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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

In brief we formed in 1986 from the remnants of a few local bands, Mandy being the former member. It took until 1987 to get a full line up and after out first few gigs we entered a competetion and won 1st place, a day in a recording studio and a support slot to heavy metal band 'Little Angles' which was interesting to say the least! So far 21 different musicians have had a part in MDM, and we finally got a steady line up 7 years ago. The line up is Mandy - vocals, Rag - drums, Richie -bass and Rob - guitar.

We've played all over the UK, and had a few tours in Europe


Stacks, Stilettos, Make Up and Mohicans CD album £7 + 60p p&p
Laced Up Mary EP £2 + 40p p&p
Di rect tape compilation from South Africa, compromises of one side MDM and one side Subvert Society £2 + 20p p&p
Split LP MDM and Paradox UK £5 + 60p p&p
No Fate III compilation double CD from Japan £5 + 50p p&p
Squat Your Stereo 90min tape MDM 1989-1997 £3 + 20p p&p
Dead Men Come Alive 90 min tape, previously unreleased live and practice sessions £3 + 20p p&p

The Carry On MDM CD is now sold out, to obtain copies of this you can either write direct to the label or you may find some distros who have copies left.

Our 3rd album for High Society is due for release later this year. Also an EP for Durango 95 records, Italy wukk be out about the same time.

All t-shirts are currently sold out, we hope to have some available soon.

Badges 50p

Free postcard & stickers with all orders

Cheques etc payable to M Shaw

Has any band member played in other bands, if so what?

We have all played in other bands.

Mandy - ATA, Disattack, The Iconoclasts
Rag - Armpit, Go Texas, Ruling Class, The DaVincis and session work for many local bands including Sic Boy Federation.
Richie - The Go Heads, S.O. 77 and Instant Agony.
Rob - Bloodshot, Arcoroc, Sex Prestels

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

All of our tours have been like something out of a Carry On film, we've never had one go to plan yet. Like in Italy we couln't understand the promoter too well and we only spoke to him by phone. WE went to Turino and should have gone to Turanto which is 100's of miles away. We went to all the wrong venues on the wrong days but played anyway. From then onwards the promoter travelled with all the bands he booked. WE also got held up by the Italian Military Police with guns and all for having a drunk person in the van. Another time when we were on our way to do a tour in the Czech Republic, our van broke down in Germany, it was the middle of the night, in the middle of winter and I was 4 months pregnant and we couldn't get anyone to understand us. WE were stuck in a motorway services that was closed!! We really do get all the good luck. We had to abort the tour and go home thanks to a friendly British lorry driver who helped us fix the van temporarily.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Well to be hones we've all seen so many bands and we were all lucky enough to see the old bands in the beginning. I think Richie is pissed off that he missed the Ruts 'cos I saw them and he is always going on about that. With Rob it was the Sex Pistols, but he got to see them when they did Finsbury Park.

This may sound weird but we'd like to see MDM live, not on video 'cos it's not the same. We'd like to see us as a member of the audience - that's one thing we will never be able to do.

What is the first record each member of the band ever bought?

Rag - 20 Solid Gold Hits, with T Rex on it, on K Tel
Richie - The Laughing Gnome by David Bowie
Rob - Rock Around The Clock (1st Issue) Bill Hayley
Mandy - I'm A Cide Drinker by the Wurzels

Do all the band members do other jobs as well as being in the band? If so, what?

Rob - Yes, but for tax reasons I can't divulge that information!!
Richie - me, work you must be joking….actually I'm a PE instructor
Reg - All I can say is I'm in the service industry surrounded by young girls and I'm ecstatic
Mandy - In my spare time I double for Dorris Day.

What was the last gig your went to and were they any good?

Rag & Ritchie - The West London Gospel Choir live in Wembley Stadium for the Worthington Cup Final, yes they were excellent. They wore Tranmere Rovers shirts and it was very emotinal.

Mandy & Rob - As we don't follow football the last gig we went to was the Vibrators who are always good.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2000.

We're in the process of writing and recording our third album for High Society. There's an EP out soon on Durango 45 (Italy) a live album is going to be recorded for Baldy Records (UK) in June at The Star & Garter in Manchester. It will be a free gig so everyone's welcome to come and make a lot of noize. We'll send the date to website as soon as we know it. There's quite a few gigs coming up;

Saturday April 7th…..The Rigger Bar, Stoke with The UK Subs and Destination Venus
Sunday April 23rd ….. Westshore Club, Lllandudno with Norma Jeans & Carpet
Saturday 29th April, Shelton
Thursday 18th May…..Star & Garter, Manchester with UK Subs
Saturday 24th June…..Victoria Inn, Derby. Other band to be confirmed.
Sunday 8th July…..Underworld, Camden with the UK Subs and The Vibrators
Saturday 15th July…..Victoria Inn, Derby Punx Picnic
22-24th July…..Morecambe Date to be confirmed.

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