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The Meteors

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

P Paul Fenech - Lead Vox & Guitar
Wolfgang Hordemann - Drums
Shaun Berry - B/Vox & Bass

The Meteors started twenty years ago as an antidote to the soft rockabilly that was popular at that time and they have now evolved into their own personal brand of music - PSYCHOBILLY. (Look it up in the Encyclopedia of Rock) - and The Meteors are Kings of it !

Their audience has steadily expanded, as has their acknowledged influece on scores of other bands, and includes not just psychobillies, but everybody from rockabillies and punks, to bikers, skinheads and most alternatives. They are the original creators of Psychobilly Music, and although they have spawned hundreds of imitations, The Meteors are proud to be the only pure psychobilly band ever. Their songs inspiration comes from many sources and interests; Horror, Perversion, Rock'n'Roll, B-Movie sci-fi themes. They list their hobbies as motorbikes, rock'n'roll, and burying the living, and their heroes as Michael Myers and Charles Manson.

They have now made dozens of official albums, (a complete discography is enclosed) and countless singles, not to mention dozens of compilations and re-issues. Many were made in their own commercial recording studio, "In Heaven",which I set in a westcountry church. Lead-man Paul Fenech has also released three solo albums. World-wide sales have increased steadily over the years, and they have toured almost continuously to support these releases.

They have even been seen on the big screen more than once, most recently as they played "The Bitch Boys" in the British romantic comedy "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" alongside ER hunk Anthony Edwards and Jenny Seagrove. (Who would have evr put Elton John and The Meteors on the same CD?) They have also contributed tracks to various horror video releases.

Their live show is wild and addictive, (they have done it over thousands of times) and has been seen in just about every country in the world, including Japan, Israel and several successful tours of America, and every major city in Europe and Scandinavia. Everybody is welcome at a Meteors show, and the band make a point that The Meteors Live is a political or religious free zone. People should come to enjoy the music, and to wreck if they are brave enough! It's wild and sweaty, but nobody gets hurt.

They are supported by a flourishing fan club, with thousands of members worldwide, each of who get free regular letters about releases, tours, band news and new merchandise, and there are several Internet web sites devoted to them. Their own site is worth a visit at: www.wreckingit.com/meteors .(They have been voted Number One Band, and Number One Song, continuously for the last year and a half on The Psychobilly Homepage) and they receive daily e-mail from fans from every corner of the earth.

Although there have been line-up changes over the years, (Paul Fenech being the only original member) the search for the perfect combination is now over, as the current line-up has been the longest lasting musical partnership, far outlasting and proving much more fruitful than any of the previous combinations.

The Meteors are a known name, experienced, professional working band, with an established audience. Their most recent release is "The Meteors Versus The World"


CD Albums

In Heaven - Demon Records
Wrecking Crew - Receiver (Trojan)
Live - Dojo
Stampede/Monkeys Breath - Mad Pig
Live I / Live II - Dojo
Sewertime Blues/ Don't Touch the Bang Bang Fruit - Anagram
Only The Meteors Are Pure Psychobilly - Anagram
The Mutant Monkey & The Surfers From Zorch - Anagram
Undead, Unfriendly and Unstoppable - Anagram
Livestyles of the Sick & Shameless - Anagram
Madman Roll - Sonovabitch
Demonopoly - Sonovabitch
No Surrender - Sonovabitch
Mental Instrumentals - Sonovabitch
International Wreckers (Live IV) - Sonovabitch
Live, Leary & Fuckin' Loud - Dojo
From Zorch With Love - Anagram
Graveyard Stomp - Anagram
The Best of... - Anagram
Welcome to the Wrecking Pit - Receiver (Trojan)
Corpse Grinder - Cleopatra (US)
International Wreckers II (The Lost Tapes of Zorch) - Receiver (Trojan)
Bastard Sons of a Rock'n'Roll Devil - Hellrazor
Night of the Werewolf - Raucous Records
The John Peel Sessions 83-85 - Raucous Records

Vinyl Albums

In Heaven - Lost Soul (Island)
Wreckin' Crew - I.D.
Stampede - Mad Pig
Monkeys Breath - Mad Pig
Teenagers from Outerspace - Chiswick
Live II - Dojo
Sewertime Blues - Anagram
Don't Touch the Bang Bang Fruit - Anagram
The Mutant Monkey The Surfers from Zorch - Anagram
Undead, Unfriendly & Unstoppable - Anagram
Live III (Livestyles of the Sick & Shameless) - Anagram
Madman Roll - Sonovabitch
Demonopoly - Sonovabitch
No Surrender - Sonovabitch
International Wreckers - Sonovabitch
Welcome to the Wreckin' Pit - Receiver (Trojan)
Bastard Sons of a Rock'n'Roll Devil - Hellrazor

12" Singles

I'm Just a Dog/ Hoover Rock/ Electro - Mad Pig
Mutant Rock EP- Wreckin Crew/ Scream of the Mutants/ Hills Have eyes/Mutant Rock - I.D.
Fire, Fire/ Stampede/ Little Red Riding Hood - Mad Pig
Hogs & Cuties/ Bad Moon Rising/Rhythm of the Bell - Mad Pig
Surf City/ The Edge/ Here's Johnny - Anagram
Archive 4 - Wreckin Crew/ Johnny Remember Me/I Don't Worry About it/ Wild Thing - Castle
Go Buddy Go/ Wildkat Ways/ You Crack Me Up - Anagram
Don't Touch the Bang Bang Fruit/ Dateless Nites/Corpse Grinder - Anagram
Somebody Put Something In My Drink/Disneyland/ My Kinda Rockin - Anagram
Chainsaw Boogie/ Paint It Black/ Queen Of The Slug People - Sonovabitch
Who Do You Love/ Stompin With The Wreckin Crew/ Ballad Of A Black Hearted Man - Sonovabitch

7" Singles

Meteor Madness EP- Voodoo Rhythm/ Maniac Rockers from Hell/ My Daddy is a Vampire/You Can't Keep a Good Man Down - Ace
Radioactive Kid/ Graveyard Stomp - Chiswick & Ace
The Crazed/ Attack of the Zorchmen - Island
Mutant Rock/ The Hills Have Eyes - WXYZ
Johnny Remember Me/ Fear of the Dark/Wrecking Crew - ID
Mutant Rock EP - Wrecking Crew/ Scream of The Mutants/ Hills Have Eyes/ Mutant Rock - ID
I'm Just A Dog/ Hoover Rock - Mad Pig
Fire Fire/ Lil Red Riding Hood - Mad Pig
Bad Moon Rising/ Rhythm of the Bell - Mad Pig
Surf City/ The Edge - Anagram
Go Buddy Go/ Wildcat Ways - Anagram
Don't Touch the Bang Bang Fruit/Dateless Nites - Anagram
Rawhide/ Surfing On The Planet Zorch - Anagram Slow Down You Grave Robbing Bastard/You Don't Know Me Very Well - Hellrazor

CD Singles

Chainsaw Boogie/ Paint It Black/ Queen of the Slug People - Sonovabitch
Who Do You Love/Stomping With the Wreckin'Crew/ Ballad Of a Blackhearted Man - Sonovabitch
Hell Ain't Hot Enough For Me/ Chainsaw Boogie/A Very Handy Man Indeed - Sonovabitch


Live at The Hell Fire Club
Video Nasty
Attack of the Chainsaw Mutants
Live at Casrock, Edinburgh, Scotland
Hollywood Meltdown

What other releases have members of the band featured on?

P Paul Fenech Solo - Rockin' Dead (Sonovabitch Records)
P Paul Fenech Solo - Daddy's Hammer (Anagram)
P Paul Fenech Solo - The Disease (Hellraizer)

All the band played in :
The Legendary Raw Deal - Flick Knifin' Low Lifin'
Bone Chillin' Dinosaur Killin' Kick Arse Fuckabilly Boogie (Mental Disorder)
The Surfing Dead - Powertwang (Mental Disorder)
The Legendary Raw Deal - Outlaw Man (Vinyl Japan)
The Legendary Raw Deal - Southern Boys (Raucous Records & Crazy Love Records)
Don't Go Breaking My Heart Film Soundtrack (Soundtrack Records)
Shaun also played in Thee Raygunns on the album "Rebel Rockers"
Paul also played some Dobro slide guitar for Alien Sex Fiend (mates) on a track called Magic. He has also produced tracks for a lot of bands in our studio, such as The Crack and Spear of Destiny, and a huge amount of bands from Europe and America.

What is the best gig The Meteors have ever done and who else was on the line-up?

S B - The next one !
P F - They're all brilliant for different reasons, but I have to agree with my simian friend.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

S B & P F & W H - US!

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

P P F - Favourite Meteors song at the moment is "Straight To Hell" . Favourite other song is "Lil' Red Riding Hood " and "Paint it Black"
S B - The Pain Game, by The Meteors

If you could be any age again, what would it be and why?

P P F - I like it now
S B - I ain't got a fuckin' clue!

'Cartoonz' are number 2 in the British charts, with somthing they call 'Roackabilly/techno', what do you think?

P F - I don't thik about pop music at all.
S B - The biggest load of shit I've ever come across

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 99.

20th Anniversary double album, another solo album, and another album with the Surfing Dead probably. Livewise, we are gigging almost all the time, and we will let you know all dates as they are confirmed, here's what we have so far:

6.6. TILBURG, 013

Also, we have some dates coming in for The Legendary Raw Deal

30.9. t.b.c.
01.10 t.b.c
02.10 - Ahlten (Hannover) Zur Erholung
03.10 - t.b.c.

The new Raw Deal album, "Southern Boys " will be out early next month on Raucous Records for CD, and Crazy Love Records for Vinyl. Raucous have also just released"The Peel Sessions 1983 -1985" which will be available from the end of this month.

Any final comments?

As always, our number one rule:
We play our music for people that like it. It's not about a haircut or fashion, or howmany times you've been before. If you like The Meteors, thanks a lot. If you don't ... Get Fucked.

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