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No Choice

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

No Choice have been around since about 1981 its been a bit of a stop start for various reasons we
played under the name Sand for a while also. we have had a couple of member changes but the current line up is Spike drums / Gagz voice / Ade guitar / Adam bassOriginal drummer and vocalist still there. Guitarist's been there most of it and newly recruited bass player brings the average age of the band down considerably..


See www.nochoice.20m.com for details

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

(Gagz) Highlights for me were playing benefit gigs for miners and their families during the 84
strike and knowing we at least tried to help. A lowpoint was asking Charlie Harper to read some literature documenting the struggle of the miners and familys and him dismissing them, telling me they were all 'sheep' (following Arthur Scargill blindly).......before that i thought he was ok.

(Ade) It's only a band ,we only do it because we want to. However any positive response is

(spike) highlight = ade actually getting to the bar 1st and calling a round lowpoint = ade saying he forgot his wallet after getting to the bar 1st and calling a round

If you were writing a review about No Choice how would you describe the band?

(Gagz)...Sound is hard edged guitar punk/indie thing. The vocals at times show that i used to be in
choir and why the bus left without me. I've never worn a white shirt since in protest ! Lyrics have always been in line with my socialist beliefs,which have never waned.

(spike) Melodic punk (we do like a good tune) with some thing to say !

Do you do any covers in your live set,if so what ?

Used to play an old Zounds song 'Little Bit More' occasionally but otherwise no.

What is the punk/oi scene like in your area ?

(Gagz) Don't really know much about the punk/oi scene.

(Ade) Newport's alway's been good for gigs. Probably more bands and venues around Cardiff than
ever,it depends on how you interpret 'punk'. Don't know of any 'Oi' bands that hail from these
parts ,other than the Oppressed.

What is the favourite song(and what band ) of each band member?

(Ade) Where shall we start ?...If it's the letter A ,how about 'Action,Time,Vision' by Alternative
TV or 'Say a little prayer' Aretha Franklin.

(spike) got to be pure and simple *hearsay* them guys have struggled for years to get where they
are today !!! (how sucked in we are buy the media) its painful ! other than that poison girls lyrics
used to freak me out and misty in roots cool indie reggae band from the 70s.

What bands would you recommend checking out ?

(Gagz) For the undiscovered....Husker Du,Dinosaur Junior,Crass,Ruts. ...... and now.... Shack- ' Hms Fable', At The Drive In- 'Relationship' and Skindred.

(Ade) Last album i bought was the latest Leatherface.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

Plymouth punx Picnic is a possibility chris has been good enough to invite us to play but I don't
know if the set will be ready as adam doesn't live in Cardiff he studies at Cardiff uni but hes
back home for a few weeks so it may not be possible
I hope we can do it. but we haven't planned much for this year were open to offers

We have an album coming out on Grand Theft Audio of the complete back catalogue of no choice noise most ofWhich was never released . we also have a new demo and hope to gain a deal to put out all the new stuff (any interested labels please get in touch)

Any final comments?

(Gagz) Just be good to yourselves and others, Peace,Love and Socialism

(spike) (I think gagz been watching to much jerry springer !!)I would like to thank my girlfriend (tina)for getting my head back together after a messy seperation from my marrage ,gagz & ade who showed me real friends are around when there needed. anyone who's bought no choice records gave us space in zines ,mags, gigs, web space ect and thanx to Rebecca for this interview and space on this site. oh yeah and fuckin visit our web site www.nochoice.20m.com thanx