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Pressure 28 Interview


Pressure 28, a band with some controversy…. What is warranted and what is not?

It depends on your perspective, we drink in pubs not vegan cafe bars, I work on building sites, I don't lecture on gender fluidity at a uni campus. To those idealists spouting a liberal utopia we probably stink of right wing rhetoric. But.....
Y'know if you read about a pedophile brutally hurting and abusing a child your thinking string that dirty bastard up not perhaps give him a short sentance and councelling, if I open the door for a women it's because it's polite and a nice thing to do, I'm not trying to emasculate them, to be proud of where you come from, being patriotic and just a straight talking point of view puts us at odds wiv some..

I read and hear alot of things about us, some correct , some just completely made up,  some exaggerated, some that are now set in stone truths that were never true in the first place lol. If you put yourself out there in anyway be it in a band or writing a punk blog ;-) or anything etc..expect criticism, expect bullshit, expect cranks. When you get the likes of some dude who dresses up in lacey women's knickers calling you out on their blog or some spotty white kid wiv dreadlocks having a hissy fit on Facebook over your bands hurty attitude ... Well y'know... Fuck em :-) welcome to the real world. . We've always been and always will be just an oi band

What is like getting gigs? And is it easier or harder to get them these day then when you started? And what perpetration do you do for them?

we don't have problems getting gigs to be fair, we sort of play when we can and strike some sort of happy balance wiv the rest of wot goes on in our lives, work, family other stuffs etc. Goes without saying we don't get invited to play such festivals as rebellion/punk and disorderly and the like, too much aggravation for the promoters having to justify themselves to the punk police :-) we do get problems advertising venues for gigs as ppl who live miles away and would never watch the band and have nothing to do wiv the oi scene and don't like the idea of skinheads in a pub/ club wiv something going on that will never affect them in the slightest but still like to ring the police,council,brewery,venue to complain about it :-)

Generally before the gig we'll have a rehearsal during the week  to run thru the set were gonna play, particularly if we ain't practised for a long time, sometimes we have to wing it because we ain't had the opportunity to rehearse and not seen each other for a few months and basically just jump on stage and hope for the best :-) the musical talent lies with Ade and stu , myself and rich kinda blag it, but we get away with it :-) .

Do you all get to see many bands play yourself? Which was the last gig each of Pressure 28 went to, and was it any good?

yeah we get to see a Lot of bands, money and ties permitting. We're were all at cock sparrer in leeds recently except stu, even our back up bass player and an old drummer, should of sneaked on stage between bands and belted out a few :-).

Cock sparrer were great to be fair and the small venue made it better. . 

I see you have some German gigs coming up next year? How do you find audiences compare in different countries, and where is the band best received?

Looking forward to it, we played a couple of small gigs in germany before but not been over there for about two or 3 yrs now. Always fun playing in europe , can be strange playing to a new audience, wondering how your gonna go down, plus the language barrier, shouting off behind the mic inbetween songs and possibly the crowd haven't got a clue wot your saying lol.. 

Ppl in Britain get the band, there's not alot of skinhead bands like us left, that stay staunch, wont bend over, keep that tradition etc. Not so sure the rest of the world think of us the same.

What recoding plans do you have? 

simple answer... just a new album, not recording any singles/splits/comps until we have this finished,  we did want to start recording some of the new stuff before xmas but life getting in the way as usual has pissed on that. . We've got a few more trax to write, some to tidy up and add bits, take away bits, gonna tidy a few up in December then after xmas start recroding poss end of january/February  (hopefully). 

If you could describe the British Oi! Scene today how would you describe it? And who would you say the most underrated band is?

I'll start wiv the most underrated band - Super Yob without doubt, musically and lyrically brilliant. Can I put most overrated band ? Of course I can :-) booze and glory, it's not intended as a cheap shot cus fair play their packing em in around the world but doesn't cut it for me to be honest.. I really liked their song 'simple' they brought out last ( everyone calling me now lol) not really oi I know but then liam done an acoustic version wiv some bird on a piano and I'm just like..for fucks sake wots this art school hipster shit, fuckin ruined it now...

The British scene is pretty good, there's gigs every week up and down the country, generally well attended,  skinhead and punk aren't youth cultures anymore in Britain just sub cultures so the majority of gig going punters these days tend to be over 25 and not like yesteryear where everyone was under 25 lol..

There is a divide where bands won't play wiv other bands cus it may harm they're career :-) which dissapoints me and I wish ppl would not play this game as it gives power to ppl to dictate to you, fuck that....  A gig in central London wiv condemned 84, last resort, sparrer, index etc how good would that be... .

Pressure 28 have an easily identifiable sound, how would you sum it up? What bands influenced you most?

yeah were maybe a little different, perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, as a young german skingead girl pointed out to me before we went on stage at the last gig we done "your singing is gay" lol, thanx for that young lady ha ha, but not a carbon copy I hope like so many oi by numbers bands out there .

Over the years, is there any decisions as a band you regret taking? If so, what?

Nope, never any regrets. Its a negative attitude to have, if your looking back thinking 'wot if' your not living your standing still.

What is the best gig the band have ever played and who else was on the line up? And what would be your dream gig line-up?

Enjoyed all the gigs we've done, all for different reasons...

A dream line up of a gig I couldn't pick because some of the bands are older bands and wouldn't create the atmosphere that they did in their day. .

Anything else you would like to add?

yep thanx Rebecca for the interview,  I really could go on all day about stuff but don't want to bore everyone..

.all the best wiv the website, 

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