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Please give a brief history of the band, including current line up.

Originally formed in January 1999. Reformed with new line-up in December

Steve (vocals/bass), Spike (guitar), Griff (drums)


First Demo 1999 (six tracks)

Second Demo 2000 (three tracks)

Two tracks from first demo 'The Fight Back' and 'Half Truths Lies and Bullshit' remixed and remastered for volume one of the Never Say Die compilation cd on Sick Mind Records, Netherlands.

One track from second demo 'Oi! will not be silenced' due to appear on the Strength of the Nation compilation cd on Anthemique Records, Wales

If you were writing a review about Loyalty, how would you describe the band?

Basic eighties style Oi!. Mid paced with strong vocals and a hard guitar sound.

If you could see any band play live, either of the past or present who would it be?

Combat 84. Would have liked to have seen the original line-up with Chubby Chris and wouldn't mind seeing the others have a crack at it now. The new cd is a stormer so come on lads how about some gigs ?

Do you think street music will rise again?

It will never again reach the dizzy heights of the late seventies and early eighties cos the powers that be won't patronise a music that they cannot control. The music 'industry' has too strong a grip and won't allow any real competition. But the underground scene is and will remain strong as
long as people keep putting the graft in. Look at the number of all day gigs on in the first half of this year (ReconstrUKtion, The Real Oi!, and HITS of course) not to be mention the many many pub gigs up and down the country. So don't complain about there not being a UK scene anymore, get
out there and show your support !!

What is the favourite song (and what band is it by) of each member of the band?

Griff - 'Dame to Blame' - Slaughter and the Dogs
Spike - 'England Belongs to me' - Cock Sparrer
Steve - 'We Will Never Die' - Condemned 84

What bands would you recommend checking out?

Retaliator, Bakers Dozen, On File, The Skinflicks (Luxembourg), Les Villians (Belgium), Evil Conduct and Get Out (both the Netherlands)

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2001.

Three gigs coming up in the next few weeks:

Saturday 31 March: Loyalty and Scum at the Charter Arms, Rotherham
Saturday 14 April: Retaliator and Loyalty at De Kastelein, Bruges, Belgium
Saturday 28 April: Condemned 84, Resistance 77, Loyalty, and Voice of Glory at the White Horse, High Wycombe

Also we are down to play at the Oi! voor Volendam benefit gig at Geleen in the Netherlands sometime in June

Debut EP 'No Shame Just Pride' to be recorded sometime soon, maybe in May.

and finally.. the Loyalty website has just gone live at: www.loyaltyengland.co.uk

Any final comments?

'Ipswich Town for Europe !
Coventry City for Survival !!
and Sheffield United for the Playoffs !!!

Many thanks Rebecca for the interview and for all your support over the last two years. Keep up the good work with your great site. We always love to hear from people in the scene so whoever or whereever you are in the wonderful world of Punk and Oi! check out our new website and drop us an e-mail at: loyaltyengland@hotmail.com


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