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Paradox UK

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band was formed about 10 years ago in Southport.

The line up is unchanged from day one, Spike -vocals, Ales -guitar, Si -drums, except were on our 4th bass player now, a guy called "H ", he is by far the best bassist we have had, and he is a really sound guy. We split up in 1992, Ales and Spike went onto reform Blitzkreig, and Si was playing with a local band in York. Spike went on to front Blitz for a short period Ales and H met after forming a band in Middlesbrough called X-Factor.

Paradox got back together a few months ago.


Charmed Existence - EP
Disenchanted Land - Split LP

Spike and myself played on the Blitzkreig "Future Must Be Ours" Album. We are on quite a few compilations nowadays, god knows what they are called though. We are hoping to release a live album after the tour.

Why have you decided to reform now?

It's a bit odd really, I rang Spike up about 6 months just for a natter really, we thought it would be great to play the tunes again, and start gigging, especially as we were only kids when we wrote them, and musically, I don't think we did them justice.

We sort of half jokingly said "fuck it, lets try and get some gigs abroad", we spoke to Si, he was well up for it, and then a bit of arm twisting and we got H on board. We never pulled a massive crowd, but I think we had quite a strong following towards the end. It'll be a bit like starting over again, but as musicians we are a hell of a lot better than we were, and H and myself having been working on making the tunes a lot stronger

What are the main themes in the lyrics?

Spike has total control of the lyrics, which is fair enough as he has to sing them. He basically sings about what he sees. Lyrics include everything from the ludicrousness of the death penalty for drug trafficking, to life on an English Council Estate!. I personally think the lyrics are spot on, they don't dictate, they just point things out. This is how it should be, credit the listener with the intelligence to form their own opinions

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we feel that we have a platform to get our message across so we make full use of it, at the end of the day we just want to make great music.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Shit.that's difficult..We like so many different bands, Ales Personally, Beat The Bastards- by The Exploited, in my opinion the best thing they have done since Dead Cities, and I'm a massive fan of NIN, I would really like to see some decent punk/industrial/dance stuff come out. I can only think of Senser who have got the attitude and the music spot on.
H: Emotional Blackmail. The UK Subs, just a brilliant pop/punk tune
Spike: I'm a big Who and Pistols fan, I couldn't narrow it down to one song, anything that's loud and fast
Si: State Control by Discharge, its just pure anger

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

On no..this is were we lose all credibility ! H sez his first record was an Adam Ants tune, my first record was Chart Hits 81...I was 9 at the time....pretty fucking trendy for a 9 year old. Spike is an old cunt, so it was probably something by Dean Martin !

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

We didn't, but we would certainly like to do a couple this time round. We are all big "old school punk" fans, I would certainly like to do a an Exploited number, perhaps even an old Discharge tune. The Exploited get a lot of bad press with some punks for being up their own arse, we played with them in London about 8 years ago, and our van packed in. Wattie and their guitarist at the time were stars, Wattie was even going to lend us his AA card so we could get home to Liverpool, he didn't even know us !!!

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

We live all over now, I'm in Huddersfield, H is in Brighton, Si's in York, and Spike's in Southport. (rehearsing is a pain !) There basically isn't a scene in Huddersfield, Oddly enough though, I recently moved house, got in the car to go to work, and saw a big red mohican peaking over next doors fence ! The Southport/Liverpool scene has died down a lot, but H sez the Brighton scene is still pretty strong.

Its sad to see the scene slowly diminishing, I think we are long overdue a revival !

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

Yeah, we are touring Europe for 8 dates in November, and hope to do the States next Spring. Its difficult getting time away from work. We are hoping to bring out a live album off the back of the tour.

Any final comments?

Not really, a big thanks to Rebecca for such a good site..and Tony Blair , I know you are reading this, get Fox Hunting fucking banned !!!!!

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