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Semtex (2nd interview)

So what has the band been up to since the last interview? And who is in the band these days?

Rob + Dug: We've had a line up change and recorded a new e.p.. Rob has moved from drums to vocals and we now have the mighty Pete manager, a man with his fingers in many a musical pie, on drums.

Scrawny: I have mostly been whittling

Pete: Same old line up, Rob, Scraw, Dug and me, Pete. Mainly we've been working on new material, these guys are like machines.

I believe you have some new tracks, what is the bands favourite and what is it about? What is involved in the song writing process.

Rob: We've been comming up with alot of new stuff and its given us a new lease of life. It's exciting again. We've got a new song thats got a Ramones 100 mile n hour summer love song stlye called - The only one!, thats a great one to play. I'm really pleased with how the new single sounds, 'shirt of your back' is about one disaster after another and another and another......... Globally, socially, personally from debt to war, frustration, living with your head just above water, lifes injustices.

Dug: Wake up call- An in your face dose of social commentary with a good old fashioned sing along chorus.

Pete: Well I dont always get to every rehearsal so normally songs are written and then shown to me to learn. Favs- Shirt off your back, She's the only one.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

Rob:"You tried and tried, but your a flop, youre 35, still pushin' a mop." -Ramones-'Bop til you drop' and.... "You think you're hot shit i heard.. you aint nothing but a cold turd"-Wayne County & The Electric Chairs-Fuck Off

Dug:"Do you think this corruption will ever stop, what makes a person want to be a cop". The Badge-Poison Idea.

What has been the bands fav gig of the past 12 months, and who else was on the line-up? Any tour gossip?

Rob: Bristol, Thank you Bristol. As far as tour gossip, I did witness Sue from T.C.R. humping a seadted silverback at the zoo. It's Fuckin' true!!

Dug: Bristol punx picnic was really good. Also on the bill were bad blood, Disorder, This system Kills and T.C.R. amongst others.

Pete: Next few weeks are a bit queit to be honest, keep checking website for gigs.

Scrawny: Bristol?

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Rob:I wanna go back to when i first saw the Ramones. I was 16 and it blew my already blown mind.

Dug: Ramones

Scrawny: Clash

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

Rob: I had an awsome year when I was 25, Great summer, loads of great gigs, alot of action!!! And just a kid again when you didnt care about nothin'.

Dug: I wouldnt mind going back a couple of years and seeing Norwich city win the 1st division (now championship) again.

Scrawny: 24, coz I would still bin playing centre forward for A.C. Milan

Pete: 6 months coz you could shit ya self and vomit without being judged. Nah probably the age i am now (23) things are really excitng with bands n stuff. Seems to be quite a healthy scene at the moment.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Rob: Not dead.

Dug:Its probably more accessible than its ever been which can only be a good thing.

Scrawny: Big n Green

Pete: Er, well I was the lowly age of 18 in 2000, so for me it was a great time realising how many great punk bands there were about, past n present. Really into ska as well and there were loads of great bands about, Slackers, Skoidats etc. And Fat pauly's in Norwich R.I.P.

What question would you like to be asked in interviews, but you are never asked? And what is your answer?

Rob: How many fish do you have in trousers? 85 m'lud!!!

Dug: Whats your favourite Semtex lyric? 'She's got no soul to sell, wont get much down cash converters' - Tic Toc

Scrawny: You just asked it.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2005/2006.

Rob:Its nearly 2006. We have a German tour palnned for spring with Bite the bullet and Knattertones. I cant wait!!

Dug: New e.p. and t shirts available soon and as many gigs as possible. If you want us to play in your town get in touch.

Pete: Next thing to sort out is th e.p. release, all the artwork and recording has been done, just waiting for it all to be printed up, should be out in November. Writing new material and gigging as much as possible.

Any final comments?

Rob: Get in touch. Semtex want to rock your town

Dug: Check out our website - www.semtexpunx.com

Pete: Final comments?

Scrawny: Which final?

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