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31/01/2004 2nd interview - (interview with  Flipper)

It is now a couple of years ago since the last Poundaflesh interview I have done. How have things changed for the band in this time, and how has the line-up change come about?

Well loads has happened. We have been very lucky & had the chance to do some great gigs with some big name bands. If someone had told me some 20 years ago that I would be playing with the likes of Conflict, GBH, Exploited, Subhumans etc I would have said fuck off! But thatís precisely what weíve been doing. I suppose itís a trade off in some ways for being into punk so long & getting to know & becoming mates with so many people. Also got a couple more Euro tours under our belts which have gone really, really great! Itís a very different scene in Europe, very squat based & a lot more PC than here. But they really know how to look after you & put us to shame in some ways on hospitality.

The main guts of the band hasnít changed, with Mark, Shaun & Myself still here. We have J on bass now who has injected new enthusiasm & much need youth to the band. Donít know how we would do without him now. He has more Modern Punk leanings which keeps us on our toes with his breakneck bass riffs.

Arrgghh! Drummers! We have been plagued by bad fortune with drummers from very early days & we are now on our 5th! Stu, our last permanent one had been juggling his business & the band for 2 years & in the end the business won. Itís a shame but I appreciate the problems he had. Never easy.

So we now have Keith of Substandard & Contempt fame with us & hopefully he will last. He is still on drumming duty for Contempt.

The only problem with all the changes we have had itís knocked us back a bit writing new stuff. We have managed some, which is our best to date I think, but not as much as we would have liked. Onwards & Upwards ehÖ.

Tell people about your new recording, and which of the tracks; - (Paedophile, Bless The Press, Fat Cat, Father, The Pendulum) are you particularly proud of and why?

I cannot speak for the others but, for me I am very proud of The Pendulum & Father. Father because it quite different for us, Dead Kennedyís esq at the beginning with some cool as fuck chants towards the end. Its also about our favourite subject, anti religion. Its something we find very easy to write about as itís one area we all agree strongly on.

The Pendulum is a strange song. Its an anti racist track but targets the ridiculous state of political correctness where we havenít got the freedom of speech for fear of being branded racist. As recently shown with the case of Robert Kilroy on the BBC.

How have you seen the scene change in the last couple of years since the last interview? Have your audiences changed at all?

Yeah they have changed quite a bit. In the early days we had a sort of crusty metal/punk audience probably due to the Concrete Sox connections. Much of these folk have gone to be replaced by a wider variety. I think because we try to retain a tune as well as the power/punk angle we have become appealing to more ďmainstreamĒ punks as well as the HC crew. Itís a good balance though. So people who donít even normally listen to punk come to our shows!

You have played with some pretty amazing bands. Who has the best band been and what has been the worst gig experience and why?

As I said earlier, I think its because we have been around individually for 25 odd years (Between us all we can clock up 95 years!) that we have become good friends with many of the bands so really itís just playing with our mates. Also we have had some great help & support from fans & friends. We wouldnít be here now without some of them.

Worst gig, donít know really. Sometimes what appears, when you first arrive at a venue, like its gonna be a real shit of a gig can turn into one of the best ever. It takes a lot for me to not enjoy playing a gig.

Where did the name Poundaflesh come from and what other band names do you rate?

We get asked this a lot. Its whatís known as a idiom & is from ďThe Merchant Of VeniceĒ by Will Shakespeare. Literally means ďSomething which you have the right to receive but which is unreasonable to demand from someoneĒ. To be honest it was the only name we could all agree on & chose it before we really knew what it meant. Took a while before I got used to it but now I think it kind of suits us.

As for other band names I like, I have a huge list but hereís a few: Legionaries Disease, Church Police, Meat Puppets, Void, Star Strangled Bastards & always been partial to The Varukers. Most of them are early US bands which is my particular thing. Hence my name (Flipper). I was called it because it was painted on an old leather of mine & people thought it was my name. Could be worseÖ

Name the best 5 releases of 2003.

Might surprise you here. One of my favourite releases last year was the Muse album! If this had been released in the 80ís it would have been labelled punk. Another of my favís is H8-Targetís release. Tight as fuck Birmingham punk from ex-POA members. Not sure if itís on general release yet but they have a website which Iím sure you can get one from. Canít think of owt else. Shameful eh!

What is punk?

Easy this. ďWhat ever us punx say it is!Ē. I have always thought that. I think punkís evolved so much since the early days. Its like a huge, worldwide social club now. The general public know (pretty much anyhow) that there is no danger from us, as HITS has demonstrated repeatedly every year. No other form of music, especially with such extreme views & appearance, has done this or lasted so long & had so much influence. It can be still a little insular if youíre a ďnew comerĒ but it is incredibly friendly if you stick with it. Iím waffling arenít I.

Tell the readers five facts about the band / band members they will not know

3 of the 5 members regularly shave there genitals

Mark used to earn a living looking after golf courses

Bassist J works as a tattooist

Flipper used to work as a lighting engineer for bands such as Hawkwind, Van Morrison & Duran Duran!

Drummer Keith, known to most as Romford Keith is actually from Aberdeen

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

We are playing a couple of the Dead Kennedy gigs & are on some of the forthcoming Discharge tour dates. Obviously Morecambe (which every man & his dog seems to be on nowadays). Waiting on some others but sworn to silence. We are also going to do a US East coast tour but thatís later in the year.

As for releases, our long awaited album will be out in the Summer. Blind Destruction are putting it out (In The Shits label) so looking forward to that. All we need is to right some new fuckiní tracks!!

Any final comments?

This has just taken me 2 hours to write, Fuck!

Ta muchly Bekki & thanx to & all who bother to read this, come to our shows etcÖ

Luv N Laffs Flipper, Shaun, Mark, J, Keith


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