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05/02/2001 (interview with Adi)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Well, me and jj first got together and decided to start a band, we wrote some songs and recorded them in the basement..it was just me her and jon then.....Jon is my boyfriend and he plays drums so we automatically got him as our drummer, we originally planned to have murat on drums and our friend on guitar but that didn't work out, Jon also sings for the krays so it's hard being in two bands that both wanna do something, tour and all that. murat turned out to be a really good guitar player and we kept jon on drums, now the krays and the relix tour together as much as possible..so we solved the problem...


right now we only have our demo out.. it's recorded really well so it's not like a regular demo it's kind of like a self release..but we are putting out a 7" Innocent Blood ep on 45 revolutions and we are releasing the demo on CD on Exkalibur Records which is my label..

Why did you choose the name Relix?

haha it's funny a lot of people ask us that, i really don't know, Jon came up with it and we just liked it a lot no real reason..

If you were writing a review about The Relix, how would you describe the band?

Am i gonna sound conceided????? ok well, basically american style punk w/great female vocals with a sound similar to the avengers and violators, great live band too...hahah had to throw that in there!!!!! (people say we are a lot better live cause we have the energy)

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

yes we do!! we do We are the One by the Avengers and Summer of 81 by the Violators also, we do We got the beat by the go go's...

What is the first gig each member of the band ever went to?

truthfully i don't even remember.. i can't even say! I've been to a lot of gigs.. do you mean punk gigs or in general??? hmmmmm...cause i went to see michael jackson when i was 8 years old hahhahah!! actually i think i do remember.... the Descendants..

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

well... some good some bad...There's a lot of people around...NJ got a great scene, a bunch of people and bands supporting eachother and it's great..NY is a little different, if you are a travelling band and you don't really know anyone, nobody will come to your show, you can be awesome, but people out here only come and see who they know, nothing really new.. it sux... cause the rest of the country people will come out cause they know a travelling band is coming through...even if they never heard of you before.....Also, there's a lot of nonsense here, i'm sure they have it everywhere, everybody talks shit on everyone and is competitive w/everyone..it's stupid but you know that's how it is...(i'm not saying everyone cause there's obviously really cool people but a lot of people) If people would stop worrying about why their band isn't on the show and someone else's band is we'd have a much better scene..

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

wow! this question is hard cause i have many!!! but if i had to pick one it's Sounds of Laughter by TSOL(that's my favorite band too)

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

we just recently played with the angelic upstarts, the shows went really well, we're playing with major accident in philadelphia feb. 14th on valentines day.. we got a whole bunch of gigs, we are touring the east coast with vice squad and the krays in may and june and then we are playing the promote chaos tour in atlanta with bands like the crack, anti nowhere league, the templars, gundog, apa, the krays, who else??hmmm i don't know it's a shit load of bands and it's gonna be awesome.. We're also playing Holidays in the sun this year..i can't wait for that, and we're touring europe with the krays for a month after holidays in the sun..

Any final comments?

if you took the time to read this thank you!!!! we appreciate everyone who comes out to support us and help us out!!! you can contact us at especially rebecca for doing this interview.,... can't wait to meet you over there... !!! punknite@yahoo.com or http://members.xoom.com/punknite/TheRelix.html

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