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12/09/2002 (interview with UKNige)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

ahh.... so much to tell - not enough time. SICK56 started the day me & Boothy left the Pink Torpedoes after a gig in Birkenhead Aug 01. The plan was to write 12 songs, bring out a CD and hit the venues with something to sell to anyone who liked what we do. Craig Halliday (ex One Way System) joined in Dec 01 and Tom in Feb 02. Boothy had a near fatal accident shortly after and while he was getting better me and Craig wrote and demo'ed the 12 songs. As soon as Boothy was fit we started the real work of rehearsing week after week after week. On 17th, 18th & 19 August 02 we recorded it for real.

The line up is:-
ukNige - lead vocals / rhythm guitar
craig h - backing vocals / lead guitar
boothy - backing vocals / drum
stom - backing vocals / bass


"Recipe For Disaster" Aug 2002 - in production and promotion

Why did you choose the name Sick 56? And what other band names which are out there do you like?

Visit the website for an explanation of the name : www.sick56.org

There are so many great names out there from past to present - US Bombs (classic), Drones, The Clash, One Way System, Pennywise, Anti Heros, Menace, 999, Rancid, UK Subs, X-Ray Cement (the best band I've seen in ages) the list goes on - most of the best bands always have a cool name you can always remember.

Describe your sound and the main theme to your lyrics?

That's a difficult question, those that have heard the album have all associated with different comparisons. I don't believe we set out to sound like anybody but ourselves but I guess that's impossible with all the bands that are out there. I don't think there's a chord riff that someone hasn't done before. I'll jack it in though if we get compared to Dire Straights :-) Our lyrics are politically orientated without being anarchistic which we're not. Being British is something we're proud of but that doesn't mean that everything's rosy in the garden over here. There's still room (hopefully) for some thoughtful lyrics.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

No we don't play covers although there is a possibility that we may do Jerusalem as a tribute to Craig's first band.

If you could take a vocalist, guitarist(s), bassist and drummer from different bands to make your perfect band who would you choose (can be deceased)?


The band's name would be "Active Attitude" (hope they don't exist but probably do), the lead singer would be Duane Peters (US Bombs), Steve Stevens on guitar (Billy Idol), bass would be Sid Vicious (can't remember the band) and on drums - one nasty drummer bastard called Boothy. Put this lot together and that would be interesting eh!

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

13 years of age back in Manchester. 1977 and punk was in full swing, I was off watching 999 at the Factory in Hulme, dodging ticket inspectors on trains to London watching bands. Spent all my money on the classics - sent my copper parents wild playing the Drones, Slaughter & The Dogs, Clash - all of the bands that made up the early punk rock movement.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Better in lots of ways and we like bands from 77 to 2002

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

We've turned gigs down while we've been writing / rehearsing and recording. At this moment in time (12-09-02) we're booked to support the Vibrators and have a gig lined up at the Star & Garter. We will be promoting "Recipe For Disaster" - very soon.

Any final comments?

Thanks for the interview, we'll see you around - probably!

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