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13/04/2003 (2nd interview - done at Punk Aid when I was a little worce for wear)

You have recently changed line-up. How and why did this come about?

We needed good looking people in the band. Unfortunatly John could not cope with touring, so we had no choice. It either meant no band or new people. We asked several people what they wanted to do, and they said to continue so we rebanded with Oddy (Ressistance 77) taking over on vocals.

You have just returned from a tour of the Czech Republic, how did it go?

The audiance were absoloutly brillient. They seemed to be up in numbers big time. They seemed to enjoy the music as it is and there was no politics at the bar or on stage.

Do you have any new releases planned?

We have a video coming out shortly and a new album at the end of the year. The album is nearly written and is going under the title 'In God We Trust'. We are also doing a re-recording which Tim Smith is involved in.

What bands have you enjoyed seeing at Punk Aid?

There have been plenty of good bands over the weekend. Bands that stand our are the Roulettes - brilliant. UK Subs, Chelsea were supposed to be great but we did not see them, Toxic Slut, Anoraks, Goldblade, 4ft Fingers and Parkinsons.

If you could see any band ever who would it be?

Well, I am hoping the Dead Kennedys will be good. UK Subs (again), Adicts, Clash and Johnny Thunders.

Tell the readers some facts they will not know about Menace?

a) Charlie Harper bought Menace's first ever single.
b) Morgan like blueberry with every meal.
c) Charlie is the best belcher in the land.
d) The band played the Hope & Anchor twice

What band have you most enjoyed playing with?

Outside the UK the best gig was at CBGB's in New York with Adolf and The Piss Artists, Andi-dote and Hudson Falcons. If we could play with anyone it would be the Who and Jo Guest!

After all thses years what keeps Menace going?

Mainly bloody mindness. We have always enjoyed punk, but really started getting back into it in 1998. Whilst we are still being honest, we cannot give it up.

Any final comments?

Good luck to everyone. We will chat again soon.

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