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Red Flag 77

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band formed in 1990, and saw several line-up changes (which included ex members of condemned '84 and extreme noise terror. By 1995 we reached the current settled line-up of Rikki Flag (vocals), Kentucky Kev (Guitar), Fanny (Bass), and Malcum Powder (Bums).


'Demolition Derby'(2 Tracks split with PMT) Weird records.
'How low'/'lipstick'(Split EP with SPECIAL DUTIES).Knockout Records.
'Look mum I'm on the radio' EP Menace records.
'A tribute to the Adicts' EP(split with LOVEJUNK). Nytemayre Records.
'Drunk again'/'change in you'(one sided single,ltd 300). Empty Records.
'Cut me up'/'Dynamite'/'As I fall'. Red Flag Records.

'A SHORT CUT TO A BETTER WORLD'CD Album. Menace Records.

Compilations ETC.
'Football Crazy'(one track promo CD)
'Punk's not dread' LP/CD (two tracks)
'Knockout in the second round'(inc 'How low')
'British punk invasion vol 3' (five tracks).
'The songs of ITFC'(inc Ipswich Bop)
'Teenage mutant punk rock zombies'(inc Beating around the bush).

some maybe hard to find and deleted now but for what is available contact us at PO BOX 15 IPSWICH, SUFFOLK, IP2 8RY

Describe your sound and the main themes to your lyrics.

Influenced by early punk rock (rather than hardcore), we have a 90's sensibility with a catchy rock'n'roll feel. Lyrics are about all sorts, from fancy-ing some-one on the bus on the way to school to observations on life, to animal testing from the animals point of view or being frightened of the dark.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

Taking Combat Shock with us ! Everyone has their own fave memories and drinking/puking story/tale (normally involving Malcum or Jack). But Kev waiting all day for a comfy poo, to arrive at a house with no toilet, and having to go in the garden only to be hit by the 'crack Flag night photo surveillance sqad' is a classic, and the attraction of female(obviously) dogs to use Fanny's bass cab as a toilet.

Describe punk at the beginning of the 21st century.

Better than the beginning of the 20th century.(Kev tells us it was very bleak - he can remember)

If you had to put on a 3 day punk festival, who would you have headlining each day?

Very hard question, the list is endless, some of whom you could still get and some you couldn't possibly get - here is just a few to choose from, The Ramones, The Boys, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Rancid, The Adverts, The Rezillos, Iggy and The Dickies, and of course 'The Clash', take your pick.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Small but respectable for where we are, we have a few good local bands like 'The Rists' and 'Lovejunk' and we all play and put on gigs at a pub called 'The Steamboat Tavern'. Recently we've had T.V. Smith, Panic, Beerzone, Roadrage, Norma Jeans, Wreckless Eric play and loads more in the pipeline. It's a good crowd who tend to support most of the gigs, for our tenth anniversary we had 250 people through-out the day and yes the Adicts and Condemned 84 are from Ippo but only Kid and Mel from the original Adicts are still local, from Condemned we see Kev and Gunk occasionaly.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Fanny - Physical Grafitti, Led Zeppelin (L.P.)
Rikki - I can't remember the first ever, but I bought Boomtown Rats 'rat trap' and swapped most of my first punk records off a fat kid for subbuteo teams.
Kev - The 1812 overture, by Beethoven. (He bought it at a live performance at the time)
Malc - The Malcum opera (Splodgenessabounds first L.P.)

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Just started our own label, 'Red Flag Records' (Took us ages to think of that) First release is our very own 'CUT ME UP' E.P. Second release should be a single by 'The Stains'. We've got enough material for a second album which we are now playing live and will hopefully record later in the year. Gig-wise, our annual punk-aid appearance,(pleased to be asked back for the 3rd consecutive year) the Bradford Rio's gig on Nov 11th (with GBH etc). For further details on these and other gigs contact our website www.geocities.com/redflag77_uk

If we're not playing in your area get off your arse and organise some-thing (drop us a line at the website).

Any final comments?

Yes , We run 'Know Your Product' mail order, a fine outlet for punk cd's, vinyl, T shirts, badges, Literature and shitloads more. Send an SAE to PO Box 15 Ipswich, suffolk, IP2 8RY. Get along to see us for a bloody good laugh ! !

And Ipswich Town are premier league. (Jack Flag is a Narwich pooh ! ! * % $ ?rkfl'uhyisegeww.) Thanks for the interview. . . . "And for tooooonight, CRAZED AND PISSED from Ipswich iiitt'ssss RED FLAG 77 !"

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