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R.U.S.T Interview


So is R.U.S.T a sort of Sydney super-group with members of Rule 303/Crucified Venus, Crankcase,Bone Machine,Teen Age Hookers For Christ and Gravel Rash? How did you all get together and exactly who is in the band?

Yeah, it's Sydney's version of Supernova!!!
NO, we're just all really old & been in heaps of bands.
We all got kicked out of other bands & got bored playing with ourselves.
Gazz - Vocals, Smurf - Drums, Fernz - Bass, Chuckles - Guitar, AJ - Guitar

What do the initials stand for? And what other things can you think to go with those initials?

Nothing really, originally it was for Resurection Under Sudden Terror but nothing really came of it.
We just really like breaking up the letters with stars!

How has your debut album been received? What is your favourite track on there and what is it about?

Pretty well. We're not selling millions, but we've got rid of a few.
Gazz - Boys will be boys, it's about growing up, mucking up & being a rat.
Smurf - SOD's Speak English Or Die!

Lyrically and musically what influences R.U.S.T. - and what is the best compliment you have been given about the band?

Aussie pub rock, UK OI!, early 80's UK hardcore. Lyrically - anything that comes into Gazz'z spacecadet head.
" You guyz are filthy - it's front foot foward rock n roll" - from a punter.

What are your thoughts on the internet revolution? Does it make it easier for bands in the Southern hemisphere to get heard? Do you think the issues are the same worldwide?

Sites like myspace are great (for meeting crack whores) & getting your songs to the world.
Yes - we have issues! .

How hard is to get gigs in Australia? What sort of distance do bands and fans expect to travel? What has been your best gig to date and what makes for a good gig?

You can get gigs pretty much anywhere & with anyone, as long as it's not a UK Subs gig with Jay Blurter booking it (he doesn't even take bribes)!
Bands will travel interstate for a decent show - & some of the fans will follow (others won't travel 5 kms if they're not offered a lift).
Any gig @ the Lansdowne Hotel usually goes off, Pete Test Tube joining us onstage @ the Birmingham Hotel in Melbourne to do "Maniac" was pretty cool!.

Does Melbourne still house the biggest punk scene in Australia? What Australian bands do you recommend checking out?
Yes, probably - Brisvegas would be a close 2nd.
The Corps, Mouthguard, Bulldog Spirit, The Homicides, Unemployed Supervillans, Smash & Grab....to name a few...

30 years of punk - something to celebrate or embarrassing commercialism? Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century?

Something to celebrate, it's kept us from being bored.
Boring or brilliant - depends on who/what you listen to.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2007.

Constantly playing throughout the year/working on a dvd & writting new ones for the next release.

Any final comments?
Cheers for the interview & see ya in Blackpool in August, if all goes well - Gazz
Our guitarist Chuckles is Canadian, he likes claw-less, tail-less cats - Smurf
Don't forget to buy our CD (& help us get to the UK) & check out our website www.rust.net.au

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