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The Red Eyes
10/07/2004 (interview with Alan)

So how long has the band been going and how did you all meet in the first place?

The Red Eyes have been going since May 1997. The Line -up at the moment is myself (Alan) - Vocals/Guitar, "H"- Lead Guitar, Raymond - Bass and Ewan - Drums.

Myself and Ewan work together in a Print Factory and are the original members of The Red Eyes. "H" answered our advert for a Guitarist and has been with the band for 4 years and we knew Raymond from a mate's band and he's been with us for about 6 months .

What releases have you had out? And what is your favourite track you do and what is it about?

We have 2 CD Albums and one CD single. All of these are D.I.Y releases by The Red Eyes ourselves.

" Up To Our Eyes In It" - 1998 ( 12 tracks )
" On Prescription" - 2001 ( 12 tracks )

" All Dressed Up ( Nowhere To Go )" / "Rottenrow Baby" - 2002 ( 2 tracks )
" Woman In Disguise" - From The Angelic Upstarts Tribute Album "Power To The People" - 1997
" Teenage" - From The U.K. Subs Tribute Album - "Brand New Rage" - 2003

My favourite song is All Dressed Up (Nowhere To Go) and is about when I was in San Francisco at H.I.T.S a few years ago and I couldn't believe the amount of homeless on the streets. Instead of the usual, "can you spare us 10p for a cup of tea" they would tell you stories how they used to be an astronaut or a brain surgeon and had fallen on hard times. You wanted the stories to be true but it was all so tragic. Land of the Free, Aye right!!!

What can people expect from your live gigs and are there any covers in there?

There's no political agenda ( other bands can do it so much better ) just 77' style Punk energy.

We've done a few covers over the years. We usually do one at every gig. We've done Stranglehold, Teenage (U.K. Subs), H-Eyes (Ruts), Doesn't Make It Alright ( Specials / S.L.F ), Hurry Up Harry (Sham 69), You've Got My Number, My Perfect Cousin (Undertones), Woman In Disguise (Angelic Upstarts), She's Automatic (Rancid), Wasted Life (S.L.F) and we've done a Punk cover of Seasons in The Sun (Terry Jacks) which was a laugh.

How has the scene changed since you have first got into it and is it for the better or worse?

It's much better now with bigger crowds at the gigs compared to the late 80's/ Early 90's. There's more Punk gigs on all the time now and loads of bands of all different Punk styles which is good. Getting gigs can still be a problem and getting paid is still rare. Expenses is usually a bonus. All this "Pay-to-Play" is a pain.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

I like all the lyrics in My Perfect Cousin as it still makes me smile and takes me back to buying the single as an 11 year old. I'm sorry I can't think of something cleverer at the moment.


If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

I'd love to have seen The Clash ( London Calling Period )

Name the best 5 releases of the past 12 months

Don't know if these were in the last 12 months but here goes.
Indestructible (Rancid)
Too Little Too Late (Dead Pets)
Get What You Need (Undertones)
Mutiny On The Bay (Dead Kennedy's)
Loadestone (Spear Of Destiny)

I also think Grave Disorder (The Damned) is a real return to form even though it's been out for a couple of years now.

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with and why?

A lift repair man ( the old ones are the best or maybe not ). Jello Biafra would be interesting if you could get a word in.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

I'm playing The Platform Acoustic Stage (Morecambe) this Sunday (5.35pm) I'll be playing songs from The Red Eyes back catalogue and various Punk Covers from The Undertones, Angelic Upstarts, The Clash, U.K Subs, Slaughter and The Dogs and S.L.F. If anyone's hungover ( who isn't by the Sunday) and want's to break themselves gently into the day with a hair of the dog and a few Punk songs on an acoustic guitar that's the place to be. It's listed under "Red Eyes Acoustic". Hopefully a few turn up as we gave away 400 Cd's last year at the pre-show party. Hopefully people have listened to it. Great review in punk&oi ( Cheers )

We're hoping to bring out a live Cd of our gig at the Barrowlands supporting S.L.F in 2003. The Recording Quality is great!

We have a gig with the Apocalypse Babys in Glasgow in November but that's all that we have organised at the moment.

Any final comments?

Cheers again for the interview and sorry for the delay and hope to see everyone at the platform next Sunday for the Red Eyes Acoustic. For any other info onThe Red Eyes check out our website at www.theredeyes.tk
All the best Alan THE RED EYES

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