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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line

Greg Hanna (a.k.a. G-rock) Bass and backing vocals, Steve Wilson - drums, DH Peligro - guitar and lead vocals. As you may or may not know, DH Peligro's history includes DEAD KENNEDYS, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, NAILBOMB, and CRAZY TOWN.


DEAD KENNEDYS - "Too Drunk to Fuck," "In God We Trust Inc.," "Plastic Surgery Disasters," "Frankenchrist," "Bedtime for Democracy," "Give Me Convenience or Give me Death"

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS - Pre-production on "Mother's Milk" FEEDERZ - "Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss"

NAILBOMB - "Proud to Commit Social Suicide"

JUNGLE SUDS - "Jungle Studs"

PELIGRO - Self-titled Disc and LP
PELIGRO - "Futile Resistance"
PELIGRO - "Welcome to America"

Please give your side of the story, the court case etc.

It took me two years to decide to do it. Someone who worked at Biafra's label, Alternative Tentacles, told us we'd been unper paid for 10 years. When we confronted Biafra, he wouldn't let us see the books and then suddenly he "wasn't available." It was all Biafra's way or no way, so we sued.

This band was all about not having to work for someone else. Now we were working for someone else, and they were underpaying us! This isn’t rocket science; if something’s wrong, make it right. You need to listen to people, no one knows everything. Anyway, it's about laying it down for the people. There are a couple of DK live records and videos that haven't been released because Biafra was sitting on them. That stuff should come out, and now hopefully it will. [See long answer in Dead Kennedys interview for a fuller story]

In Britain, Dead Kennedys were/are probably the most well known and popular US punk band, was this/is the same in the America? And what does it feel like to be in such a position?

Yes, we are fairly well known in America as well as other parts of the world. I’m humbly grateful to be in such a position.

What is the best sentence you have ever heard, that someone has managed to get into a song's lyrics?

"The cataclysmic apocalypse referred to in the scriptures of every holy book known to mankind, it will be an era fraught with boundless greed and corruption, where global monetary systems disintegrate, leaving brother to kill brother for a grain of over-cooked rice, the nations of the civilized world will collapse under the oppressive weight of parasitic political conspiracies which remove all hope and optimism from their once faithful citizens; around the globe generations of polluters will be punished for their sins, unshielded by the ozone layer they have successfully depleted, left to bake in a searing naked rays of light, wholesale assassination serve to de-stabilize every remaining government, leaving the starving and wicked to fend for themselves, blood-thirsty renegade cyborgs, created by tax-dodging corporations, reek havoc, pissed off androids tired of being slaves to a godless and gutless system, where the rich get richer and the poor get fucked over and out, unleash total world wide destruction by means of nuclear holocaust, annihilating the terrified masses, leaving in its torturous wake nothing but vicious cannibalistic, mutated, radiated and horribly disfigured hoards of satanic killers bent on revenge, but against whom, there are so few left alive, starvation reigns supreme, forcing unlucky survivors to eat anything and anyone in their path, massive earthquakes crack the planet's crust, like a hollow egg-shell causing unending volcanic eruption, creatures of the seven seas unable to escape to a certain death upon land boil in their liquid prison, disease encircles the earth, plagues and viruses with no known cause or cure laying waist to whatever draws breath and humankind having proven itself to be nothing more than a race of ruthless scavengers fall victim to merciless attack at the hands of inter-planetary alien tribes who seek to conquer our charred remains." (Bussabuss E.L.E.)99

Why did the band only come to play the UK once, and was ‘Nazi Punks, Fuck Off’ written about the UK scene - please explain.

We played the UK 3 times. "Nazi punks, Fuck Off" wasn't just about the UK scene, it was about racist Mutha Fuckas period!

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Busta Rhymes

Would you vote for Jello - please explain?

If he had a good platform and he was sincerely believable and was the lesser of two evils, maybe. But I have lost a lot of faith in him, bottomline.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

"Welcome to America" the latest PELIGRO recording is scheduled for release in October in America. The European release should already be out. PELIGRO will be touring South America, Japan, Australia, and Europe starting in January of 2001.

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