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Picture Frame Seduction

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band formed in school in 1978 in Haverfordwest, West Wales - but didn't really get going until 1979 when we played loads of youth clubs and similar venues in West Wales. It went from there and we supported The UK Subs, Anti Pasti, Chron Gen, UK DK and most of the bands that visited West Wales at the time.

In 1982 we had a track on Demolition Blues which The Insane released, it was called Getcha Rox Off ! which has become a bit of an anthem over the years. We also won the Anti Nuclear Allaince Battle of the Bands in 1982. Best band in Wales apparently, now that was debateable at the time ! Our prize was a single release of the winning song which we wrote in school " Nuclear Free Zone " But you see the whole thing was sponsored by hippies, so it ws never going to take off, and the single never came out. Typical.

In 1984 we signed to SO SO Records and released a single and an album then a few tracks on A kick up The Arse ( not good tracks, badly produced ) with Dunk on Rot Records. We had a few guitarists initially before settling with Rob and Tim early on - then Mark Bozier joined us from Honey Bane and Illegal 15 in 1984 when we were touring loads and playing all over the place. We played with everyone I think ! UK Subs, Exploited, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, GBH, English Dogs, King Kurt, the list is endless. Even Lemmy checked us out when we played Dingwalls in Camden and said he felt the music was somewhat " Fucking noisy " and it inspired him to drink more vodka that night than he planned. I suppose that was a compliment. We loved playing in London and before we split we headlined The 100 Club and our mates at the time The Varukers supported us. It was a great time for us, sometimes we would play to 50 other times 500 it depended where we played.

I remember a really good venue at the time in Ferryhill in Durham, another was Adam and Eves in Leeds where Nik Toczek put on bands. We even played Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in Soho with Charlie Harpers Urban Dogs, Stiv Bators played that night with Charlie and Max Splodge that was surreal. I had a few words with Max last month, he couldn't remember the gig, but fair play he did say he finds it hard to remember where he lives these days let alone the ten years that was the 1980's. But we played everywhere, over 500 gigs. It was just a brilliant time to be touring, releasing records and playing hardcore punk music.

We had a brief reunion in 2000 and played our home town, it was packed. We decided to give it another go in 2003 when we released - Whats that Hardcore Noise ? with Retch Records. We have a few gigs lined up and loved playing the Gloucester All Dayer in October with our mates Demob. I think there is more to come, it's exciting.


Getcha Rocks Off - Demolition Blues Compilation ( Insane ) 1982
I'm Good Enough For Me EP - ( SO SO ) 1984
The Hand of the Rider album - ( PFS / Rot Records ) 1985
A Kick up the Arse - Rot Records compilation 1986
Try with a Little Help ( PFS ) Charity single with Anthony Laugharne ( not at all PFS if you know what we mean ) 1987
Whats' that HARDCORE Noise ? album - www.locozrecords.com / Retch Records 2003 available on line £ 6.50
Getcha Rox Off 2003 - Blazing Guns compilation ( California based punk label ) called - Shielded By Death out Christmas 2003

2004 - planned
-April :Stop The Bloody Slaughter 35 track album - Full PFS back catalogue, vinyl, Live stuff, demo's -
April 2004 on Grand Theft Audio
May : A track on the new Black Flame Records compilation in Australia yet to be named etc ...During the year we hope to get a split release with Foreign Legion done too.

Why did the band reform in 2001 after a 13 year gap?

We set up a web site www.pictureframeseduction.com and the guestbook was overloaded with messages from all over the world, so with the new generation of punks getting in to the scene we felt we should get out there again and do it. As simple as that. It has been hard graft but we are getting there.

If you were writing a review about PFS how would you describe the band?

CELTIC WARRIORS, hardcore punk rock with attitude :-) We just love playing, it's awesome. Thre is more to this than the bands name, the shows we play we put in 100 % and when we play - It is show time. And why not ?

Why did you choose the name Picture Frame Seduction and can you think of any of good names that could be made from the initials PFS?

We chose Picture Frame Seduction because it was something Sid Vicious muttered before he died, a USA punk outfit alled KGB also have a song called Picture Frame Seduction. Once you have heard it you won't forget it.

PFS would defintely mean Prety Fucking Stupid ( name ) to some people, but we don't care, at least we don't have to live with Limp Biscuit or Hot Water Music ! We were called The Frames back in 1979 for a while, but that name was even worse .....


How has the punk scene changed since you started? And how would you like it to progress (and how do you think it will)?

Back in the late 70's it was competitive amongst bands, I really hated that, especially when we were all shouting from the same corner. Nowadays ( as far as we are concerned ) we couldn't care, we have no ego to massage, we have done what we have done, some peoople love it, some don't. Some people have heard of us, some haven't. Who cares ?

Personally I think Punk Rock is bigger now that it has been for some time, that is if you consider Blink 182. Sum 41 etc .. as Punk bands. I mean Rancid can pull 2,000 punters in Bristol on a cold Thursday night, so the market is still there, punk has different genre's within the name - punk rock. But lets be honest if Simple Plan wear Discharge t-shirts and play their own style of punk rock who is complaining ? It means that kids get to hear honest genuine music, unlike the rap shite that talks about nonsense like drive by shootings and fills middle England kids heads with utter bollocks ! Punk will always progress, and today the fact that over 300 people downloaded a PFS song in the USA from an obscure mp3 site tells me that things are good, healthy and there to be enjoyed.

Which have been your favourite bands to play with and who do wish you could have been on the same line-up as?

We loved playing with The Exploited, and I don't care what people think of Wattie, he is, if there ever was - an Icon of British punk Rock music, probably more so than The Sex Pistols. He sticks by his ideals musically, and cares not a shite what people think. And that's good enough for me ( excuse the pun )

Wouldn't it have been nice to have played with The Starnglers back in 1977 ? Oh yes, and The Clash, Pistols, Buzzcocks, all the favourites. I had to take five minutes out from the world when Joe Strummer died, he was a superb influence on British youth, and an incredible songwriter. I would dearly love to have spent an evening with him and our guitarist Mark Bozier ( who died in 1990 ) just having a few beers and talking about this incredible music scene we belong to. I have a confession to make, I think it is possible that I know every single word to every single Stranglers song - sad ? Possibly, but it gets me through the working day :-)

What is punk?

Attitude, fun, aggression and beer .........

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2003/04.

We have a big show planned at The Narberth Queens Hall in Pembrokeshire, Wales, on Friday December 12th 2003 with Demob and Foreign Legion graciously offering to support us. Us and FL are redording it LIVE for a release in 2004 once we get some finer details sorted out. There is a possibility that we could be at HITS next year ( WASTED ) And we will be back in Gloucester for the next big shin dig most certainly. If they will have us. We plan to play some selected dates in the UK and Europe, especially as we are being received so well at the moment. I suppose folks will have to keep an eye on this site :-)

Any final comments?

If you would like to get in touch you can via www.pictureframeseduction.com . There is loads on the site. And the new t-shirt is cracking ........
Or telephone - 07713 083479
Or write to- RY Media, PO BOX 19, Gloucester. GL3 4YA ( SAE please )

And thanks to the support so many have given us this year as we climb back on the show boat !
Getcha Rox Off !

PFS are
-Keith Haynes - Vocals
Rob Folland - Guitar
Steve Arthur - Bass
Jon Griffiths - Drums

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