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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band started about 4 years ago with me and Doozer, and through the following years we've had 4 drummers in the vain attempt to find someone with the same stupid view on stuff like us. So we've now got Carlos who we knew when he was in another local band and a fan of ours, so when his band split he filled on drums for us at a gig when our drummer at the time (The Guv) was somewhere else. We decided it felt like this was line up we've always tried get, damn it, it felt right! :) So we sacked the Guv and Carlos in.

So the current line-up is:
Uncle J - Guitar/vocals
Doozer - Bass/Vocals
Carlos - Drums/Vocals


Terry the Sexgod EP - 1997
Mother Schabooboo - 1998
More Hardcore than Channel 5 - 1999

If you were writing a review about The Rejects, how would you describe the band?

The Rejects are 3 c-rate wannabe comedians trying to play punk with hints of ska/jazz/funk and waltz, and pulling it off in an amusing childlike cheeky monkey manner.

Do you ever get people turning up at your gigs expecting to see 'The Cockney Rejects'?

Most the people who turn up to our gigs are too young to drink let alone remember the Cockney Rejects. The only person who'd mention the Cockney Rejects thing was a promoter in Chelmsford who said we copied their name, it's not true though, i'm just not very original when thinking of band names.

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

Yeah, Carl played in Blandest and Impetigo. And all of us have side projects on the go. I'm in IK+, Team Muhaha, The Centrefold Queens (with Doozer), The Mullets (with Carl) and P.O.P (the future of high NRG euro pop). Doozer's in www.ikilledandfukedyourmumafterteaandbicuits.com (with Carl) and a few other more strangly named bands plus he used to be in Frigid Bedwetters.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Either the Sex pistols, Sham69, The Vandals, Dillinger 4 or Assorted Jellybeans

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

Probably seeing Doozer in a dress with his hairy back showing and Carl looking like an At the Drive-in stunt double. Or the time we had dancing monkeys on stage with us. Either one, they were nicely surreal.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Sticky and smelling of cider

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

We're recording our third album (our first for Kingpin Records - www.kingpin-recs.co.uk) in April and we're trying to find places to play for the rest of the year, so if anyone want us to play in their area give us an e-mail on therejects69@hotmail.com or leave a message on our website www.therejects-suck.co.uk. Oh yeah, there's a punk alldayer happening in May in Southend, go to the Kingpin site for details.

Any final comments?

er.... Don't drink Meths it tastes funny and affects your urine colour. The
same goes for Pernod.

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