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Rule 303
27/04/2004 - answerd by Garry Campbell (vocals) and Mark Lucas (Drums)

So who is in the band and how did you get together in the first place? And did you have a sound you wanted to achieve?

(Garry) Myself and Mark , Nigel Maggot Kenny A, and Jimmy Fliptop Mark and me formed the band after the demise of Crucified Venus we just rang some likely lads who used to go to the C.V gigs and said do ya wanna take on the world, The sound we are chasing is a heavy punk sorta thing, hard like C.V but way more punk influenced rather than the metal that was showing up in C.V.

What have been the reaction to any demos and gigs?

[Mark] This band is so new there r no demo’s....but we’re working on an E.P as we speak.....as for gigs our 1st one is in a few weeks due to the busted foot I’ve had

What sound and lyric contents can people expect?

[Garry] The sound we have got is fuckin great we have all been listening to punk rock for some time and have pulled our own elements into the mix , two guitars double kicking drums rumbling bass and angry vocals, the lyric content ranges from horror to perverts, songs about punk rockers and faggot rock stars I can right about anything.

What is 'Rule 303' and what is the relevance?

( Garry)Rule 303 was a term used in the Bore war by Australian and British soldiers for Executing prisoners (with 303 rifles) if ya want to check it out get Braker Morant out on Video..

Does it sometimes feel like you are the forgotten continent when it comes to gigs? How many foreign bands get out to Australia, and do they manage to tour round a lot of the country?

[Mark] Definitely....we get plenty of American bands here but U.K bands seem to have trouble making the trip.

(Garry) over the years we have had some great Uk bands over but they are very few and fre apart .. I think The ANWL are over in October.. cant wait..

I believe Nigel Maggot from the band is due to guest on the new Dayglo Abortions album - how did this come about, and how much do you expect it to expose Rule 303 to the rest of the world as a knock on effect?

(Garry) yeah Nigel got to play on their new record...he’s really good mates with them he’s classed as a Dayglo family member, he’s been on tour with them quite a bit over the years the filthy scab, as for a knock on effect I don’t think it will do much for us as its was just for a bit off fun and will just be mentioned in the credits, but we will get a bit of exposure when we tour Canada with them.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

[Mark] A line from Peter & The Test Tubes One Night Stand......
She’s lying there in the nude..but I can’t remember if we screwed..I`ll do her now just to make sure..and then I’ll kick her out the door
.....Nice one Pete

(Garry) a line from an Aussie hardcore band Toe To Toe Ordinary man ordinary madness. I can relate..

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

(Garry) fun as always , bigger than ever through the Internet..technology has formed a global scene it fuckin great..

(Mark)Its a pain in the foot for me.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

(Mark) Touring Oz east coast...recording E.P ..more disorderly conduct

(Garry) a lot of hard work to build a new evil punk rock circus...Uk mid next year if all goes well..

Any final comments?

(Garry) big hello to all our mates that we made last year at HITS and thanks to all the overseas support we have had wanting RULE 303 at WASTED, Stu ya bastard where are those Vice Squad discs we are thinking of rowing a fuckin dinghy over..

thanks Bek for the interview, thanks to Hamish from GANDHI'S REVENGE for the disc , I need your e-mail addy I lost it mate..see ya soon Gazz and Mark...

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