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15/01/2003 (interview with CC Voltage)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Line up is me CC Voltage on bass, Jason Solyom on vocals, Mr. Dean-O on guitar, Jay Millette on guitar, and Marty Peters on drums. We all grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver in Western Canada, except for Jay Millette, who joined us later. It's called Abbotsford, and it's a real bible
belt, so as kids we were kinda the little shit disturbers around town. Smoking, drinking, and all sorts of trouble since theres not much to do there. Jason's dad was a drummer, and stood out like a sore thumb in his neighborhood. He'd let us kids all play instruments and jam at his house. We've played together for years, starting out pretty bad, and getting better, I think, as we got older.


Upcoming Devils Dogs Tribute Comp (Junk Usa)
Upcoming Canada Vs. Usa Comp (Safetypin Spain)

Three Lp/Cd (Longshot Usa/Tsb Europe)
Juke Box High 7" (Glazed Usa)
Spitfires/Hell Caminos Split (Rockin Bones Italy)
Rock N Roll Augogo Comp Vol.3 (Devil Doll Usa)
Fistful Of Rock N Roll Vol. 4 (Teepee Usa)
Straight From The Gutter Comp (Junk Usa)
In Too Deep Again Cd/Lp (Junk Usa)
Blattered Comp (Tsb Uk)
Slick Black Cat 7" (Junk Usa)
Cut Me Some Slack 7" (Estrus Usa)
Spitfires S/T Cd/Lp (Sonic Swirl Usa/Tsb Uk)
Syrup And Gasolin Comp (Grenadine Canada)

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Our singer Jason Solyom, has played in several bands around Vancouver. Most notably the Fiends, who had a decent garage rock following, and Jay Millette our latest addition on guitar played for the infamous Black Halos.

If you were writing a review about the Spitfires, how would you describe the band?

Well, it's always hard to try to describe your own band. One of our earlier reviews said we were a rock n roll tornado, our one sheet from Glazed Records called us a drunken mess (which Ithink was in a positive light), I'd say we fall in between somewhere, maybe that gives an idea.

What is the scene like in Canada, and how what can people do to make it better?

The scene in Canada is pretty good, although kinda polarized. Vancouver is a 3 day drive from toronto, so there's not alot of comradery between the cities. Toronto and Montreal are 6 hours apart. We're kind of on our own over on the west coast, so we hang out more with bands in Portland or Seattle which is only a couple hours south of us. The scene in Toronto is also, and I think has always been, more glam influenced. The scene in Vancouver is geat right now. Lots of really good bands, like the Nasty On, The Cinch, etc.. Jack Endino recently wrote an article in Backfire, a seattle magazine, caling Vancouver the "new Detroit" which is kinda cool that he's noticing the calibre of bands coming up here.

You are about to tour Europe. Have you toured abroad, before? Where is your favourite place to play and why?

Never been to Europe before, but we're really excited about it. It's hard to know what to expect, especially when you've never been before. So while it's exciting, it's also nerve wracking. I'd say our favorite place to play in in L.A.. Lou, the owner of Junk Records has an amazing condo in long beach. L.A. and the surrounding areas is big enough that you can play a weeks worth of shows in one trip. So we stay at Lou's place while we're there, soak up the sun next to his pool, barbeque, and play gigs at night. It's like living the good life.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

This would be different for every member, since we all have different tastes. I Would love to have seen the Stones with Brian Jones, the Dead Boys, or Turbonegro. Imissed them in Austin when they played.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know


Marty our drummer had pnumonia when he was a kid, and it stunted the growth of one of his lungs! Jason our singer had to sit under his desk all day when his 3rd grade teacher found his Sex Pistols record.
Dean our guitarist is works in a coffee shop
Jay our 2nd guitarist can't swim,
and I, CC, once drove a steam roller, which was pretty cool

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

We're waiting to see what happens. After the trip to Europe, we play a big conference in Toronto, then hopefully tour the U.S and come back to the UK as well. We're into doing some singles over the next several months, and we're looking for labels for our next release.

Any final comments?

come out to our shows, and buy us a beer!!

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