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TMF Interview


Would you like to start by setting any records straight about TMF?

Wow, where do I start with this one haha! This band was never about anything else than an anger release both musically and lyrically. It was never about patriotism, Fascism, racism, anti-communism, pro this or pro that or any kind of political voice, some people got this……………….. a lot never did. The earlier years were an easier ride until some, how would you call them, political punk police, took it upon themselves to save the world from us. That attention still follows us around, even after almost 2 years of us being on hold, but thanks, you’ve spurred us into action again.

You are getting together again as a band, what does this mean in terms of releases and gigs?

In terms of releases, they will come with time, and what we have released is either available from us or out there in this big screwed up world. No longer available to download or stream on sites like iTunes, spotify etc, again the same political do-gooders are to blame.
The logistic of the band have always made things a bit more difficult, especially while I was living out of the country, but these days things are better. We actually got together with a new drummer in place and practiced and it went well to be honest, but we just never advanced on this positive note. We’ve chatted behind the scenes about carrying on, and it will happen, it’s basically down to me and my mental state 90% of the time if I’m totally honest.

One release that will be coming in early 2018 is a 7” single containing 2 tracks that never quite made it off the starting blocks. They were recorded in the ‘spare room studio’ while TMF lay dormant. One track was a ‘London Diehards’ track with my guest vocals, while the other was a demo for TMF that just never went any further. Watch out for the ‘Leftovers’ 7” on ‘grey zone records’.

For those who have not dared to listen to the band, let them know what they can expect in terms of lyrics and sound?

Lyrically we are the bastard child that no one wants, so it’s angry, it contains a lot of fuck and fuck you and its basically heartfelt honest anger and frustration from life. Musically we have been pigeon holed as Oi, punk, thug rock and even RAC (which is bollocks to be honest). It’s a mishmash of styles, with metal and even hardcore influence thrown in and if we get our way, it will progress from the ‘Straightjacket Symphonies’ sound to a harder and heavier place. 

I should imagine a lot of people who judge before listening have a totally false preconception of the lyric content. How frustrating is this? Do you think it will ever change? Are you ever tempted to put music out under a false name?

The whole attention seeking freak show that has spent time attacking us, and can I say not in a face to face manner, but through the internet and certain political groups / movements. They have frustrated the hell out of us. They don’t know us from Adam, they just follow like sheep and believe in the information they are fed. Yes, I used to sing in a number of RAC bands and be a part of the scene that homes these bands, but I am no longer in that world or have I been for many years.

There is no agenda or anything to prove with this band, but poked with a stick, there will be a reaction. Hiding this band? no way. Sweeping this band under the carpet? No way. We all have a freedom to speak, and we will be heard as TMF.


One thing your lyrics are full of is anger. Where does this anger come from? And what process goes into writing the lyrics and music? 

The anger pretty much comes from a fucked up childhood, I won’t go into it here, but that has been the backbone of the anger in my life.
As for writing lyrics, that is my job. They always start out as little scribbles and ideas on pieces of paper and are basically about my life or life around me. I can’t just churn out any old crap for an album filler or to keep the punters happy, that ain’t what TMF is about, and certainly ain’t where my song writing ideas come from.

The albums always sound very professional and well produced, how important is this to you? They hit you like a wall of sound, how long is spent in the studio?

After producing the first 5 track demo, we knew we had something with this band. We did put a lot of cash into that demo and the first 2 albums as we wanted this to make an impact and experience has helped us to use a studio to our advantage. Unlike with some bands around on the punk and Oi scene, we don’t have a label, distribution or an endless cash supply for studio time.

Do you prefer the recording process or playing live? What can people expect from a live TMF show?

It’s probably a 50/50 thing to be honest. It is great to see songs coming together in the studio, just how you imagined them sounding. Working with TMF has been the easiest thing I’ve ever been involved in, it flows and I feel at home.

Playing it live is great, but sometimes the whole atmosphere is broken by the shit the band and supporters have to go through beforehand, but saying that, I will add this. When the followers are on form, I wouldn’t wanna be some cry-baby passing through.

In the 90s you played in the Oi! Band Guttersnipe Army, how have you found the oi! scene differs from those times to now?

I didn’t actually play in Guttersnipe Army, but let me fill you in on some history anyway. They were our local band from Coalville and all good friends. We used to hang around at their practices and I ended up penning a lot of their lyrics that got used on the album. This band sadly didn’t get past a first album and when they reformed I was expecting a bit more, but sadly that died a death.

What bands have been the biggest influences to you?

Now you are asking. I am personally influenced as a lyricist by lyrics I can actually relate to, have lived and breathed, I can’t stand bands who just pen lyrics because that’s what people want to hear, what people expect. Bands such as ‘Hatebreed’, ‘Blood for Blood’ and ‘The Exploited’ would be 3 I would name. The rest of the band would all choose 3 other influences for sure.

Anything more you would like to say?

First off, a huge thanks must go to you for giving me and the band the time of day to actually speak. I wish you all the best with punk and Oi! and will be following your rise from the ashes.

Also, check out www.grey-zone-records.com and get in contact via info@tattooedmotherfuckers.com . Thanks.

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