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24/08/2002 (interview with Beano & Barry)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Beano: The band formed in '93 as a direct result of the fact that there was no - one playing in Ireland, what is now termed as "Streetpunk", although I would argue that the majority of sincere punk whether or not it's influenced by Oi! & patronised by skinheads as well as punks, comes from the streets anyway. After a couple of teething problems, line-up changes, lost bets, bad fortune, desperation & pity, We've ended up with the present line - up, which is,

Beano - bass, Barry - vox, Fayzer - drums & Mark - Guitar.

Ronan occasionally plays sax.The only notable line up change was Loughie our original singer who left after our first lp ("In the Firing Line") and Barry then took over vocals (from Guitar) & Mark joined. It's probably more notable for the fact that without Loughie , there's a hell of a lot more
room in the van.


Apart from tons of comps here's the discography:

7" of Noise (Single - Walzwerk Records)
In the Firing Line (LP - Walzwerk Records)
Thru the Bottom of a Glass (LP - Leprock Records)
Live & Kicking in Dublin (Drunken live LP - Combat Rock Records).

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Beano: We've all played in loads of bands over the years , notably, I was the drummer in Striknien D.C. for 9 odd years (still doing the occasional gig - Brum Punx Picnic 7th Sep Market Tavern). Fayzer is the drummer with Runnin' Riot (Hey Colin!, He's ours , only joking you can fucking have him!).

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

Beano: Many drunken episodes. Many are probably just funny if you were there at the time. Ones that spring to mind are the time We were playing with the Subs in Waterford in Ireland , when Fayzer shit himself whilst drumming! We were on a tour of Germany with Red Alert a few years ago when the infamous "Spagetti Incident happened (Cast Iron shit in a large pot of food that We would have been eating later. We weren't in the room when he done the deed,but after the gig when We were packing up the gear , the promoter sussed it. He then ran into the venue with the pot & threw it . It then hit the ground where the shit, piss & spagetti mix flew in the air & unfortunaly made contact with Red Alert's drummer Ian!! You can't really tell the good ones as people get into trouble or get offended.

Barry: Looking through a German cafe menu & not knowing the language , were going down thru it saying "What's this mean?" "What's that?" When Loughie (our old singer ) asked "What's wine?", We pissed ourselves & still give him stick to this day. Another time We got into a boozer in Berlin , after a while some locals called us over to see a photo on the wall, which turned out to be a photo of us pissed out off our faces 3 years previously in the same pub , apart from not one of us remembering having been there, was the fact that Beano & Fayzer were still wearing the same clothes!!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Beano: Tons of covers, All the usual stuff really. We usually finish with one but make a point of not relying on them as a part of the set as We want people to respond to our own songs. But on saying that, name any typical "oi1" cover & We've probably done it at some stage.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?


Beano : Thankfully most of the bands I want to see are still going but old ones who are gone/ ones who haven't made it near me yet include: The Distillers, Violaters, Crisis, Pistols, The Clash, The Hives, Blitz, AC/DC (with Bon), Specials, Ruts, Rancid, The Who (with Moon), Discharge, Adam &
the Ants, The Jam, Thin Lizzy and last but not least, Elvis.

Barry: 4 Skins, Cock Sparrer (again), Rose Tattoo.

Do politics and music go together?

Barry: Personally, I don't agree with mixing the two. Leave politics at the door.

Beano: I disagree, this is Punk after all.People in bands have a good platform to share ideas thru music. Growing up, I thought a lot more about certain ideas that were presented to me thru Punk music rather than being influenced by anything a politican ever had to say. I don't think punk "sings the same old songs" that our detracters would make out either. A lot of the problems that punk has shouted about for years still exist, that's why We still sing about them. We still sing about our lives, our familiies & friends lives because their worth singing about. To an extent that is
political. We 're proud of where We come from (Class & country). That is political. We have a much lighter side to to a lot of our music, songs about being on the piss etc., but the only rule is that We don't sing about party politics. Punk is & should be more than just music!!

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

The scene in Dublin is like anywhere else, up & down. Punk isn't as visible on the streets of Dublin as it once was, but there is still a lot of good people around. There's regular gigs big & small run by Toxic Promotions (www.hardcoretimes-toxic). Some great bands include MO7s, Stress, Blood &
Whiskey, Cold War, The Steampig, Mr. Nipples, Runnin' Riot Toffee Hammers etc. The scenes in Cork & Belfast are also well worth checking out.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

Barry: Maybe a new LP, but definatly a 7 track mini album cd with multi-media photo gallery & the video We made for the song "Pissed Drunk & Fucked Up".

Beano: We definatly want to play around the UK a lot more (if any one can help out - get in touch : beanoskint@hotmail.com).The next one is Brum Punx picnic 7th Sep. Market Tavern. We'll more than likely tour Europe again before the end of the year.

Any final comments?

Barry: Hello to every one in London, Brum, Leeds, Daz & Jenny, Scurvy, On File & Dead Line.

Beano: Thanks for the interest in the band, Alright to all our mates in Ireland, England & across the world esp. Red Alert , Lower Class Brats & GBH & Plop our resourceful roadie.

www.dojo.ie/skint (old site, hasn't been updated, new one on the way soon)

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