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The Scabs Interview


Introduce the band to people? ie how did you meet, who is in the band and why formthe band in the first place?

The line up at present is Ste-Vocals,Andy-Bass,Alex-Guitar and Ben-Drums.
We met Alex and Andy as they are fans of the band and after we lost Geoff and Joe we wanted the Scabs to carry on so we put the word out we needed someone.

The original Scabs were formed in the summer of 2005,Joe wanted to get a Punk band together and whilst travelling to Punk Aid in Whitehaven he asked Ste if he would be the singer,Joe then persuaded Geoff to play Guitar and also asked a lad he knew from school called Ben to be the sticks man and The Scabs were born.

Describe your sound, and what bands have influenced you?

Ste: We have been described by quite a few people as being a retro 77 Punk sounding band,which is great as we all have different tastes in Punk and other music but have managed to come up with something that would have fit nicely with the original Punk scene in that we have an original and individual sound.

Influencies are many,my personal ones would be all Punk from 76 onwards inparticulary Slaughter & The Dogs,Damned,Buzzcocks,Wire,Adverts etc etc.

Ben: our sound....... well. apart from awsome, (joking) its totally in your
face 77 punk but also has so much more, it has so many different influences
molded in together, my influences are probs different from the rest, as the
drummer i listern anything from john bonham outa led zepelin too metal
drummers such as joey jordison, and i think my influences reflect alot on
the style of our music.

What releases have you had out so far, and what track are you most proud of and why? How have they been received?

Ste: Pick Em and Bleed is our only release to date it is a six track cd and I’m proud of every song on it. We were originally booked into a studio in Blackburn but they let us down at the very last minute,so we rang round everywhere and lucky enough we got in at Shirehead Studios in Lancaster and from dinnertime till nine at nite we managed to record the songs.

My favourite track would be Bullyboys,it deals with organised football violence and unintentialy is our Cockney Rejects/Sham moment done our way,really in your face live as well. The cd is available from our website.

Ben: we've had random live recordings knocking around from steves old old old old tape recorder which we takes to gigs every now and again but proper cd would be our pick em and bleed ep, which we recorded in such a short period of time 12-30 till 9pm, we worked our asses off that day and we were so proud. i would say im proud of every song because if it wasnt for them songs we wouldnt be having this interview now, but the new song we've started to write is on a different level and its to all the let downs there are in this life and we've picked it back up again and are determind to carry on!!!

What is the best gig the Scabs have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

Ste: Our debut gig in Penrith used to be my favourite but I think we topped that when we played our last gig with the original lineup supporting The Deadend Boys at the Exchange in Bradford. Everything was great that night all the bands, venue and crowd were sound.

Ben: exchange in bradford, awsome, and also our first gig at blues, same what steve put really.

How is easy is it to find gigs? Any tips for other bands starting out?

Ste: Its not easy finding gigs and I think all bands will tell you the same,most pubs and clubs just want shitty covers and tribute acts. We have been very lucky in that we have a fella who is 100% behind us and he gets all our gigs and does our website,Ronnie Rome we salute you and also we have had a lot of support from Dave from OMD/Fungal Punk.

Ben: Penrith and cumbria= shit hole!!!! there is no where around here no
wonder there has never been a decent band to ever come out from around here, until now ;) advice i have for bands is that dont come to cumbria and get as many gigs as you can. and make the effort to travel to gigs!

Do politics and music go together?
Ste: Political songs don’t really do it for me although we have one in our set called Nation In Sedation which is about the Uk losing it’s identity and bein swallowed up and dictated to by America and others. Politics effects everything we do but I would’nt want to be in a band singing just that type of songs.

Ben: NO

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Ste: Slaughter & The Dogs-Cranked Up Really High and Buzzcocks-Boredom are my joint number one. I think the Manchester bands produced that something extra and did’nt take themselves serious compared to the London outfits.

Ben: my favourite song, would be christ i dont know, so many, would say afi -
prayer position, or just like heaven by the cure
What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Ste: None existent,but I think the nature of Cumbria as an area dos’nt help as it is so spread out and made up of villages and little towns,we and a pop punk band No Thrills are the only Punk bands in Penrith.

Ben: nothing at all

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2006.

Ste: We will continue to promote our cd and are appearing on a couple of compilation cds planned for this year,we will also be guest appearing on Dave’s Spit and Sawdust tour on some dates this year and are lined up for next years as well,I am looking forward to playing support to Charlie and his boys (uk subs)

Ben: gigs booked up till the end of the year, gigs with uk subs cannot wait
for them gigs, looking forward to getting some new material down with the
new guys, so far its going excellent, and the guest apperances on spit and
sawdust tour.

Any final comments?
Ste: Come to the gigs and support the bands and venues or else you will end up with only live music being some covers /tribute band.
Keep Punk alive and kicking arses!!

Ben: my final comment is that if you wanna see a live band watver your taste,
who gives nothing but 100% then get yourself to one of our gigs look forward
to playing many more gigs! .
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