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On File

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

On file come all the way from Dundee, Scotland and have been around since 1997, one of the golden years of Oi! We have done quite a few gigs mostly in Scotland, but have also ventured to England and Belgium. The present line up of the band is;

Hedgy - Vocals/Guitar
Greg - Bass
Stuart - Drums


Monday thru to Friday-7" single(Helen of Oi records)
Another Day In Paradise CD/EP Picture Disc 7" (Screwed Up Rec)

Album Ejected from the premises-cd. vinyl release march 1st(screwed up records Germany)

Compilations Oi Its Streetpunk vol2(2 songs)
Punks, Skins Herberts vol 4(3 songs)

When you have played abroad what has the reaction been like, and how does the crowd differ to the UK crowd?

The gigs abroad have been great, the scene in Europe is a lot bigger than it is here, so more people attend the gigs and as the saying goes 'the more the merrier!' Teh crowds abroad seem to be younger as well and always have their dancing boots on im;ike most places in Scotland where a round if applause is the order of the day.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what?

Yeah, plenty cover versions, nothing like them to get the atmosphere going. We play Chaos by the 4-Skins, usually 'cos the crowd demand it, you know the score, play it once and you have to play it forever. Loads more including Slaughter & The Dogs - Where Has All The Bootboys Gone, Combat 84 - Rapist, a couple of Last Resort numbers, even the legendary Headcase by Headcase.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Ha ha, now you're asking. Right her goes....

Hedgy: The first record I ever asked for I heard on the radio sand my Mum went out and bought it. It was by a bloke called Johnny Wakelin and called 'In Ziare' about a boxing match in Ziare, which I found out 2 years ago although I got the record in the mid 70's. The first ever punk record was 'Eddie and The Hot Rods', Do Anything You Want To Do. I got it home and pogoed my wee hear oot....bliss.

Greg: My first record was Daddy Cool by the Darts (oh! the shame of it). I got it 'cos I thought it was about The Fonz and at the time I reckoned I was "coolamundo".

Stuart: Our House, by Madness. I got a voucher for Woolies for my birthday and they were all out of Exploited records so that was my 2nd choice. My mates nearly lynched me singing " We're The Madness Barmy Army" - bastards.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

It's a strange town Dundee. If some of the older bands play, Subs, Buzzcocks or that, the crowds are good, but if you put on a new band it's who the fuck are they, or 2.00 to get in, never heard of them. The scene in Dundee us fairly dismal at the moment but like the other Scottish towns foes seem to be taking a bit of an upsurge again, long may it continue.

Name the best 5 releases that came out in 1999?

Can we include On File in this? Only joking, here goes -

Superyob - Machine Guns & Alcohol
Headcase - coming Home
Retaliator - Order Of Chaos
Working Class Anthems 1 + 2 (re-release, but classic)
Gonads - Oi! Back & Barking

In what year did each member of the band get into oi, and why?

Aah, back to the roots eh! Well her goes. Hedgy - first gig attended still at school about 1980, Cockney Rejects & The Exploited. I've always been into Oi! and punk since then. Got into it cos it was the rebel music of the time and all the mates were also oi! Do you think in 20 years time todays youth will still be wearing tracksuit bottoms mmmmmmmmmmmm. Greg - also an early 80's man, infact he still wars the same breeks as he did in 1983. Stuart being a bit younger got int Oi! in 1987 when the punk scene hit rock bottom.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

Well the new single 'Another Day In Paradise' is hot off the press, available on CD & picture disk vinyl which will be followed by a new album towards the end of 2000. We will be going to Europe in the summer for a few dates and will also play in the UK as much as possible.

Any final comments?

Yeah, hurry up with the video......

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