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Section 5
25/01/2003 (interview with Tosh)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Started 1982 ..... brief enough?

No it was about 83 when we became any thing like a band with me on guitar, Sid on bass, Tony Bout vocals and Ratty drums. Tony got sacked, Mask took over then fucked off to get married so I took over about 84. Ratty left in 86, Nick took over in 87. Tess joined in 88 and then left to end up in Ministry and every fucker else. But it was in 89 Steve joined and basically it was me, Sid and Steve. Now and again we'd try people but they didn't last.

Currnet linup is me, Tezz Bones, Neil Walker and Steve Walker.


Have no idea honestly.

You recently disbanded and reformed, please explain what happened there?

Pissed off really both with the band and with my personal life, so Sid left and I had enough and thought bollocks to it. We reformed after I saw how much support we really had. We are back for our fans.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest in the bands' history?

Highlight, there's been a few, but more lows. I'd say the last 5 years have been terrible. Really terrrible.

Tell me about your new album, how does it compare with the bands' past releases and please say what some of the lyrics of the songs are about?

I'd say it's a decent album. The lyrics are about life and how shit it is and how hard it is. How it compares .... you will have to judge for yourseleves.

If you had to arrange a gig with 5 bands on the line-up who would it include?

Any band Tezz has not played for - that would be hard.

What would you like to set the record straight about when it comes to the truth and lies about Section 5?

Do you mean; -

'Am I a nazi?' - NO!.
'Am I a commie?' - NO!
'Do I give a shit?' - NO!
'Am I bothered in what people say?' - NO!

Do you think street music will rise again and how has the music scene changed since you first started?

It's as good as it gets now. Will it ever be main stream? Some of the new punk bands have a chance with punk tv channels now available etc, but bands like us .... never. Same now as years ago - no one wants to know unless it's to slag us off. I've spoke out against politics in oi! loads of times. It destroyed it but no one listens, it doesn't make news, so I just carry on our way.

I hate political bands ramming their views down my throat - whatever ever they preach.

While bands do this there will always be a problem and trouble. Fuck politics. I go to hear bands not what they think. If they preach I just walk out, it's wank.

We've seeall seen the mess it caused years ago, I don't want to see it happen again. I'm also sure no one lese does except a few idiots who are stuck in the past, but only a few.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003.

Our new album 'Hard Life' is out in April. Gigs will definatly follow. One I can say now, we won't be playing HITS - there is no chance of that, but we will be about somewhere that's definate. But where we're palying I'm not sure yet.

Any final comments?

Thanks and hello to everyone who we know and everyone who has stuck with us and supported us.


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