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Lowlife UK - 2nd Interview

Beaker, what the fVck do you do with band members? And how do you keep managing to find new victims/esteemed team members (delete as appropriate).

Beaker: “All the original members have gone except me cos I'm too good ~teehee~/I'm a slave driver. Stoney left to be a Goth 4 years ago, Dave joined some dodgy pub rock band, and Mick left cos he were told to... not by me! ~snigger~ How do I find them? Rohypnol… no seriously, I knew Paul weren't doing anything and I rang him up. Gaz was the only person who answered the ad for a drummer after Dave left... and Gaz is really a guitarist! And Papa Luigi makes fantastic Pizza, just like when he was in Lemon Enema with Paul. Delete "esteemed team members" !! ~snigger~”

What has it been like working on the new album, and what can people expect?

Beaker: It's called Barstool Preaching. It's been different... more relaxed. We're taking our time with it. It'll be ready in 2010!!! ~lmao~ Yea, it's different and it's new. It sounds heavier than our last 2 albums, it has proper songs and everything.. and there's a token cover (song).

Paul: It’s better recorded than our previous efforts, you can actually hear what Beaker is on about and at times he's even singing not shouting!!

Gaz:We've taken more time over this album, which has been both good and bad. It’s more rock than the first 2 CDs, too. I don't think there's any OI on it at all this time.

Which is each band member’s fav track on the new release and what is it about?

Beaker: Ugly and Proud, it's about the fact that we're not a kid punk band group and that we actually do have something to say

Paul: Bitch Piss Boys, about townie dickheads drinking alcopops and spoiling your night out

Andy: Straight To Hell, it's about drinking and over indulgence, but not really

Gaz: Tom Tit 1... and 2, they're about wading through the sh1t. What exactly do we have to say??!!!

How has the Lowlife's audience changed over the years? And who is your strangest fan?

Beaker: We've got quite a wide spread audience these days... a broader spectrum of the population... even kids love us. (In Staveley there were 2 year olds dancing at the front....) Strangest? Kaz!!!!
(Kaz: "Charming, I’m sure! Whoever promotes Lowlife UK has got to be a bit mad...)

We don't have any really. They're all lovely. (!) Well there was that bloke who chopped up his wife and ate bits... he was in the newspaper... he had "Subhumans" tattooed on one side of his head and "Disorder" on the other... he came to a couple of gigs. ~snigger~ Oh and there's Mad Tony.

What lyrics from someone else's track do you wish you had wrote?

There are absolutely loads...

Beaker: My perfect Cousin by The Undertones "he thinks I'm a cabbage cos I hate University Challenge". There's TOO many...

Paul: 27 yards of dental floss and she still wont flash me a smile" Half Man Half Biscuit... anything by The Macc Lads.

Gaz: All mine are far too gay to feature in a punk interview.
(The lads went on quoting for a bit but I couldn't possibly write all that down too!! Kaz)

What is the strangest rumour you have heard about Lowlife?

(Excuse me while I wait for them all to stop laughing.... Kaz)
There's quite a few.... that Beaker's a gay icon (??)
That people think we still get too p1ssed to play
Gaz don't drink at all, and me (Beaker) and Andy drive to the gigs, so we're always sober.

It's only Paul that drinks during the gigs - unless it's Saxmundham, then we all do. It's great in Saxmundham.....

Gaz: That's basically it - people really do struggle with the idea that the band isn't as drunken as it used to be. Yeah, it's all rock 'n' roll, but you can't play well and don't enjoy playing as much. Having someone slaughtered onstage is insulting to the rest of the band.What else? That Stoney is still in the band... Stoney hasn't been in the band for about 4 years!! Oh, and Andy is not Peter gabriel...

What advice do you have for bands just starting out?

Beaker: Practise, practise, practise. Don't put up with bullshit, don't kiss @rse just for a gig, don't practise for a whole year before you start gigging...

Gaz: Forget about getting signed. I've spoken to so many people who claim to be signed, but when you ask them about it, it's to some kid in his bedroom with a load of money. You could do that yourself and get far more out of it than swanning about while someone else pays for it. How many bands have disappeared because they didn't want to spend any money putting a record out because no-one wanted to sign them? Boll@cks!

Tell people about the scene in your area?

Beaker: There aint one! It's alright when you get outside the ringroad! It can be clique in Bradford. We rarely play in Bradford. Yorkshire is generally shite for bands and because there's so much to do in Leeds, people swap and change, so it can be really fickle, "Big City Syndrome". Does anyone know who we are in Bradford? ~snigger~

Paul: (Leeds) The only time any punks skins etc get together is when the bigger bands play and even then it can be a bit hit and miss, unless you count all the young skate/mosher type kids who hang around outside the corn exchange in Leeds there's not much of a scene around here.

Gaz: Despite all that, people just prefer to stay in, or go to the pub. Ironically, live music hasn't really recovered from having punk smash it up and throw up all over it back in the 80s. The "kids" don't know any better, it's what they've grown up with. Things are improving, but only slightly.

Plans, gigs and releases planned for 2004 / 2005.

Well, there are a few things in the pipeline, like our new CD Barstool Preaching due for release any time soon. The album was supposed to be ready for the gig at The Vine in Leeds, on 6th December, but due to yet another setback we’re still unsure when it will be ready.

Our 2004 gigs at the moment are:
Wed 10/11 The Studio, Hartlepool, w/ Glueball
Sat 11/12 Thatched House, Stockport, bands tbc
Sat 4/12 Kendal, venue and bands tbc
We’re organising 2005 gigs at the moment... they’ll be at least two at Saxmundham, cos we love it so much. One is supporting Vice Squad in January.

Plans are being put together to do something special in March for our 10th anniversary. This will hopefully be announced in January. Hopefully they’ll be some mini tours during the summer months. We're hoping to play at more festivals in 2005 and even abroad has beckoned. So you never know where we'll end up.We're planning a live studio recording in the next few months.Paul and Kaz are working on a Lowife documentary to coincide with the bands 10th anniversary, a sort of history of the band with interviews, studio footage and live tracks on it, it's worth watching for the opening minute alone (thanks Captain!!!)

Any final comments?

Yea, Stoney's NOT in the band... and BUY OUR NEW CD.. plug, plug, BARSTOOL PREACHING, plug, plug..... we’re taking orders – contact Kaz or Paul via the website to be first in the queue to get it, www.lowlifeuk.co.uk or you can email paulmason.oioioi@lineone.net or kazz@neurotic.freeserve.co.uk

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