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Sensa Yuma
03/10/2001 (interview with Minty & Pid)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Formed in1980 in Stafford just one of many punk bands all over the u.k Best claim to fame at this time was John from the Membranes showing an intrest in us ,but after booking us for several gigs & not turning up he claimed that Sensa Yuma was the most lazist band in the country.We downed a few beers in celebration to this statement and carried on to 1986. After doing one of the bands best mates funnel we decided it was time to stop

1998 Three of the members joined together and asked Jock& Ross(GBH) & Clive(Police Bastard) to help out

Since then Sensa Yuma have had different line ups & many gigs with the likes of I.T (Thanx for the tour lads),Conflict,P.A.I.N,& lets not forget the Punx Picnics.


Embarrassing not done a great deal really.

Every Days Your Last Day Demos L.P (Retch Records) 7" Every Days Your Last Day / Waste Away /Funky Moped (Rupturared Ambitions/Mass distortions(France)) New L.P hopefully soon.

Sensa Yuma has is a great name for a band, which bands in your opinion have great names?

Pid:- Dogshit Sandwich,Anal Cunt Something original & humours

Minty :- All time fav Jumping Genie & the 4 ½ gnomes(don't know why)

If you were writing a review about Sensa Yuma, how would you describe the band?

We wouldn't .Best to leave that to everyone who comes to us to make their own mind up.

What is the best gig Sensa Yuma have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

We really enjoyed playing France great atmosphere .The tour with I.T (see ya all soon) Conflict (London The Dome Tuffnel Park).

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Pid:- Dead Kennedys,early Ultravox,more Crass gigs

Minty:-Jumping Genie & the 4 ½ Gnomes,Like to of seen more Flux of pink indians,Icons of filth gigs

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Completely family orientated ,everywhere we go it's like rekindling old friendships .When you have been around as long as we have you get to know a lot of people.Great respect & love goes out to all those people(especially everyone who as played in Sensa Yuma past,present & future).The friendships we forge are the best & valued part of the scene.

What bands would you recommend checking out?

Any Punk band going whether everyone thinks they're good or not,give it your all.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

New L.P. Tour of Europe if your luck is bad a town near you.

Any final comments?

Please get in touch (you can contact us at minty100@ntlworld.com until new site is up.Who knows you might buy us a drink.

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