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Stomper 98

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

It all started when I (Holgi- sax) asked Sebi (bass) if he would be interested in founding a band.
Sebi already played in a band in the early 90ies and so the idea was born. Now we tried to find more members which was an easy thing to do. At the beginningof 1998 we started practising in our old formation which means still with Niko (our old singer) and Michel (rhythm guitar).We started doing gigs quite soon, at the end of 1998. In spring of 2001 Niko voluntarily left the band.

Our new formation consists of the following people:
Guido - lead vocals
Holgi -  sax
Nudel - lead guitar
Sebi - bass
Flacke - rhythm guitar
Shorty - drums


In February 1999 - our first EP - "Stomper 98" includes four tracks
In November 1999 the release of  first longplayer "Stomping Harmonists"
Again November 1999 - the Split-EP together with the Templars - "We stick together"
August 2000    - a track on the sampler "Delikatessen" for the 20th anniversary of Daily Terror
December 2000 - 10'' "The I.S.P Connection", a band project with the Templars and former members of Vortex

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

That is a hard question! We already did about thirty gigs and on all of them it came to funny situations. I really can't remember everything, but some are still in my memories. It was very funny when a guy (it sadly was not a woman!) in Austria began to do a strip on the stage and at last danced fully naked! All the other things are tied to the special situation and won't be funny if you haven't been there yourself!

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

I can only say it for me and not for the other members, for me it is the case that I have already seen a lot of the old and new bands which I am interested in. There are some old french and english bands which I would really like to see, for example Komintern Sect, Herberts, 4Skins, Combat 84...

Do you do any covers in your live set,if so what ?

Yes, we do! In our live set are for example the cover "Real Enemy" from The Business and a german version of "Rapist" from Combat 84. And from Lokalmatadore "Arme Armee", from Vortex "Robert (Modeskin)" and from time to time we'll change them and cover other songs.

Do you think street music will rise again?

We think that it won't rise mor, because right now it is on the highest point ever!! You only have to look at bands like The Business or Dropkick Murphys and how successful they are at the moment!

Why did you choose the name Stomper 98?

The idea was spontaneous and it sounds good! The 98 stands for the year in which Stomper98 was founded.

What bands would you recommend checking out ?

Check out this shit:
                            Stomper98!!! (Germany)
                            Roots and Boots (Malaysia)
                            Ultima Asalto (Spain)
                            Skinflicks (Luxemburg)
                            P38 (ex-RAS-France)
                            Devilskins (Switzerland/Italy)
                            Protest (Czech Republic)
                            Deadline (GB)
There are a hundreds of bands, old and new, that we love, but it would go to far to write everything down.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

First of all a Split-EP together with the Devilskins from Switzerland/Italy will prospectively be released at the end of October 2001. Then we're diligently working on new songs for our second lonplayer and soon we will play one song after the other in. So we hope that it can be released in spring of the next year. Our next gigs are only in Germany, but we hope that we soon again have the possibility to play in other countries, too.

Any final comments?

Thanks for your interest in our band, we hope that we someday will have the possibility to play in your country. Last but not least, cheers to all our friends in England!

STOMPER 98 band contact
P.O. Box 3314
37023 Göttingen
Email: stomper98@gmx.de

Stomper 98 photo
(from left to right) Shorty, Holgi, Guido, Nudel, Sebi, Flacke

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