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11/12/2000 (Interview with Betty)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Reazione formed at the beginning of 1993 but for us it was like to take up a thing left over 15 years ago as we're on the Punk/Skinhead scene since the far 80's. Especially for Riccardo, in fact he played in different Italian bands and he sang with Dioxina, a mythical Oi! band from our hometown, Rimini, in 1985. In those days then things began to be too bad in the scene, 'cause of nazis, violence, stupidity. So we decided to get away from all that but when we met Yanez in 1992, with our same passions, it didn't take us a while to decide to put on a band. And we did it. In these years we've changed I think about 10 drummers (!!!), the current line up is: Yanez (vocals), Riccardo (guitar), Betty (bass), Lucio (drum), Ivan (guitar)


Just because of the continuous and countless changes of drummer, we've not released many records considering almost 8 years of life!
- "CONTRO IL MURO" - demotape 1994
- "INDELEBILE" - 7" EP - 1998

Compilations :
- "Oi! Against Silvio" - 1994 - track "Contro Il Muro"
- "We Are The People - A tribute to the Angelic Upstarts" - 1998 - track "You're Nicked"
- "KOB records Vs MAD Butcher records - 1999 - track "Prigioniero"
- "Voice Of A New Generation - Tribute to The Blitz" - 1999 - track "Warriors"
- "Class Pride World Wide" - 2000 - track "Forse Un Giorno VincerÓ"

If you were writing a review about Reazoine, how would you describe the band??

Reazione are an Italian Punk/Oi! band, they sing mostly in Italian but they research an English sound, typical of the 80's bands. The result is a powerful sound, played with strenght and energy but still melodic.

Well, I might be not that objective writing a review about my band. I only tell what we're trying to do. Hope somebody else will think this is true while listening to our songs

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

We've toured with great bands like Red Alert and Red London (great friends!!), Oxymoron, Bluekilla, and believe me, we've always had great time!!!! When you're on tour with Cast Iron Smith from Red Alert you never know what it can happen! The same is with our singer, Yanez! Well, when you're touring, with great people, tons of beers, it's sure you'll have fun!

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Normally we don't play the same covers all the times. Anyway the covers we usually do (not all in one gig) are: Police & Thieves (Clash), Warriors (Blitz), S.P.G. (Red Alert), Smash The Discos (Business), Oi! Oi! Oi! (Cockney Rejects), White Riot (Clash).

What is the Punk/Oi! scene in your area?

In Italy at the moment there's a good Punk/Oi! scene, many bands, many places where to organize gigs. Our hometown Rimini is actually the homeland of discotheques (there are about 150!!!!), techno-wavers, posers and something like that shit! There is not one place where we can organize a Punk gig even though there are many good clubs with good stages and PA but they only let you do something if you propose pop music, rock or anything but punk or Oi! Anyway, we're a good number of persons, about 30-40 (the Romagna contingent) who like the same music, and we usually meet at the "Talk Of The Town" pub here in Rimini for a drink, to listen to our music, to spend good time together.

If you could take a vocalist, guitarist(s), bassist and drummer from different bands to make your perfect band who would you choose (can be deceased)?

Well i have to state first that my favorite bands are my favorite bands not only because of their musicianship, but also (or mainly) their attitude, the kind of persons they are, the reason why they play. Well to make a perfect band there'd be too many perfect musicians and I couldn't really choose only one. Also, I've to point out that this is my personal opinion (Betty), probably the rest of the band would give another answer. My perfect band made by great blokes is:
vocals: Steve "Cast Iron" Smith - Micky Fitz
guitars: Tony Frater - Kid Stoker
bass: Gaz Stoker
drum: Craig Casson

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift and why?

Well, actually I really wouldn't like to be stuck in a lift!!!!!! It never happened to me but probably I could smash everything 'cause of nervous!! Anyway, I don't want everybody to know who I'd prefer to be with if it should happen but I can tell what I'd like to be with: a crate of English bitter and my favorite music

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000-2001.

We'll be on tour in Europe next Christmas time. The dates are the following:
- Sat. Dec. 23rd - CZ - HRADEC KR┴LOV╔ - "El Diablo"
- Sun. Dec. 24th - D - BERLIN
- Mon. Dec. 25th - D- POTSDAM - "The Archiv"
- Wed. Dec. 27th - UK - DERBY "Victoria Inn"
- Sat. Dec. 30th - UK - SUNDERLAND - "The Royalty" pub
- Thu. Jan. 4th - F - PARIS - "La Peniche"
- Fri. Jan. 5th - CH - LUGANO - "C.S. Il Molino"

Then we really hope we can release a LP at last!!!!

Any final comments?

Thanks Rebecca for the interview! We hope to meet new English friends when we're playing in England this month and have a pint (hopefully not only one....) together. All the best!

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