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Super Yob
20/02/2002 (interview no. 2 with  Frankie Flame and Dave)

What has the band been up to since the last interview two years ago?

FRANKY:- Well, first we 've had a line up change, Dave plays guitar for us now and Sid (JB) is playing bass, and both do backing vocals too. We've played some shows in Kent and Belgium and we also have 12 blistering new songs which we are recording for a new album, our third. Also, I've been playing a lot of solo gigs in the UK and Scandinavia, including a St. George's day show in my local pub and also two solo shows in Belgium.

What country seems to enjoy Superyob music best and what is the difference in reaction between the UK and Europe?

FRANKY:-We've had a good reaction to our music both in the UK and abroad. The gig we played in Belgium was excellent! There was a good cross section of other Europeans there. I think the main difference is that in Europe the people drink a hell of a lot more beer at gigs! Yesh, hmmmnnph.

Whats the funniest thing that happenend to you while gigging?

FRANKY:-Several moments come to mind-Dave dressing up as a woman for our Glam Rock christmas party gig in December (!)

DAVE:-Also worth a mention is the look on Sid's face when we hid our emergency supply of pies in Belgium. Pat had brought a weekends supply of English fare, (pies, pasties and cakes), and Sid happily assumed this was all for him. His face lit up later when we told him that there was one pie left in the hotel room. Our mate Peanut had threatened to hold the pie to ransom, but there was no stopping ther big man with thoughts of pies in his head.(you had to be there.........)

 FRANKY:-Another funny is trying to communicate with German, French, Belgian and Polish skins in 'European Drink-Speak', sort of drunk Euro-English or 'Euro Drunk-glish'

What bands would you recommend checking out?

FRANKY:-On File, Crashed Out (new line up), Section 5,(latest album v.good) The Skinflicks from Luxembourg, Argy Bargy......also the latest Business album 'No mercy for You'.

DAVE:- Section 5, On File. We were very impressed with Section 5 when we played with them last year and would also recommend On File, who dont mind a beer or two and are a great bunch of lads! I like a lot of US punk stuff too and went to see Bad Religion recently, they were excellent, and blew up the PA at the Kentish town forum! Rock n'Roll.

FRANKY:-I thought the Skinflicks were good too, keep it up lads.     

Tell the readers five facts about the band /band members they will not know.

FRANKY:-OK here goes!

 Five facts about Dave-
1-Dave is the only known exponent of Oi! Mandolin! (though I dont think it will get on the new album!)
2-He never wears long trousers
3-has chilli sauce with everything
4-Once fronted his own band called Strumpet- they released an ep called 'Wankers love Football'
5-When with a previous band he once got so pissed before going onstage that he fell over and could'nt get up again.... so he just went to sleep on the floor! The bass player in the band switched Dave's amp off and got on with the gig.    

Five facts about Franky-
1-He uses the best barber in the world- Gillette mach 3 razors
2-Has appeared in films as an actor 'extra'. Recently in 'This Year's Love' starring Kathy Burke and Jamie Forman......'Possession' starring Gwynneth Paltrow,...'Me without you' starring Anna Friel and Trudy Styler....'Jimmy Fizz' with Amanda Donohue, and 'Crust' starring Kevin McNally.   Frank is usually cast as 'Skinhead bloke' or 'Bloke in the pub'
3- He went on holiday to Switzerland once, and mistakenly started walking down a mountain ski piste (without any skis on his feet, just trainers....) trying to get to the pub at the bottom of the mountain. Frank realised too late that walking down a  STEEP GRADIENT with SLIPPERY ICE ON IT -means- definitely going down the slope faster than Eddie The Eagle...... Not being able to stop his downward descent on the steep ice, his leisurely stroll was forced into a trot, then a run, until he was running so fast down the icy waste that his legs were a blur, like the  Roadrunner cartoon..(meep meep!) Unable to stop, and thinking he was about to die, or encounter a mountain Snow God, Frank flung himself forward and hurtled right down the entire length of the mountain slope flat on his face. Collapse of those watching
this, pissing themselves laughing. Eventually, dazed and with a dopey grin, Frank was picked up and re-assembled by a couple of kindly folk, and staggered into the mountainside pub to loud cheers from the drinkers. An American tourist shook Frank's hand- "God-damn! That was the most RADICAL descent I ever did see, boy! I thought somebody had spiked my drink when we saw you flying past the window  like a bearskin rug" If someone had a video camera that day, Frank would definitely be a candidate for 'You've Been Framed'     
4- Favourite food is meat and vegetable stew (home cooked).
5-Franky has worked as  a dustman, morgue attendant, construction and demolition labourer, first hand in a greegrocers shop, factory worker and pub pianist.

.If you could take a vocalist, guitarist, bassist and drummer from different bands to make your perfect band, who would you choose?(Can be deceased).

FRANKY:- The following would definitely be at auditions-(!)I  just HAVE to put all of these in:-
Vocalist- Noddy Holder/Slade, or  Jonesy/The Crack                 
Guitarist-Steve Jones/Sex Pistols, or Angus Young /AC/DC, or Geordie/Killing Joke
Bass guitarist- Lol Proctor /The Business
Drums- Keith Moon/The Who.

Vocalist- Mr Franky Flame of course
Guitarist-Bob Mould/Husker Du
Bass guitarist- Steve Harris/Iron Maiden
Drums-Keith Moon/The Who

If Superyob were a type of alchohol, what drink would they be and why?

FRANKY:-It would be Home Brew beer, made with natural ingredients, fermented and matured properly and with a traditional English full-bodied bitter flavour; a strong beer and a good satisfying pint.

DAVE:-A foaming pint of real ale, strong, traditional yet individual and pleasing to the palate.

How has the street music scene changed since we did the last interview?

FRANKY:- I think its got better, the scene seems to be expanding again.Also, there seems to be a new generation of street music fans eager for some action!

DAVE:- Its good to see more gigs up and down the country and its good that the scene is going strong in mainland Europe. Its great that people travel a long way abroad to support the bands.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

FRANKY:- We have dates in May 2002 with On File. 10th May in Dundee, and 11th
May in Hartlepool, and there will be more dates coming soon, we can keep you
posted about other gigs. We are recording our third album at the moment, and it
should be released sometime in the next few months. I think it will be our best album

Any final comments?

FRANKY:-  Our Superyob website will be up and running soon, Dave is working on
that , and constructing the site.

Contact us at.- SUPERYOB, PO BOX 26535, LONDON SE3 9WS

Email:- superyob34@hotmail.com
website: - www.superyob.com

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