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29/07/2002 (interview with Arturo)

Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

The band started in 1976 in west london and signed to beggers banquet. Our first release Shadow /Love Story was the first ever record on that label. We were influenced by New York Dolls, Ramones, 60's beat groups and 70's glam music. The line up for the first 2 single releases was

Pete Stride -guitar
Esso -drums
Arturo Bassick - bass
Howard Wall -vocals,

line up now is
Arturo Bassick -bass and vocals (also plays for 999)
Nellie -drums (ex of the Hangups and Fiend)
Billy Gilbert (ex Chelsea 16 forever and Hangups)


Discography to follow.

Why did you reform the band after all this time, and how has the audiance at gigs changed from then to now?

Refomed with near as dammit original lineup in 1987 to record a come back LP Wild times again
financed by German Punk giants Die Toten Hosen, have been going with 1 linup or another but always with Arturo Bassick on vocals. We reformed cos we missed making a glorious row and people kept asking us to. The audiance hasn,t changed much since the early days it,s still the usual bunch of delinquent piss-heads and we wouldn,t have it any other way.

What is the highlight and what is the lowest point in the bands history?

High point. in 1990 we got record of the week for our LP Powerjive in Bravo magazine the biggest selling mag in Germany.

Low point - a few , vans breaking down in snow drifts, gigs with no PA booked , Brain Dead rommoters who expect you to sleep in some filthy heroin den (coz ,zey say zat ist punk rock). belive me it's happend.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you whilst touring?

Funniest thing - lots!!! At the Astoria in London in the early 90's when we played with Cock Sparrer
they had 2 strippers onstage during the song Sunday Stripper, i'd sneaked 2 of my whippets into the gig and walked them across the stage like a shocked vicar, Cock Sparrer cracked up and could hardly finish the song the crowed thought it was hilarious and the dogs and me got all the laughs and the strippers looked really embarrased. By the way this is on video and i havn,t got it if you have and can make me a copy let me know my email address is artur0b@yahoo.com.

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Fav song Arturo - Gimme Shock Treatment by the Ramones, Great subject matter written about in a real humorous way.

Nellie - White Man at Hammersmith Palais by the Clash, bought record the day left school

Billy Gilbert - God Save The Queen Sex Pistols , first record ever bought,and changed is life.

What is the Punk/Oi scene like in your area?

Well now i live in the N E Newcastle and Sunderland Hartlepool etc are really close by i wouldn't say theres loads of punk bands around but there's plenty of gigs in the area so i'm not complaining.

If the Lurkers were a type of alcohol, what drink would they be and why?

Type of drink would be cider with Pernod in it cos its strong gets you there and its got a taste that
you'll never forget especially when your throwing it up.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2002.

Gigs Beck youve got our gigs except the Scots ones i will phone them to you. Captain Oi has just put out 2 German only releases on 1 CD Wild Times Again and Non Stop Nitro Pop. i am writing songs for a new studio CD which i hope will be out early 2003.

Any final comments?

People ask me a lot what about the first line up, well none of them are interested in doing the band
anymore and you can,t hold a gun to their heads Pete Stride has totally given up gigging, and didn'nt like touring anyway. Esso is working in mental health and hasn't played in years, Howard Wall has never sung for any band since 1982 and like the rest of the old guys i havn't heard from him in 20 years. I still love playing so like a lot of the 1977 78 79 punk bands still out there i,m the 1 early member whose putting his energy into keeping our music alive, so i'll keep podgoing if you lot keep pogoing.

All the best Arturo Bassick

(piccie supplied by Stretch)

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