accross" by listening this music. Much more than by these gay-pop-song´s which you hear so many time´s a day on the public radio station´s. Before that time I only knew the "usual band´s", heard "Roxette" or "Guns´n´Roses" and such great thing´s. Early 1997 Tollschock was founded - with the motto, "what they can, we can do also". And to do "something", because life´s more than boozing, even not those early days, ha ha...)

Describe today's scene.

This question is not too easy to anwer. There are differences in every country, depending how the scene is putted together. The Politic play´s an oversized part and that depart´s the camp´s. They allow theirself to rush, to discrimine and to select wherever thay can. And sometimes I ask myself, why some people aren´t able to give a clear statement. What are they frightened about? About their "stage-possibilities", their platform´s which allow them to say something different, a black eye or what is the frightening thing? - There´s only one answer for me - fuck p.c.!!! But even of all those, who try or do tell us, what to do, I guess, that there´s something "old" coming up again. To hell with your rules - (many) those of society and those of all the self-proclaimed leader´s as well and don´t submit the one or the other fraction (what unfortunately many band´s did and still do). Especially in Germany I recognise such attempt´s. On closer inspection - this scene, which is despised from it´s origin´s, doesn´t die. It crumbles up into many part´s, but it always becomes regenerated with the time. Also the scene is simply goin´ the "natural" way of life, new band´s are coming up, old one´s stay, some go. Some real "old" band´s have reformed theirselves. The same "reformation" you can watch at some people, which want to do something for the fun of it. Depending the band´s there are different opinion´s to find. If I would be asked, my message would be, that they should play for the crowd, should say, what they have to say, but shouldn´t rest on one´s laurel´s or do their thing just for the money they earn for. Some year´s ago, when I saw "Last Resort" at the "With Full Force - Festival" in Germany, I really would have loved to...! I ask you, what should that shit have been?! A long-haired guy in his fucking stretch-pants performing the real old classic´s?! Shit!
Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2006.

Just because of the fact, that we´re having a new drummer since a couple of month´s, a live-set doesn´t exist already. Probably we´ll play the first gig´s in autumn or winter time 2006. These day´s (July 06) we´re in the studio, to make a split-CD with the great band T.M.F. Our homepage becomes reworked and will be presented in an competely new layout the next time. Our second CD, "Shut down the System", released pressed onto vinyl just now - it´s a "mini-edition" with only 353 samples! Should become a collector´s piece and is coming hand-numerated and in addition with buttons or either flyer´s and sticker´s into your direction. We´re also working on two or maybe three video-clip´s which we want to present somewhen this year. As you see, we didn´t sit around doing nothing during our compulsive break!

Any final comments?
I guess, i said enough. Thanx for the attention to all readers of this interview. And to you, Rebecca, for the possibility to do this one in punkoiuk...for free speech. Mitch/Tollschock.
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