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Sick On The Bus
18/08/2005 (interview with Tony)

The band started 15 years ago, what changes have you seen within the band in that time, and do you still have the same mentality of where the band is coming from now?

They're been a few line up changes along the way but the line up has been pretty solid for the last 13 years..............that is till Wag left last year and since then we've had a few drummers and are still looking for a permanent replacement.

As far as members go......an old friend Doug (drummer from Biffs old band - Death Sentence) used to sing originally and was replaced by Graham (Varukers bass player) for a while before I joined on rythum guitar and Biff took over singing. Apart from that its just been drummers either letting us down or dying on us!

As for mentality.......... I guess we're all just as stupid now as we were back then....just a little more pickled! Definately not wiser.....thats for sure!

How have you seen your audience and the scene in general change in this time?

I guess for the first 4 years nobody new us and with a name like Sick on the Bus we we're treated as a bit of a joke but really thats what the band started out as, just mates having a laugh so I guess we only have our selves to blame for that one! The audience and scene seems to have got younger over the last few years which ain't a bad thing and all the old faces are still there. There doesn't seem to be such a divide like there used to be either. Every body used to be split up into subsections of Punk and if you listened to this band you couldn't listen to that band? May be its still there, I don't know...... but we don't seem to get pigeon holed anymore.

What has been the high points and low points of the bands’ history?

The high points,..... looking back there's been quite a few but I guess a couple would be .............The first time we played outta the U.K. It was in Gronigen [NL] - Sept 97, and the place went mad! Putting our first single out which was a first for me, Playing to 7,000 people at a festival in Prague and the first time we went to Japan was just amazing!

As for the lowest point...........that's easy, when Paul our best friend/drummer died of Leukaemia. It was just before we we're going to mix the first album and for a while we didn't know whether to carry on or not. Luckily we did and always have a drink for him along the way!

How did the tour of Japan go earlier this year? How were you received? How did the audience differ?
What countries would you like to tour which you have yet to go to?

Japan was excellant! it was our second time over there with SOTB so a lot more people new our stuff this time. We had a Japanese guy drum for us as well, 'Koba-chan' from 'Bastard' & 'Rocky & the Sweden'. Best drummer we've ever had! The audience are always great over there. They're really into the music and just go crazy.
As for countries we'd like to play..............I guess Russia would be cool!

When were you last Sick on the bus? What makes you sick?

I haven't been sick on a bus for quite a few years but If I drink tequilla..........that usually starts the back of the throat pulsating!

What is the strangest rumour you have heard about Sick On The Bus?

We had a fanzine in Germany say they heard we were Nazi's which was quite funny at the time seen as Wag was wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt, him and Brian have dread locks and both me and Biff had Japanese girlfriends. The other was when we got double booked for a show in London with DRI and another in Manchester. It got mentioned on Radio1 and people started phoning up saying they'd been to the Manchester gig............which we didn't even play!

Your lyrics cover many subjects. Where do you get inspiration? And what are the best lyrics you have ever heard?

Biff writes all the lyrics and gets his inspiration from life in general.....especially ex- girlfriends and alcohol!

How Do you feel about people being arrested for downloading music. Would you care if they downloaded some of your music?

Just another stupid restriction that America keeps on adding to the list! As for us ....download as much as yer like and if yer like it then maybe you might buy it!!!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005.

We should be signing to a new American label in the next few months, so there'll be a new album and an American tour around October time and some British & Europe dates as soon as we're sorted with a permanent drummer.

Any final comments?

Only the usual........By one of us a pint next time you see us!

Sotb in Japan Biff  Tony

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