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What bought the band together in the first place? And who is in the band these days?

In '97 we were in the same highshcool,in the same class,we shared same taste of music & culture. After school time, we often had our jamming session together in the studio. In '98 we took next step by writing our own songs & lyrics and we then recorded all the songs before new year. I believe we had our great time during this period. And memories remain til now. Honestly,only me left in this band as all the bandmembers now made their own ways. I am depending on musicians who gladly chip in to lend a helping hands.

How is the skin n punk scene in Malaysia? Do skins n punks get on?

There's a lot of gigs. I believe many newcomers are coming to the gigs,bOi!s and girls,they can get along. No matter who they are,what they believe in. The panorama is not like the old days where you could see skins fought with punks,there was no unity amongst the kids in the scene,violence in their minds & hearts burned their spirits to make enemies all the time. Now at least I can breathe normally

How important is the British Skin sound to local bands? Is there a distance Malaysian sound?

Malaysian Oi! has gone through revolution.More rock n roll,some of the bands appeared with new style of music,
rough & hard like Roots & Boots,more relaxing style by newly reformed of A.C.A.B (now known as The ACAB). New generation bands like Dollface similarly looks alike Devotchkas etc. Too many of them here to be listed.What matters
most is we still pay a respect to Brit-bands and their sounds. Without them,we would never exist.

I have read you have a new album coming out. What is the working title, when is it due out and what can people expect?

The plan is to work on a re-package project. It's a D.I.Y project. No title yet and hopefully the product can be released next year. People can expect new sound and style of our music.

What process goes into writing the songs and lyrics? And what track are you most proud of?

The situation I go through during the process? If that's what you meant,it depends. Sometimes when I watched news on TV,the ideas come across my mind.I travel to many places and I get the ideas and steadily proceed writing the lyrics.The song I'm most proud of is Teenage Skinhead Girl becoz I got so many good feedback from the fans throughout the nation.

Do you do any covers when you play? How many people attend gigs?

Yes,I always like to do cover songs when my band acts on stage. It's a must I guess. Big crowd or small crowd is depending on how big or small the event is. We have to look at the criteria of people. They look at the bands, theme of the gigs,venue,promotion and even the organizer of the gigs! 100 people and above at one gig is normal in Malaysia.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought? How easy is it to buy oi! releases in your country?

Oh,during our time,when we first started playing in this band,we could only buy the 'xerox' photocopy of demos or album from the music shop. Hardly we could buy the original cassettes or CDs unless if I travel to Singapore.Only when local talents the likes The Maniacs & The Official secured recording deals with this Indie label, Strange Culture Records then we finally could get the original copies of record in the market. 'Oi! The Tin' is most popular I guess. The first record I bought was Cocksparrer Live & Loud.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?


Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2006.

Plans - Release a re-package album. Gigs - No calls yet. Hopefullly we can make a comeback after we had to go
through a long break for 2005 season.

Any final comments?

A : We would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Cheers!

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