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MDM (2nd interview)

So how have things been for the band, since the last interview almost four years ago?

Things have been great, we have been very busy doing gigs writing and recording stuff.Richie also promotes gigs with Hocky from Instant Agony and has done a couple of tours with the U.K.Subs. We have played alot of bigger scale gigs,which has been nice and started to be moved higher up the bill,which is even nicer.

You have your new album coming out soon on Step-1. What is the album called, and what is your personal favourite track on the new album and why and what is it about?

Let's Do It! that's the name of the album, We have all got different personal favourites for one reason or another, some of us have more than one eg Rob he's really into 3 of the songs, probably because he wrote them!!!! they are called "Ken" "What goes around" and "You make me".Rag likes about 7 of the songs and cant choose any in particular but we have a sneaking suspicion that it is probably "Ken" because of the wacky keyboards, yes we have used keyboards this time!!!!! Richie likes "You make me" and "Bad girls" simply because of how it was written. Mandy's favourites are "Mr Angry","Temper tantrum" because I get to really shout and scream.

What was the inspiration behind the tracks both lyrically and musically?

Basically the music is a mixture of all the different styles that we listen to and also we felt it was time to do something a bit different, so dont expect a typical m.d.m style album. Lyrically we have drawn for our feelings and experiences over the last couple of years.

How have you noticed the scene change since you have started - and what can be done to make it better?

The scene has in some ways changed and in some ways stayed the same, the sheer amount of people on the scene is simillar to when we first got into it, you have to remember that it was 1977 when we all got into punk and it was a very big thing then, theres been alot of people come and go since, back then there was alot of bitchin and backstabbin and thats still around today, so really we have not learnt anything in 20 odd years, thats sad.

The scene today is more international which is the most obvious change, this could be due to anything from advances in technology or to the social changes in the countries where it is strongest, people will always want a dissenting voice.

The only thing that can be done to make the punk scene better in our view is, as we have been saying for years, get fuckin united! we cant change anything whilst we are fighting amongst ourselves.

What is the best gig MDM have ever done and who else was on the line-up? Which band would you like to tour with?

That is impossible to answer as we have played hundreds of gigs in our 18 year carreer and nearly all have been eventful for one reason or another.

We would all like to tour with different bands as our favourites are all different,Rob would probably choose Sex Pistols, Rag knowing his musical taste at the moment would be someone like Blink 182, Richie would like to do it with Slaughter,Goldblade or the Dead Pets, Mandy would like to do a tour with Penetration or Anti Nowhere League, but for sheer fun I'd like to go on tour with 3CR.

Do you do any covers in your live set, if so what? Has anyone covered any MDM tracks?

Sometimes we do covers it depends on what situation we are in or mood, we did a cover in Morecambe last year, which we wouldn't usually do, but Mick Rossi from Slaughter suggested it as he could jam with us, which was really enjoyable, we did Suffergette City by Bowie and thus fufilling an ambition Richie has had since he was 14.

There have been some bands who have covered M.D.M songs over the years, mainly bands from Finland and other countries, it is really wierd to hear them, but its a nice compliment.

If MDM were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

A very potent cocktail as we are a mixture of all different elements blended together to produce a rather pleasant effect. Well thats what we think anyway.

What were the best 5 releases of last year?

Rich and Famous by Vice Squad

Indestructable by Rancid

Streetcore by Joe Strummer

Drain the main vain by 3CR

Back for more by Deadline

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004.

New album on Step 1 and as many gigs as possible.

Any final comments?

Yes, thanks to Rebecca for the interview and work that you do for the scene.

Also is there anybody out there who is into websites and all that? we are currently looking for someone to help us with the updating and inputting of our website, its all set up but my brother has too many commitments to carry it on, anyone interested please email us and we will have a chat.
As for the rest ta for reading this interview, yes you. stay punk and stay free.

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