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Riot Squad

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Mansfield based, Riot Squad formed in 81. Pommi on drums,Nello on guitar and Dunk on vocals. Staz later replaced Nello 4 1 tour.Dunk left 2 form Rot Records. Lee joined on vocals and Wayne switched 2 guitar. Ched joined on bass and the line up remained until the split in 84.


Fuck the Tories EP

Riots in the City EP

Dont be Denied EP

Im OK Fuck You EP(no2 in the indies chart)

No Potential Threat LP

Riot Squad Singles Collection CD

The question everyone wants to know - why has the band reformed after all these years, and how have you been received at the recent gigs you have played?

Ched-4 me an ambition/dream 2 get Riot Squad bac 2gether and get back into the punk scene, giving new and old punks a chance 2 see us perform again.

Staz-Got the Harley, got the house, got the family and dog...so y not.

Pommi-Originally just 4 Lee and Deb as a 1 off, kept pestering me!!!but the gigs have been fun 2!!!

The 1st gig was Newcastle Punk Weekend in August 2003 supporting the UK Subs.the crowd were brilliant.Thanx 2 Chev,Lee and Deb who got it all going,2 T Bag and Dogz and Co.Staz said Charlie Harper ask him 2 play guitar 4 him in America..

Next was Ilkeston in October,great crowd again.Thanx 2 Mr. Hendrix, Madman and Ken.

Played the Old Angel.Notts in November best gig yet,big crowd and a great reaction. Stuart from English Dogs and Shaun from the Varukers were there and said what a great nite it was.

Are there any plans for new Riot Squad material? If so, what can people expect?

We play new material as well as the old stuff, its different faster but mixes well.The line up we have results in a tighter band with the songs being more powerful.

Over the year's how many other bands have you come across called 'Riot Squad' and were you the first? What other names of existing bands do you like?

Theres been a few Riot Squads.1 from the 60s and Riot Squad SA were going at the same time as us, it ended up in court hence the SA.

Ched-Dog Shit Sandwich and Chimp Biscuit..

Staz-Cradle of Filth and Deth Metal..

Pommi-Mick Stubbs Curly Hair..

You have covered politics and religion amongst other things, is there any subject you would not sing / write about? And how important is it for songs to carry a social message?

Our songs are based around topics such as drugs, goverment, police and war etc.2 us its important 2 carry a social message.This is what punk musics all about.

How do you audiences vary at gigs from the 80's to now and what changes have you seen in the scene in general over the years?

At the gigs weve seen the die hards, second time around, a little older (and alot less hair) but still into punk in a big way. Also weve seen alot of young punks, 1st time around, yet singing along 2 the old songs...

What is punk?

Staz- To do what u want, act as u like, without any outside pressure..

Ched- Its a do it yourself thing, your own rules, be able 2 do your own thing, let your hair down, be you, dress as you like, get pissed and shout your views..

Pommi- My Life!!!

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003/04.

Just 2 do more gigs, support some big names, also 2 write new material and maybe release a CD. Like 2 play some festivals, Holidays in the Sun (Wasted) still waiting 4 reply on that..open 2 offers...

Any final comments?

Stick 2gether,keep punk alive,'Riot Squad'...

PS Dont 4 get next gig Frid 23rd January 2004 at the Town Mill Mansfield (homecoming gig) with Apocalypse Babys...

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