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The Rezillos

The Rezillos reformed again in 2001, how did this come about? And what were the band members up to in the in-between time?

FAYE: The offer of doing the new year gig -got us going

JO: It doesn't take much to get me going, Wey-Hey! We were offered a guest spot at the Hogmanay party in Edinburgh's Princes Street Gardens by the organisers 'Unique Event's' initially to do a 10 to 15 minutes set, such was the interest at the time, that this was extended, and we ended up doing a 25-30 minute show (Still with only about 4 days rehearsal after a 20 odd year lay-off)
The history of the Oimbetween' time could fill a book, but briefly between us; The Human League, The Revillo's, S.H.A.K.E., Boots for Dancing, TV 21, Acting, Clubbing (but not baby seals), Architecture, Vintage Motorbike Restoration, Ornithology, Songwriting, suffering fools, being a fool, acting the fool, procreation of neo-Rezillo species, marriage, divorce, onanism and drinking etc. Just the usual everyday stuff of life.'

FAY: 'What's onanism?'

JO: 'Pleasuring ones self, with or without appropriate stimuli'

Since getting back together again, what changes have you noticed in the bands audience and the scene in general?

FAYE: 'quite similar actuaLLY'

JO: 'Hmmm, I thought it a little different, but we do tend to get a broad ranging audience, which we always did I think, so in many respects I guess it is similar. It's always nice to see a healthy amount of younger folk in the crowd (dissilusioned with most of the pish that passes for Opop' music these days I guess) plus some of the Oold faces' that were there first time round, and of course the nicely turned out ladies. Fun for all ages.

What is the strangest thing about Planet Rezillo or the strangest rumour you have heard about the band?

FAYE: 'about? we speak in a language of our own making -no one else can understand and thinks were laughing at nothing, -mind you maybe we are. Rumour? Fay Fife is actually a Scottish member of parliament without her wig'

JO: 'The strangest thing about Planet Rezillo is undoubtably it's inhabitants, they are incapable of rational thought, highly strung, constantly involving themselves in internecine warfare, and will probably never develop the necessary technologies to enable Space Flight, oh, and they speak in a language of their own making -no one else can understand. On a cultural and artistic level though, they do good sculptures. - Rumour?, what rumour?, I never dun nuffink, it weren't me guv, Oonest!

Your track 'Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight'appears in the Jackass Film. Were the directors Rezillos fans? And would Rezillos allow one of their songs appear in a commercial? If yes, what would you like it to be advertising?

JO: ' If they were Rezillos fans, they could surely have used one of our original songs so we could have made some dosh out of it?'

FAYE: 'Don't know about the fan bit, but yes; one of our newer songs ' Pressure Cooker', advertising .. erm, ...A proprietory brand of pressure cookers, or 'Bomb' one of our more recent cover versions, advertising peace love and understanding?

JO: 'What about 'Cold Wars' for advertising 'Lemsip', 'Glad all over' for Prozac, or 'Getting Me Down', for a leading manufacturer of Parachutes? - Somebody Sstop Me!'

What Rezillos song best sums up the band? And what is it about?

FAYE: 'I Cant Stand my baby', ah well, thats probably quite complicated. Lets see, self love -self hate -post natal depression -bonny babes -allusions to James Brown-Methil-wise sages of Fife -small rooms in turrets -lust?'

JO: 'Don't give too much away Faye, they're supposed to work out the meanings of the songs themselves! I do agree with you 100% though, 'I Cant Stand my baby' is our signature tune; we never tire of it, because when we play it, we are all as one. We have recorded it at least six times, warm up at the start of rehearsal sessions with it, do it at sound check, then play it twice in our show. As Ike Turner would say, 'Anna Mae! I just lurve that muthafukkn song y'all'. But what I never understand Faye, is your long term obsession with the mining towns and villages of South Fife? Strangely
though, I do understand lust'

FAY: 'Aye but there's wisdom in muck Jo'

JO: 'Yeah.......I Know, famous Yorkshire saying, 'Where there's Muck There's Money'

You have your radio release coming out did you have a good time recording this at the time? And can people also expect some new tracks soon?

FAYE: 'The old one -think so -sounds like it -yes to new tracks and its on it.

JO: 'She did mention earlier that we speak in a language of our own making, -OWot gurl say?' OMe not know, she speak in language of her own making'. -We had such a good time recording the new Radio Clyde session (tracks from which will be included on the CD) that I got a blister on me finga', and played on till it burst. Eeh it were grand. And yess, people can expect a few new songs from that very session.'

FAYE: 'More significantly though, we're all really gutted about the recent death of John Peel, most of the Album will consist of sessions that we did for his show. He was a great champion of our cause, and the causes of many others, he leaves a huge void in the world and will be greatly missed'

JO: 'I second that emotion wholeheartedly, what a genuine tragedy and true loss, the great man was a cultural Mentor to a generation - or two'

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

FAYE: 'Ive seen most of Oem, though I'd quite like to see Dolly Parton'

JO: 'Have ye nowt seen most ofOem! -What, like 'The FourTops'?, ' The Gratefull Dead', ' Whitesnake'? wot, all of Oem like, apart from Dolly Parton?

FAYE: ' Aye, and 'Elvis', and 'Billy Holiday', and That 'Glenn Millers Orchestra', oh yea and 'Lara Croft'.

JO: 'Lara Croft'?, she's not real, she's out of that 'Tomb Raider' film?

FAYE: ' Aye, like I say, - seen it!'

JO: 'I'd like to have seen 'The Beatles', 'Frank Sinatra' or 'Wilson Pickett'. I'd luv to have seen 'David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust show' and 'TheNew York Dolls' in their heyday.

FAYE: 'Seen Oem'

What tips would you give to a new band just starting out?

JO: '-Don't do it! it's no way to live your life. 'Get a proper job' my old Dad used to say. And Dad always knows best. But here's a tip for people of all vocations;

' If your girlfriend or wife is a mermaid, don't buy her tight's for Christmas'.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004 / 2005.

FAYE: 'Yes gigs December (Details re. websight: www.rezillos.com) then spring & something in US.'

JO: ' Nobody is going to be inserting springs or anything else in us as far as i'm concerned, and that's the end of it! '

FAYE: ' Thats Ospring' -the season, and OU.S.' -the OUnited States' -like, -the country, -America, moron!

JO: ' Oh, AMERICA, across the sea, the land of muchness? Does that mean we'll be flying there? OCos I ain't gettin' in no damn plane, fool !'

Any final comments?

FAYE: 'Hmmmmmmmmmmm'
JO: 'Mmmmmm' ... Does anyone fancy a cup of tea?'

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